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Frank Buck Books

Frank Howard Buck (1884 - 1950) was a hunter and collector of wild animals, as well as a movie actor, director, writer and producer. He is known for his books and jungle adventure movies including 'Wild Cargo', 'Jungle Cavalcade', 'Jacare' & 'Killer of the Amazon', many of which included staged "fights to the death" between formidable beasts.

There's a great story told in Brian Herne's 'White Hunters' about how Donald Ker inadvertently let the cat out of the bag to the American press, that Frank Buck had never been to Africa and all his animal pictures were taken in enclosures in India. Frank Buck, ever the showman, by all accounts, took it in good heart when he met Donald Ker.

Frank Buck
Frank Buck

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Bring 'Em Back Alive

Bring 'Em Back Alive by Frank Buck & Edward Anthony (1930). The real-life adventures of a man who "hunts" for wild animals in order to bring them back alive to zoos, parks, circuses and pet dealers. Buck was internationally famous for bringing back a number of unique species never seen in the United States.

Wild Cargo

Wild Cargo by Frank Buck & Edward Anthony (1932). More stories of spitting cobras, black leopards, man-eating tigers, white elephants and other jungle creatures by the world famous animal collector.

Capturing Wild Elephants

Capturing Wild Elephants by Frank Buck (1934) is an illustrated true-life story of capturing wild elephants in Ceylon. Includes 32 photographs of not only the elephant captures but of other wildlife such as leopard, a rhinoceros, hornbill bird, the smallest deer in the world and a gigantic bat.

On Jungle Trails

On Jungle Trails by Frank Buck (1937) is a rousing tale of hunting animals in Burma, Sumatra, Tibet, Borneo, Africa and other places around the globe for sale to zoos.

All In A Lifetime

All In A Lifetime by Frank Buck (1941)is Frank Buck's autobiography with more sensational exploits in the Far East as an animal hunter and trainer. His stories of animals and his achievements have won him the reputation of being one of the noted adventurers of the 20th century.

Fang And Claw

Fang And Claw by Frank Buck (1935)

Tim Thompson In The Jungle

Tim Thompson In The Jungle by Frank Buck & Ferrin Fraser (1935) is a fictional book about the character Tim Thompson, a young boy, who stows away aboard Frank Buck's ship at Singapore that he might accompany Buck, his hero, on a jungle expedition. The story is based on Buck's own experiences, except for the introduction of certain characters, notably a villain, Rawson, who is lying in wait at Ceylon. At the climax, Tim Thompson, awestruck, watches as Buck descends into a pit and takes a man-eating tiger by the tail.

Jungle Animals

Jungle Animals by Frank Buck & Ferrin Fraser (1945) includes descriptions of jungle animals such as the elephant, the pangolin, the birds of paradise, the tiger and various others.

Frank Buck Captures A Man-Eating Tiger

Frank Buck And The Man-Eater

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