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Professional Hunting History Books

Professional hunting history books includes the history of African safari, with biographical information on the early African professional hunters, the countries in which they worked and the professional hunting scene at the time.

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Edgar N Barclay

Big Game Shooting Records

Big Game Shooting Records: Together With Biographical Notes And Anecdotes On The Most Prominent Big Game Hunters Of Ancient And Modern Times by Edgar N Barclay (1932) is an excellent work detailing big game shooting in Africa, India and North America with chapters on elephants, lions, tigers, bison, buffalo, elk and more. The big game hunters that are mentioned, as well as some photographed, include Arthur H Neumann, Petrus Jacobs, William Finaughty, Roualeyn Gordon Cumming, Sir Samuel Baker, Charles John Andersson, William Cotton Oswell, Capt. Cornwallis Harris, F C Selous, W D M Bell, Count Samuel Teleki, Jim Fey, Sir Alfred Pease, Maharajah of Cooch Behar, R P Cobbold, Lt Col. John Champion Faunthorpe, Lt Col. A E Ward, Col. H G C Swayne, Sir Bindon Blood, H A Bryden, J G Millais, W C Baldwin, Lt Col. Reginald Heber Percy, Count Potocki, HRH Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, W A Baillie-Grohman, J G Sutherland, St. George Littledale, Abel Chapman, Clive Phillips-Wolley, Sir Henry Seton-Karr, General Wade Hampton, W T Hornaday, G J van Heek and still many others. Free eBook

Molly Buchanan

Safari: The Romance And The Reality

Safari: The Romance And The Reality by Molly Buchanan (2004) chronicles the history of the great African adventure, from the exploits of Teddy Roosevelt and other privileged hunters to the innovative efforts of modern-day conservationists.

Bartle Bull

Safari: A Chronicle Of Adventure by Bartle Bull (1988) depicts both the hardships and the incongruous luxury of the classic safaris of the early 20th century and presents the legend of the great white hunter as seen by H Rider Haggard, Hemingway and Hollywood.
All Bartle Bull books

Don Caswell

Great White Hunters

Great White Hunters by Don Caswell (2014) is a collection of stories taken from the classic books of 15 renowned hunters of Africa and India. Available as an eBook only.

Alan Cattrick

Spoor Of Blood

Spoor Of Blood by Alan Cattrick (1959) is the story of the destruction of the herds that once roamed southern Africa and the early hunters and naturalists of the time, including Burchell, Harris, Gordon Cumming, Petrus Jacobs, Selous, Pretorius. Also told is the story of Stevenson-Hamilton who created the Kruger National Park. This book was written by South African author, A P Cartwright (Alan Patrick Cartwright) under the pseudonym of Alan Cattrick.

David Chandler

Legends Of The African Frontier

Legends Of The African Frontier - The Life And Times Of Africa's Most Unforgettable Characters 1800-1945 by David Chandler (2008) are 1200 biographies on the most prominent hunters, explorers and adventurers of Africa. Chandler says "I've focused to a large extent on those who made their living 'off their guns' - the ivory hunters, the hide hunters and the many others who made their livelihood with a rifle." Each entry has a biographical sketch as well as the subject's hunting accomplishments and literary achievements. The inevitable controversies and contradictions in the historical record are dealt with and all of the different versions and views are fully explored.
Shakari Connection Book Review

Brooke Chilvers-Lubin


Campfires edited by Brooke Chilvers-Lubin (2003) is a book about the International Professional Hunters Association with contributions by a who's who of then international professional hunters. Includes an overview on professional hunters by Craig Boddington. This book may be unavailable.

Big Game Hunting In South Africa

Big Game Hunting in South Africa edited by Brooke Chilvers (1995) with photography by Sherman Hines & PH Ken du Plessis. This is a comprehensive guide designed to provide every answer for first time or experienced hunter wishing to hunt in the RSA.

Africa's Legendary Professional Hunters: Volume I

Africa's Legendary Professional Hunters: Volume I by Brooke Chilvers Lubin (2014) is a compilation of hunting stories from 26 of the foremost modern professional hunters.

W Robert Foran

Legends Of The Field. Famous Early Hunters In Africa

Legends Of The Field: Famous Early Hunters In Africa by Robert Foran (1957) is his book on the early hunters in Africa including Willian Cotton Oswell, Selous, James H Sutherland and more. It was re-published on behalf of the EAPHA in 1997.
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Mary Gillett

Tribute To Pioneers

Tribute To Pioneers by Mary Gillett (1986). The biographies of many of the early pioneers to East Africa (before 1912), by such a pioneer herself.

Emily Host

Bwana Bunduki: A History Of Early East African Professional Hunters

Bwana Bunduki: A History Of Early East African Professional Hunters by Emily Host (2007) is an excellent collection of biographical sketches on the most prominent early hunters in East Africa. Men such as Charles Cottar, F C Selous, Walter Bell, Philip Percival, John Hunter and many more are included. Ben and Emily Host compiled this list in the 1940s and interviewed those who were still alive and those who knew those who had already died.

H G Hutchinson

Horace Gordon Hutchinson (1859 - 1932) was a British journalist and author of over 50 books on topics ranging from golf, cricket, fishing, tennis and natural history to mysticism.

Big Game Shooting

Big Game Shooting by H G Hutchinson (1905) is a comprehensive two volume treatise edited by Hutchinson. Authors include Abel Chapman, Seton-Karr, C Phillipps-Wolley, C E Radclyffe, H A Bryden and C S Cumberland. Free eBook Vol II

Stanley Jepson

Big Game Encounters

Big Game Encounters: Critical Moments In The Lives Of Well Known Shikaris edited by Stanley Jepson (1936) chronicles the best hunting experiences by E A Smythies, Capt C R S Pitman, Col C H Stockley, Major Robert Foran and many others. Free eBook

John Seerey-Lester

Legends Of The Hunt

Legends of the Hunt by John Seerey-Lester (2010) is a collection of more than 80 stories and 120 paintings by renowned wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester. It covers the from 1850 to 1935 - the 'Golden Age' of hunting and exploration on three continents. Each exciting chapter relives the fascinating and often life-threatening exploits of Theodore Roosevelt, Jim Corbett, Charles Sheldon, Carl Akeley, Bror Blixen, John Henry Patterson and many others as they pursue dangerous game in the wildest and most remote parts of the world.

The Legendary Hunts Of Theodore Roosevelt

The Legendary Hunts Of Theodore Roosevelt by John Seerey-Lester (2015) contains full page paintings depicting the hunting adventures of Theodore Roosevelt in North America, Africa and Brazil.

Edward I Steinhart

Black Poachers, White Hunters

Black Poachers, White Hunters: A Social History Of Hunting In Colonial Kenya by Edward I Steinhart (2005) traces the history of hunting there in the colonial era, describing the British attempt to impose the practices and values of nineteenth-century European hunting. This book is written with the modern bias against big game hunting and all things colonial.

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