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J H Patterson Books

Lt Col John Henry Patterson, DSO (1867 - 1947) was an Anglo-Irish soldier, hunter and author, best known for his book 'The Man-Eaters of Tsavo', which details his experiences while building a railway in Kenya.

From 1907 until 1909, J H Patterson was Chief Game Warden in the East Africa Protectorate, an experience he recounts in his second book, 'In the Grip of Nyika'. The Patterson's eland (Taurotragus oryx pattersonianius) was named after him in 1906 when he shot a 'different' looking eland in Tsavo.

J H Patterson
Colonel J H Patterson with first Tsavo lion

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The Man-Eaters Of Tsavo And Other East African Adventures

The Man-Eaters Of Tsavo And Other East African Adventures by R H Patterson (1907) is the classic man-eating story of the lions that halted construction of a railway line and reportedly killed 100 people, told by the man who risked his life to successfully shoot them. Considered one of the greatest man-eating sagas of all time, this book is the firsthand account of the infamous Tsavo lions. Free eBook Free Audio Book

The Ghost And The Darkness (1996) Starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer. This film is based on 'The Man-Eaters of Tsavo' by J H Patterson.

Maneaters Of Tsavo
8 Lions Shot By J H Patterson In British East Africa

In The Grip Of Nyika: Further Adventures In British East Africa

In The Grip Of Nyika: Further Adventures In British East Africa by J H Patterson (1909). Patterson accompanied an army officer and his attractive wife on a long safari deep into the wilderness. The various game hunted included rhino, eland, zebra, Thomson's gazelle etc. The husband was missing when they returned to Nairobi and in the ensuing scandal, Patterson abrubtly left Kenya and spent the next several years in Europe. Free eBook

With The Zionists In Gallipoli

With The Zionists In Gallipoli by J H Patterson (1916) Patterson's WWI memoir commanding the Zion Mule Corps. Free eBook

With The Judaeans In The Palestine Campaign by J H Patterson (1922) Free eBook

Tsavo Lions
Colonel J H Patterson's Maneless Tsavo Lions - Field Museum Of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois

Books About J H Patterson

Denis Brian

The Seven Lives Of Colonel Patterson

The Seven Lives Of Colonel Patterson: How An Irish Lion Hunter Led The Jewish Legion To Victory by Denis Brian (2008) begins the narrative with Patterson's assignment in East Africa, where lion attacks were terrorizing workers on a railroad project. The author details accounts of Patterson quelling the rebellion and killing the lions himself. The colonel's indomitable energy and courage become a consistent theme in the book as the author traces Patterson's life from his days as a British socialite to his command of the Jewish Legion of volunteers who helped drive the Turks out of Palestine. Patterson spent most of his later years as an ardent Zionist, working for the creation of a Jewish homeland until his death in 1947, a year before the birth of the state of Israel.

Patrick Streeter

Mad For Zion: A Biography Of Colonel J H Patterson

Mad For Zion: A Biography Of Colonel J H Patterson by Patrick Streeter (2004) gives a detailed look into Patterson's life. Although this is not a hunting biography it is interesting, well-written and reveals Patterson's strange background, his time fighting in the Boer War, his strong Zionism and the scandal surrounding an affair with a woman who's husband died mysteriously on a safari that Patterson had outfitted. Maybe the oddest of all these events is the fact that Patterson had an affair with the author's great aunt's sister!

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