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Pierre Van Der Walt Books

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Big Bore Cartridge Load Data Collection

Big Bore Cartridge Load Data Collection by Pierre Van Der Walt (2006) was compiled and written by South African gunwriter and ballistics expert Pierre van der Walt from material collected over more than a decade. Contains virtually everything a shooter/hunter may want to know about reloading and shooting the most popular modern dangerous game cartridges available today. It includes a section on the terminal performance of solids, discusses modern solid bullet designs and provides 1,711 proven reloads for 31 big bore cartridges using the 14 leading brands of propellents available in Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa and the United States. It is the most complete and extensive such publication ever to have been produced starting with the 9,3x62mm Mauser up to and including the .585 Nyati.

African Dangerous Game Cartridges

African Dangerous Game Cartridges by Pierre Van Der Walt (2011) is the single most comprehensive and definitive book ever published about the world's leading forty-eight dangerous game cartridges. It contains all the essential additional information regarding rifles, optics, cartridges, recoil management, handloading. Written by an experienced professional hunter, and highly acclaimed by his peers, this book is "an essential and definitive reference book for all who hunt dangerous game." Kindle Version

African Medium Game Cartridges

African Medium Game Cartridges by Pierre Van Der Walt (2018) takes the reader on a grand tour of the history, specifications, design, characteristics, performance, and applications, as well as the reloading quirks, of each of these cartridges. At the end of each cartridge chapter there is a comprehensive range of reloading data for American, European, Scandinavian, African and Australian propellants.

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