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Tony Sanchez-Arino Books

Tony Sanchez-Arino (b.1931) is a well-known professional hunter and former professional ivory hunter who has hunted in Africa for more than fifty-five years.

Tony Sanchez-Arino
Tony Sanchez-Arino

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Ivory by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1981). The author is known worldwide as an expert on elephant hunting and he writes well! He relates stories about the old elephant hunters, the last frontiers and a few personal experiences. It contains photographs featuring some of the big time ivory hunters like Selous, Blunt, Karamojo Bell and Sutherland.

On The Trail Of The African Elephant

On The Trail Of The African Elephant by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1987). The author spent 35 years hunting elephant in Africa. He has a fascinating knowledge about elephant and how to hunt them and a wealth of stories about their ivory, and their hunters.

Elephants, Ivory And Hunters

Elephants, Ivory And Hunters by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2002) is the revised and updated edition of "On The Trail Of The African Elephant", the most thorough book ever written on the African elephant from a hunter's point of view.

The Last Of The Few: Forty-Two Years Of African Safaris

The Last Of The Few: Forty-Two Years Of African Safaris by Tony-Sanchez Arino (1995). The author began hunting in 1952 in West Africa and he has hunted and guided in the Cameroon, the Sudan, Kenya, the CAR, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Here is the story of his career with much on rifles and calibres, the Big Five and the spiral-horned antelope.

Elephant Hunters, Men Of Legend

Elephant Hunters, Men Of Legend by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2004) covers the exploits and adventures of the famous elephant hunters of yesteryear, Walter Bell, John Hunter, Mickey Norton, Bill Buckley, Robert Foran, and James Sutherland. Sanchez-Arino also discusses those obscure elephant hunters who shot as many if not more tuskers but because they never wrote books are not as well known. These intrepid hunters include Aurelio Rossi, Otto Krohnert, Billy Pickering, Theodore Lefebvre and Etienne Canonne. The late Harry Manners, also a very famous hunter himself, wrote a chapter on Tony Sanchez's elephant-hunting escapades - the last piece Manners ever wrote and something that has never before been published.

Hunting In South Africa

Hunting in South Africa by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1998) are writings about big game hunting in South Africa by Harris, Cumming, Baldwin, Leveson, Holub, Bryden, Bulpin, Kirby, Findlay, Millais, Diocleciano Fernandes das Neves, Wolhuter and many others. A comprehensive and entertaining anthology, with brief biographies of each author at the rear. There are also chapters by modern authors such as Bruce Truter, Ron Spomer, Pierre van der Walt, Todd William Smith, Oliver Walker,

Hunting In Kenya

Hunting In Kenya by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2000) is a selection from writings by some of the most famous hunters of big game in Kenya including Chanler, Ansorge, Boyes, Patterson, Meinertzhagen, Chapman, Foran, Stigand, Blixen, Blunt and many others.

Hunting In The Sudan

Hunting In The Sudan by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1993) is a comprehensive anthology of writing on hunting in the Sudan including Melladew, Buxton, Comyn, Churchill, Hunter, Bell, Boyes, Roosevelt, Selous, Chapman, Wallace, Maydon, Millais, Treatt, Ionides and many others.

Hunting In Ethiopia

Hunting In Ethiopia by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1995). Writings on big game hunting adventures in Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia) by Harris, Baker, Neumann, Wellby, Powell-Cotton, Pease, Maydon, Baum and many others.

Hunting In Zambia

Hunting In Zambia by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1997). Writings on big game hunting in Zambia by Selous, Foa, Gibbons, Wallace, Lyell, Letcher, Shorthose, Stewart, Atcheson and many others.

Hunting In Botswana

Hunting In Botswana by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1994) is an anthology of big game hunting in Botswana with contributions from numerous famous sportsmen including Oswell, Leyland, Holub, Gillmore, Baldwin, Farini, Stevenson-Hamilton, Bryden, Chadwick, Selby and many others.

Hunting In Tanzania

Hunting In Tanzania by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1991). Some of the great stories of big game hunting and exploration in Tanzania including writings by Willoughby, Sutherland, Millais, Blixen, Blunt, Rushby, Keith, O'Connor, many others. This book has become very scarce.

Hunting In Zimbabwe

Hunting In Zimbabwe by Tony Sanchez Arino is an anthology of the best writings on hunting in Zimbabwe from both old and current writers many of whom are also professional hunters. Writings included from Finaughty, Selous, Brown, Millais, Bunham, Daly, Burger, Marsh, Taylor, Sutherland and many others. This title has become very scarce.

Complete Set

Complete Set by Tony Sanchez-Arino (1991 onwards) is a rare, matched numbered set of 8 books - 'Hunting In...Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Ethiopia, The Sudan, Kenya'

Claws And Fangs

Claws & Fangs by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2010) is a mix of reminiscences of the author's early days and African hunting as it is today. The author recalls his days of hunting in Somalia, highly unusual hunts in Gabon, Spanish Guinea and the Northern Frontier District of Kenya, when it still was a waterless paradise with huge tuskers and a few nomadic tribes. He relates the story of the extraordinary tusks purchased by Newland and Tarlton, for almost nothing. There is also a chapter on how he shot his 2000th buffalo, the story of a bongo that he tried to hunt and the truth behind the invisible northern white rhinos. As usual there is a wealth of fascinating stories from this remarkable hunter and author.

Great African Calibers

Great African Calibers by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2013) starts with the .375 and works its way up to the .700. All calibers inbetween are covered, which the author breaks down into the calibers for bolt actions (16 calibers) and the rimmed cartridges for double rifles (14 calibers). He includes topics such as which bullets and which actions work and which ones do not. The author has shot double and bolt-action rifles alike, and he has been a well-known client of numerous European manufacturers who have delivered to him a great variety of guns. He likes doubles as much as bolt actions, and there is no bias in his approach to these completely different types of weapons.

Between The Congo River And The White Nile

Between The Congo River And The White Nile by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2014) is a new collection of stories of mainly elephant hunting, from the then Belgian Congo through Gabon, Sudan, Uganda, CAR (now) and Somaliland - all African countries which were paradise for the hunter until the 1980s. There are tales of hunting the Central African Savanna buffalo, Lord Derby's eland, Nile lechwe, a 'deaf' leopard, sitatunga, the dwarf buffalo and other rainforest animals.

Africa's Greatest Tuskers

Africa's Greatest Tuskers by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2015) tells the stories of hunts that yielded the dreams of a lifetime. From well known hunters such as Elgin Gates, J A Hunter, Andy Anderson, Jim Sutherland and John Boyes, to hunters less well known such as Cherry, Wittgenstein, Guest and Sielstorfer. This book lists every known elephant with at least one tusk of 130 pounds or more and tells the stories of who hunted them, who owns them or how they were found. It is based upon years of research, utilizing information unearthed from the archives of countless libraries, museums, professional hunting organizations, and private collections. Sanchez-Arino uncovered dozens of elephants not listed in Rowland Ward, some on public display, some hidden in private collections and all of them massive.

Hic Sunt Leones: Aquí Hay Leones

Hic Sunt Leones: Aquí Hay Leones by Tony Sanchez-Arino (2014) is a collection of stories about the lion hunters of the past between 1908 to the early 1950s. It includes Jules Gérard, Petrus Jacobs, Frederick Vaughan Kirby, Selous, William Finaughty, James Stevenson-Hamilton, Wolhuter, CCaptain C J Mellis, Lord Wolverton, Lord Delamere and John A Hunter. In Spanish. The title is a Latin phrase, literally 'Here Are Lions' - which was written on ancient Roman maps when denoting unknown territories.

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