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Sporting Firearm Engraving Books

Sporting firearm engraving books include works on the art of the finest Italian and British gun engraving.

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Mario Abbiatico

Modern Firearms Engravings

Modern Firearms Engravings by Mario Abbiatico (1980). The primary focus of the book is engravings on European sporting arms and includes one short chapter on handguns.

Christopher Austyn

Gun Engraving

Gun Engraving by Christopher Austyn (1999) is the first overview of British twentieth century gun engraving. A fascinating archive relating to three influential early twentieth century engravers, notes on the work of contemporary engravers. Comparison of standard and specially engraved guns and their values.

Bill Janney

Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide To Carving And Engraving Gunstocks

Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide To Carving And Engraving Gunstocks by Bill Janney (2002) includes step-by-step projects and instructions, patterns, tips and techniques.

Douglas Tate

British Gun Engraving

British Gun Engraving by Douglas Tate (2000). In this comprehensive book, Douglas Tate and master photographer David Grant bring us the most opulent examples of British gun engraving in existence. These handsome guns are from the greatest private collections in Europe and the USA and because of this, are rarely seen by the public.

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Beretta Master Engravers

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