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William Quimby Books

William R 'Bill' Quimby (1936 - 2018) is an American author and retired columnist, editor and publisher who has specialized in subjects related to big game hunting for more than four decades. Quimby has successfully hunted more than 60 types of big game animals in twelve countries on six continents, including all ten species indigenous to Arizona. He has edited, written or co-authored 21 published books.

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Royal Quest: The Hunting Saga Of H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza Of Iran

Royal Quest: The Hunting Saga Of H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza Of Iran by William Quimby (2004). His Imperial Highness Prince Abdorreza of Iran was an internationally known big game hunter famous for his startling world records and the diverse nature of his hunts. This book is based upon countless hours of taped interviews and complete access to Prince Abdorreza's photo albums and diaries. No other hunting book will ever tell a story like this.

Prince Abdorreza
Prince Abdorreza (left) with a white-eared kob

Prince Abdul Reza Pahlavi (1924 – 2004) was the first hunter after WWII to hunt Marco Polo sheep in Afghanistan and the Russian Pamirs, an expedition that lasted over 7 weeks and took dozens of yak and men. He hunted some of the most rare animals for the National Museum of Iran including Arabian thar, Siberian tiger, all subspecies of markhor and just about every sheep in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. He took no less than four expeditions to the Pamirs after Marco Polo sheep and pioneering hunts in China and Siberia as early as the 1970s. He hunted all the spiral-horned antelope of Africa, twelve tigers, the walia or Ethiopian ibex, banteng in Indonesia and gaur in Nepal. Prince Abdorreza hunted with many well-known characters in the big-game hunting world such as Syd Downey, Pinnell & Talifson (the renown Kodiak brown bear hunters), Jack O'Connor, Elgin Gates, and Herb Klein. James Mellon accompanied the Prince on several expeditions to in Oman, Pakistan and Peru. The Prince also hunted wild yak and chiru or the Tibetan antelope in Tibet, plus a 65" kudu and made several trips for a 50" buffalo.

Safari Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1980s

Safaris Revisited: The Best Of Safari Magazine Of The 1980s by William Quimby (1992) is a selection of favourite Safari Magazine articles from the 1980s. The articles cover a wide range of big game hunting subjects on all continents. Among many, there are articles about a Cambodian tiger hunt, an old-fashioned big five safari, a Himalayan blue sheep hunt by Ricardo Medem, a forest hunt article by C J McElroy, jinx-breaking safari by Craig Boddington, big moose hunt by Bill Quimby, hunting the Seladang by John H Brandt, the mountain nyala of Ethiopia by David Lauzen and an elephant to remember by Fred Duckworth

The History Of SCI

The History Of SCI by William Quimby (2005). Quimby spent many years and hours compiling the information in this book, much of which came from C J McElroy. It covers the history of SCI from it's inception until 2005.

Memories From Greer: Tales Told Of A Unique Arizona Village

Memories From Greer: Tales Told Of A Unique Arizona Village edited by William Quimby (2007) is a history of the little town of Greer, Arizona.

Sixty Years A Hunter

Sixty Years A Hunter by Bill Quimby (2010). Includes hunts across North and South America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and other parts of Africa, Spain, Mongolia and New Zealand. Also included is Quimby's successful quest to become one of the very few to take all ten of Arizona's big-game species.

Books Edited/Assisted By Bill Quimby

J C McElroy
  • McElroy Hunts Asia
  • McElroy Hunts Dangerous Game
  • McElroy Hunts Mountain Game
  • McElroy Hunts The Antelope Of Africa And Antlered Game
Watson T Yoshimoto
  • Yoshi, The Life And Travels Of An International Big Game Hunter
Arnold Alward
  • The Heck With It I’m Going Hunting
Herbert Thummler
  • Wind In My Face, The Shikars And Safaris Of A Cazador de Mexico
David Hanlin
  • Around The World And Then Some
Jimmie C Rosenbruch
  • With Divine Assistance: The Best And The Last Of The Golden Age Of International Big Game Hunting
Steve Isaacs
  • Hunting In Our Genes
Bob Penfold
  • Penfold: Life And Times Of A Professional Hunting Guide Down Under

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