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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

MARCH 2021

John Hanks

Operation Lock And The War On Rhino Poaching

Operation Lock And The War On Rhino Poaching by John Hanks (2015) tells the true story of Operation Lock from 25 years ago. Operation Lock was a covert operation in southern Africa aimed at stamping out the illegal trade in rhino horn. It was the brainchild of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the first president of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the author who was a WWF projects manager. They found a private company formed by David Stirling (founder of the SAS) and staffed by former SAS operatives, willing to track down and expose the rhino horn smugglers. They worked undercover from 1989 to the mid 1990s in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and other southern African countries. It was found that the South African Defence Force was involved in the large-scale destruction of wildlife and smuggling in Angola and Namibia for more than a decade. The book also deals with the scourge of rhino poaching in more recent years, and it gives powerful and controversial criticism of some of the current policies to curb poaching.

S H Skaife

Sidney Harold Skaife (1889 – 1976) was a British-born South African entomologist and naturalist. In addition to all his other achievements, in 1929 he established the Wild Life Protection and Conservation Society (now known as WESSA), as a result of his concern at the widespread destruction of game in Zululand as part of the tsetse fly control campaign. In his capacity as chairman, he helped to establish the Outeniqua Mountain Zebra Reserve, the Bontebok Park and the Addo Elephant Reserve. He wrote many engaging books about South Africa's wildlife and insect life which popularised study in these fields.

A Naturalist Remembers

A Naturalist Remembers by S H Skaife (1963) is the author's memoir of his life and career as a naturalist in South Africa where his main research interest was social insects. He was also a school inspector, broadcaster and conservationist. One of his many achievements included his role in the creation of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.

More books on African wildlife and insect life by S H Skaife

Charles Richards & James Place

East African Explorers

East African Explorers edited by Charles Richards & James Place (1960) is a selection of the writings of Krapf & Rebman, Livingstone, Stanley, Burton, Speke, Grant, Baker, Thomson, Casati, Teleki & von Hohnel, Gregory, Lugard, Austin and other major East African explorers.

E C Tabler

Major Henry Sparke Stabb (1835-1888) served as a commissioned ensign in the 32nd Foot (Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry) and rising through the ranks, saw action during the Indian Mutiny and the Zulu Wars in South Africa. He was promoted to Major during his journey Matabeleland and the Zambesi Valley. After his return from Africa, Stabb was further promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel commanding the 2nd Division, 32nd (Duke of Cornwall’s) Light Infantry in June 1881 and then to Colonel in June 1885.

Major Henry Sparke Stabb
Major Henry Sparke Stabb

He kept a meticulous diary covering his time in Zululand including a detailed account of the battle of Ulundi. His diary also included the events of a hunting and exploring trip he took to Matabeleland and the Victoria Falls. He was the first European to take the far interior route from Gubulawayo to the Falls via the Umguza, Insuza, Bembesi river valleys to the Gwayi river.

He travelled with a fellow officer, Captain James Jocelyn Glascott in March 1875 in an ox-wagon drawn by twelve oxen, a wagon driver and voorloper (the person who walks with the lead oxen to guide them) and two soldier-servants of the 32nd (Duke of Cornwall’s) Light Infantry. Read an interesting article about Stabb and his journey.

To The Victoria Falls Via Matebeleland

To The Victoria Falls Via Matebeleland: The Diary Of Major Henry Stabb 1875 edited by E C Tabler (1967) is a detailed account of Major Henry Stabb's arduous hunting and exploratory expedition taken from his diaries. It includes much hunting and tales of the various traders and other characters, such as Lobengula, the the second king of Matabeleland, that he met along the way.
Another book by historian Edward C Tabler

C P de Leeuw Beyers

Cornelis Pieter de Leeuw Beyers was a South African school teacher who had a passion for wildlife filmmaking and photography. He started filming in the Kruger Park in 1921 and his 1933 films was one of the first to receive a Medal of Honour for Film Art. This accolade furthered his wildlife film-making career and many of his films were used for educational purposes. He also went on to write 2 books about the Kruger Park.

