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Alan Moorehead Books

Alan McCrae Moorehead (1910 - 1983) was an Australian-born British war correspondent and author of many popular histories. In the 1950s he went on a 'non-shooting' safari with Donald Ker - the only shooting was done for the pot.

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The White Nile

The White Nile by Alan Moorehead (1960) is a study of the exploration of the Nile River in the second half of the nineteenth century, which was at that time was a mysterious and impenetrable region. The author includes the tales of notable explorers such as Stanley, Livingstone, Burton and Speke as they set out from Zanzibar into the interior of African where no white men had been before.

The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile by Alan Moorehead (1962) is a study of the history of the Blue Nile in the first half of the nineteenth century when only a few Westerners had ventured into the regions of this river on its long journey from Lake Tana in Abyssinia through the Sudan and Egypt to the sea. In 'The Blue Nile', the author continues the adventure stories he began in his first book, 'The White Nile', depicting this river through the lives of four explorers, each on separate expeditions against a background of slavery, massacre, political upheaval and all-out war.

No Room In The Ark

No Room In The Ark by Alan Moorehead (1959) is a portrait of Africa in the 1950s recorded from the three journeys the author made in Africa. Each chapter is an individual essay or article which was previously serialised in the New Yorker and Sunday Times. It includes visiting gorillas in the Congo, a trip down the Nile from Uganda to the Sudan, with much on the African wildlife and local people.

African Trilogy

African Trilogy by Alan Moorehead (1944) is an eye-witness account of the African campaign in World War II. It includes the three books that were originally published separately. Book One - Mediterranean Front, Wavell 1940-41. Book Two - A Year Of Battle, Auchinleck 1941-42. Book Three - The End In Africa, Alexander and Montgomery 1942-43.

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