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W C Scully Books

William Charles Scully (1855 – 1943) was an Irish born, South African author. He emigrated to southern Africa with his parents in 1867, later becoming a diamond prospector with Cecil Rhodes. While writing his novels (based on real characters and events) and non-fiction memoirs and travel books and even a history of South Africa, he worked as a magistrate.

William Charles Scully
William Charles Scully

Between Sun And Sand

Between Sun And Sand: A Tale Of An African Desert by William Charles Scully (1898) reflects "the hardships suffered by nomadic farmers in Namaqualand and Bushmanland", and is "an episodic novel, notable for the creation of some memorable bushveld characters". Free eBook

Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer

Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer by W C Scully (1913) is an entertaining first-hand account of the author's life and travels through South Africa in the early days of diamond and gold prospecting. There are interesting observations of the abundance of game in South Africa at the time with episodes of hunting blesbok, plus his friend's lion hunt. Free eBook

Further Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer

Further Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer by W C Scully (1913) is the continuation of the author's life story from 1876 to 1899 when he entered the Civil Service. He was a big game hunter and the book includes instances of hunting oryx and baboon. Free eBook

A History Of South Africa: From The Earliest Days To Union

A History Of South Africa: From The Earliest Days To Union by W C Scully (1915) is a concise, consecutive narrative of the history of South Africa suitable as an introduction to detailed histories written by standard historians. Free eBook

The Ridge Of The White Waters

The Ridge Of The White Waters:("Witwatersrand"): Or Impressions Of A Visit To Johannesburg With Some Notes Of Durban, Delagoa Bay, And The Low Country by W C Scully (1912) is both a travelogue and a memoir. The book starts with an account of the author's travel from East London to Durban, where he proceeds by ship to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo, Mozambique) and he contrasts the old and new port. He then travels by train back into South Africa through the Lowveld to Pretoria before reaching the 'ridge of white waters', or the Witwatersrand with Johannesburg as its capital. Witwatersrand is a 56 km, north-facing scarp in South Africa. The scarp forms the northern edge of a plateau (or ridge) which rises about 200m above the surrounding plains of the Highveld. Due to the extraordinary quantities of gold that have been extracted from the Witwatersrand rocks, the South African currency was named the Rand. Free eBook

Lodges In The Wilderness

Lodges In The Wilderness by W C Scully (1915) is the account of the author's journey in the Kalahari Desert during which he hunts oryx, ostrich and more. Free eBook

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