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J Morewood Dowsett Books

Joseph Morewood Dowsett (b.1864) was a British big game hunter, naturalist and author.

He said...."Please do not regard me as a wanton slaughterer of big game. I have endeavoured to study their life rather than to take it."

Big Game And Big Life

Big Game And Big Life by J Morewood Dowsett (1925). Morewood-Dowsett's adventures took him from New Zealand to Canada, Iceland, Albania and on to Africa. He dedicates much of the book to the elephant and relates an incident in which he survived being knocked down and stomped on by a bull elephant.

Snake Life Simply Told

Snake Life Simply Told by J Morewood Dowsett (1928) is a book all about snakes and dispelling the myths about these reptiles. Free eBook

How Animals Live

How Animals Live by J Morewood Dowsett (1931)

The Romance Of England's Forests

The Romance Of England's Forests by J Morewood Dowsett (1942) is a readable account which commences with early British forests, the Roman and Saxon forests and even fens and submerged forests.

The Spanish Bull Ring

The Spanish Bull Ring: Being Some Account Of The Spanish Bull Fight From Its Earliest History To To-Day by J Morewood Dowsett (1928)

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