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Ilka Chase Books

Ilka Chase (1900 - 1978) was an American actress, travel writer and novelist. With her third husband, Dr Norton Sager Brown (1946 - 1978) she travelled widely, including to Africa and wrote about her experiences.

Ilka Chase
Ilka Chase

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Elephants Arrive At Half-Past Five

Elephants Arrive At Half-Past Five by Ilka Chase (1963) is the story of the author and her husband, Dr Norton Brown, who take a photo safari through East Africa. It includes meetings with Louis Leakey, Joy Adamson and Tom Mboya. Ms Chase also included useful tips...Travelers Tip No. 2 Women! If going on safari, be sure to take scarves to wrap your head in. Free eBook

Second Spring And Two Potatoes: An Amusing Journey To The South Seas, Australia & South Africa

Second Spring And Two Potatoes: An Amusing Journey To The South Seas, Australia & South Africa by Ilka Chase (1965) From the romantic South Seas to the wilds of Australia, New Zealand and Africa, Miss Chase and her doctor husband take an unforgettable voyage. Many fascinating people are encountered, such as Lady Hillary, wife of the conqueror of Everest, and Joy Adamson (Born Free) with whom Miss Chase had a tense adventure with some elephants.

The Varied Airs Of Spring

The Varied Airs Of Spring by Ilka Chase (1969) with photographs by Norton Brown. This is an amusing and informative travel adventure of a safari in Kenya as well as touring the Mediterranean.

Around The World And Other Places

Around The World And Other Places by Ilka Chase (1970) is an entertaining travelogue in which the author and her husband describe shops and hotels, palaces and romantic ruins in North Africa, India, Nepal, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

World's Apart

World's Apart by Ilka Chase (1972). From Leningrad and Moscow to Irkutsk and Khavarovsk and then to the ruins of Yucatan, Rio's carnival and the safari in Botswana, the author comments with delicious irreverence on such diversities as Russian toilets and wild animals in Africa.

Fresh From The Laundry

Fresh From The Laundry by Ilka Chase (1967) is about the author's adventures in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Greece.

The Carthaginian Rose

The Carthaginian Rose by Ilka Chase (1961) is a comical, candid and wise travelogue of journeys through Europe and South East Asia. Includes the Alhambra, Appian Way, Palace of Knossus, Grace Kelly's wedding in Monaco, Bangkok, moors of Ireland, Hong Kong and the great temples of Ankor Wat.

The Sounds Of Home

The Sounds Of Home by Ilka Chase (1971). "This is the story of some of New York's beautiful people - a look into the lives of those who live on the top rungs of the social ladder".

Three Men On The Left Hand

Three Men On The Left Hand by Ilka Chase (1960) is the behind-the-scenes story of a New York and Washington career girl. "Streaks through New York intrigues and Washington scandals."

In Bed We Cry

In Bed We Cry by Ilka Chase (1943) "Story of the drive, life and loves of a successful woman in the cosmetic business, with overtones of World War II which reflects the year it was written." This first novel by Ilka Chase is filled with observations and characters as glamorous and unpredictable as the cosmetic industry.

Dear Intruder

Dear Intruder by Ilka Chase (1976) is a "novel about an indiscretion."

New York 22

New York 22 by Ilka Chase (1951) describes life in New York City in the district that lies between Fifieth and Sixtieth Streets, Fifth Avenue and the East River.

I Love Miss Tilli Bean

I Love Miss Tilli Bean by Ilka Chase (1946)is a story about a woman's adventures from her Quaker upbringing to her years in Paris and Italy.

Ilka Chase: Past Imperfect

Ilka Chase: Past Imperfect by Ilka Chase (1942)is Ilka Chase's autobiography - about the "indiscretions of a lady of wit and opinion".

Free Admission

Free Admission by Ilka Chase (1948). Picking up whre her last confessions left off, this book continues the story of 'Ilka Chase: Imperfect Past'. This time her reminiscences are of life and love during the war.

The Care And Feeding Of Friends

The Care And Feeding Of Friends by Ilka Chase (1973) is a guide to lighthearted entertaining with over 80 recipes and 20 menus.

The Island Players

The Island Players by Ilka Chase (1956) is about "marital mixups and theatrical mishaps" set on a fictional Caribbean island.

Always In Vogue

Always In Vogue by Ilka Chase & Edna Chase (1954). A long-time editor of Vogue magazine and mother of Ilka Chase, Edna Woolman Chase (1877-1957) relates as much of the history of Vogue as her personal history, through her 56 years of association with the magazine. Covers the personnel, the editors, the artists, the models, designers and photographers.

A Lady's Pleasure

A Lady's Pleasure: The Modern Woman's Treasury Of Good Reading by Ilka Chase (1946) is a large omnibus of stories, poems and articles by renowned authors, mainly women.

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