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Kermit Roosevelt Books

Kermit Roosevelt (1889 - 1943) was the son of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was an explorer, author, soldier and accompanied his father on expeditions to Africa and the Amazon.

Kermit Roosevelt
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A Sentimental Safari

A Sentimental Safari by Kermit Roosevelt (1963) is the story of how three Roosevelts rediscovered their respective grandfathers. Kermit Roosevelt, son of Kermit and grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, retraced the trails of the great African hunt which his grandfather and his father had engaged in during ten eventful months, from April 1909 to February 1910. When his own two sons became old enough, he began to organize the hunt. Life magazine sent a photographer with them on the safari. Winchester Arms, which had supplied Theodore Roosevelt's famous "Medicine Gun for Lions", supplied a modern battery of rifles. So father and sons boned up on 'African Game Trails' and set out to retrace its steps. During their weeks in Africa, they rediscovered old trails and old companions of that earlier hunt.

The Happy Hunting Grounds

The Happy Hunting Grounds by Kermit Roosevelt (1920). The author accompanied his father, Theodore Roosevelt, on both the African safari in 1909, and again in 1914 for the exploration of the River of Doubt (renamed Rio Roosevelt) in the Amazon of Brazil. A look back on his outdoor experiences both with and without his father. Chapters on hunting sheep in Sonora, Mexico and moose in New Brunswick. Free eBook

Cleared For Strange Ports

Cleared For Strange Ports by Kermit Roosevelt (1927) is a series of travel accounts by the Roosevelt clan, including a tiger hunting trip by Kermit, as well as his account of hunting in Korea, along the Trans-Siberian railway, as well as bear hunting on Montague Island, Alaska.

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