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Jaguar Hunting Books

Jaguar hunting was outlawed in most of the Americas in the 1970s when the numbers of these cats were judged to be under severe pressure from habitat destruction and the fashion fur trade at the time.

Prior to that, jaguars were the main animal to obtain on a trophy hunt in South America. These are the books written mainly about jaguar hunting. However many authors may only include a chapter or so on their jaguar hunt in a book about the whole of their American hunt experiences, or their complete global hunting career.

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Tony De Almeida

Jaguar Hunting In The Mato Grosso And Bolivia

Jaguar Hunting In The Mato Grosso And Bolivia by Tony De Almeida (1976) was republished in 1990. The author was the most famous professional hunter of the South American continent. "When you follow the hounds, the client and Tony into the thicket where the jaguar makes his last stand, you will experience one of the greatest adventures known to hunters left on this planet."

B F Beebe

American Lions And Cats

American Lions And Cats by B F Beebe (1963) is a collection of true stories about jaguar, bobcat, lynx, ocelot, jaguarundi and cougar, taken from the experiences of hunters such as Bob Housholder, Sasha Siemel, Theodore Roosevelt, Grizzly Adams and Frank Hibben.

George Byam

Wild Life In The Interior Of Central America

Wild Life In The Interior Of Central America by George Byam (1849) includes accounts of capturing wild cattle and horses, hunting the native deer, javelina, jaguar (which native hunters speared in the style of Sasha Siemel), puma, alligator, snakes, birds, small game and more.

Neil B Carmony & David E Brown

Mexican Game Trails

Mexican Game Trails: Americans Afield In Old Mexico, 1866-1940 edited by Neil B Carmony & David E Brown (1991) are accounts by Kermit Roosevelt, Jack O'Connor, Lew Wallace, Frederick Remington, Charles Sheldon, Aldo Leopold, John Steinbeck and others on hunting sheep, buffalo, peccary, quail, deer, antelope, bear, cougar, jaguar and more.

Onza! The Hunt For A Legendary Cat

Onza! The Hunt For A Legendary Cat by Neil B Carmony (1995) tells the story of how some modern American hunters, writers, cryptozoologists and others have tried to unravel the mystery of the Onza. The Onza was a legendary large wildcat, said to inhabit the mountains and jungles of Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental. It was said not to have been a jaguar or a mountain lion but was considered more elusive and ferocious than either. Theinvestigators who included James Frank Dobie, the Lee brothers, Robert Marshall and Russell Annabel, explored the Mexican wilds to give the truth or lie to the Onza legend.

R R M Carpenter

Game Trails From Alaska To Africa

Game Trails From Alaska To Africa by R R M Carpenter (1938). Hunting the world over, Alaska, pronghorn in Wyoming, mountain lion in Arizona, Kenya colony, northern BC Cassiar district, jaguar hunting in Sinaloa, bears in the Arctic.
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Joe Cavanaugh

The Jungle Hunter

The Jungle Hunter by Joe Cavanaugh (2000). The author has hunted in every major South American country from Belize to Columbia and the Amazon Basin to Bolivia. Cavanaugh has hunted all the native game of South America as well as the introduced water buffalo. He has pursued giant tapirs at remote salt licks with native hunters armed with only a shotgun, he has followed jaguars and pumas in a canoe and on foot with dogs and he has tracked deep into the jungle after tropical white-tailed deer, marsh deer, the shy and elusive brocket and peccary.

Achilles Daunt

With Pack And Rifle In The Far South-West

With Pack And Rifle In The Far South-West: Adventures In New Mexico, Arizona And Central America by Achilles Daunt (1886) includes bear and antelope hunting and trout fishing. About half the book concerns Central America, tropical life, hunting jaguars and pythons.

Jorge Del Rosal

My Hunting

My Hunting by Jorge Del Rosal (2012) contains stories of 7 elephant hunts, almost as many for lion and leopard and numerous Cape buffalo hunts throughout Africa. Also there is hunting jaguar & puma in South America as well as in Europe, Canada, Australia & the US.

