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W&C Scott Firearms Books

W&C Scott firearms books include a history of the company which was founded in 1832 by William and Charles Scott, in Birmingham, producing high quality double shotguns. The company was renamed as W&C Scott & Sons when William Scott's sons, William Middleditch and James Charles, joined the business.

The Scott brothers were responsible for several gun innovations including the block safety catch for hammerless guns and the double catch hammerless lock which is still in use today. William Middleditch was the first to design a sidelock shotgun. In 1897, W&C Scott & Sons amalgamated to become Webley and Scott Revolver and Arms Co Ltd, with Webley making revolvers and Scott still producing their shotguns.

The company changed hands several times in the 20th century, took over W W Greener, and in addition, started producing components for cars and airguns.

In the 1970s Webley & Scott stopped production of shotguns so a separate company, W&C Scott (Gunmakers) Ltd was formed. This company was subsequently sold to Holland & Holland in 1985 and shotgun production halted shortly after.

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John A Crawford & Patrick G Whatley

The History Of W&C Scott Gunmakers

The History of W.& C. Scott Gunmakers by John A Crawford & Patrick G Whatley (1986) includes information about the Scott family, patents of William M Scott, exhibitions and shooting contests, Scott guns and rifles of the 19th century and Webley & Scott.

W&C Scott & Sons

Choke Bore Breech Loaders

Choke Bore Breech Loaders by W&C Scott (1987) Reprint of W & C Scott Gun Works Catalogue from 1891.

Sporting Breech Loaders, Patented And Manufactured by W. & C. Scott & Son, Lancaster Street, Birmingham by W&C Scott (c.1873) is a scarce overview of breech loading rifles and shot guns made by this company.

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