Frank C Hibben

A Jaguar's Last Stand by Frank C Hibben (1965) is a Wide World Magazine article.
All books by Frank C Hibben

J Y Jones

One Man, One Rifle, One Land

One Man, One Rifle, One Land: Hunting All Species Of Big Game In North America by J Y Jones (2001) includes stories of hunting for the grand slam of North American sheep, all five North American bears, all 8 North American deer subspecies, all six of the caribou, three elk, four moose, the pronghorn, mountain goat, walrus, jaguar, and much more.
All books by J Y Jones

Frank Mann

Jungle Cruise From Hell To Hereafter

Jungle Cruise From Hell To Hereafter: A True Story About A Father's Love by Frank Mann (2015) is the story of George Mann and what he did to celebrate his 75th birthday with his two sons. George conceived and arranged a very special trip as a present for himself and his sons. Its object, hunting jaguars in Central America, sounded like a dream trip to his sons. However, it did not quite turn out as planned. This story is Frank's account of that miserable ten-day survival experience where whatever could go wrong did go wrong.

Robert McCurdy

Life Of The Greatest Guide: Hound Stories And Others Of Dale Lee

Life Of The Greatest Guide: Hound Stories And Others Of Dale Lee by Robert McCurdy (1981) are first account stories as told by the Lee Brothers about their hounds, jaguar hunting, bear hunting and mountain lion hunting.

Riley Miller

Cold Trail: A Photographic History Of Dale D Lee

Cold Trail: A Photographic History Of Dale D Lee by Riley Miller (2012) is a limited edition of 101 rare photographs from the 1920s through to the 1980s of Dale D Lee and the Lee Brothers hunting jaguar, lions and bears with hounds.

Warren Page

One Man's Wilderness

One Man's Wilderness by Warren Page (1973). The author was the shooting editor of Field & Stream and this book is a compilation of his best writings about hunting all over the world. Includes hunting for jaguar, elk, polar and grizzly bear, sheep, caribou, deer, moose, tiger, leopard, tahr, chamois, boar, ibex, buffalo, elephant, eland, kudu, bongo and more.

Jim Rikhoff

Hunting The Big Cats

Hunting The Big Cats by Jim Rikhoff (1981) is an elaborate 2 volume anthology covering all the major cats of the world, beautifully illustrated with colour paintings.

Cat! Hunting Tales of Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Cougar, Jaguar, Tiger

Cat! Hunting Tales of Cheetah, Leopard, Lion, Cougar, Jaguar, Tiger by Jim Rikhoff (1990) has over 50 chapters on hunting the wild big cats around the world.

All books by Jim Rikhoff

Pablo Bush Romero

Mexico And Africa From The Sight Of My Rifle

Mexico And Africa From The Sight Of My Rifle by Pablo Bush Romero (1960). Big game hunting in Africa and Mexico, hunting jaguar, ocelot, bison, mountain lion, grizzly bear, deer, tapir, peccary, alligator, desert sheep, duck, game birds, kudu, eland, lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and a variety of horned game.
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Theodore Roosevelt

Through The Brazilian Wilderness

Through The Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt (1914). At the age of fifty-five, Theodore Roosevelt took part in an expedition to the far reaches of the Amazon. This book is Roosevelt's journal during the expedition into the unknown in the name of science. Theodore and Kermit Roosevelt each hunted a jaguar at a cattle ranch on the river Taquary. Using dogs, Theodore Roosevelt's cat was treed and shot at a distance of 70 yards. He later dined on jaguar meat and found it very good eating. Free eBook
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Carroll Glenn Tamplin

Dark Night - Tigre Night by Carroll Glenn Tamplin (1961) is a very scarce jaguar hunting book.

General Hunting In South America


Sporting Reminiscences Of South America

Sporting Reminiscences Of South America 1919-1921 by "Banderas" (1922) is an account of a sporting tour of southern South America in the years following the First World War. The unknown author was one of a party aboard HMS Southampton on a diplomatic tour of Uruguay, Argentina and the Falkland Islands, Patagonia and Chile in 1919-1921. Mostly goose, duck and snipe shooting, some hunting for deer, carpincho, peccary, guanaco but includes some trout and tarpon fishing experiences.

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