Kruger Park Adventures

Kruger Park Adventures by C P de Leeuw Beyers (1968) is a collection of stories from when the author first visited the Sabi Government Game Reserve (later the Kruger Park) in 1921, on foot with pack-donkeys photographing and observing the game. These stories are from his 48 years spent filming in the Kruger.

Lurking Danger In The Kruger Park

Lurking Danger In The Kruger Park by C P de Leeuw Beyers (1970) are further tales based on actual events that took place when the author spent years filming animals in the Kruger. Some of the stories are about the people he met and some are the author's observations of the wildlife. The book includes frame images from his films as well as still photographs.

J Du Plessis

Johannes Christiaan Du Plessis (1868 - 1935) was a South African theologian, author and missionary who made several long expeditions into the heart of Africa.

Johannes Du Plessis
Johannes Du Plessis

Thrice Through The Dark Continent

Thrice Through The Dark Continent: A Record Of Journeyings Across Africa During The Years 1913-16 by J Du Plessis (1917) is an interesting travel account by a Dutch Reformed Church minister and noted early African traveller and author in the Gold Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Belgian Congo, east Africa and southern Africa. He also did some hunting on his travels. Free eBook

A Thousand Miles In The Heart Of Africa

A Thousand Miles In The Heart Of Africa: A Record Of A Visit To The Mission-Field Of The Boer Church In Central Africa by J Du Plessis (1905) is an account of the author's journey which took him through, what are now, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. Free eBook

T A M Nash

Africa's Bane: The Tsetse Fly

Africa's Bane: The Tsetse Fly by T A M Nash (1969) is a very readable account about tsetse flies, the diseases and the human and social problems they present. The tsetse flies were, and still are, a dangerous insect in sub-saharan Africa.
Also 'A Zoo Without Bars' by T A M Nash

Oliver Ransford

Oliver Ransford (b.1914) was a British medical doctor who joined the British Colonial Medical Services, becoming a Government medical officer in Malawi for many years, before opening a private practice in Bulawayo, in 1947. He later became a well-known Rhodesian author writing a large number of books about the history of southern Africa.

Livingstone's Lake: The Drama Of Nyasa

Livingstone's Lake: The Drama Of Nyasa by Oliver Ransford (1966) describes in detail the ever changing nature of this inland sea from a scenic paradise to violent turbulence in an instant. The author draws the analogy of the lake, which Livingstone discovered in 1859, being reminiscent of the violence and bloodshed of slavery and brutal inter-tribal conflict.

Gabriel Reid Maguire & Ruth Burns Maguire

An Irishman In The Jungles Of Africa

An Irishman In The Jungles Of Africa by Gabriel Reid Maguire & edited by Ruth Burns Maguire (1935) is the biography of Gabriel Reid Maguire, an Irish-American Baptist missionary in the Congo.

Lars-Henrik Ottoson

Lars-Henrik Ottoson (1922 - 2010) was a Swedish journalist and author.

Mara Moja

Mara Moja by Lars-Henrik Ottoson (1956) is an account of a remarkable 40,000 mile journey in a Volkswagen bus from the northernmost tip of Europe to the southernmost tip of Africa and back again. The journey took them through 34 countries and many adventures.

Alvan S Southworth

Alvan S Southworth (1845 - 1901) was an American travel writer, journalist and former secretary of the American Geographical Society for 2 years. Southworth's obituary in The New York Times described him as "a man of brilliant attainments and with acquaintances ranging from Princes to the habitues of lodging houses." It was the New York Herald that sent him on his expedition to Africa, after which he apparently turned in the largest expense bill ever submitted to a newspaper, reputedly between US$40,000 to US$50,000.

Four Thousand Miles Of African Travels

Four Thousand Miles Of African Travels: A Personal Record Of A Journey Up The Nile And Through The Soudan To The Confines Of Central Africa by Alvan S Southworth (1875) is a very opinionated tale of the author's travels in Eygpt and the Soudan during which he also observes..."Africa should be Americanized; the cruel wrongs suffered by her people should be atoned for by practical measures of relief, and a guardianship— not unlike that extended over India by Great Britain— should in all haste begin". There is also much about Sir Samuel Baker and how the author appears to have taken part in locating the explorer when rumours abounded in Cairo of him being missing or dead. Free eBook

William Allen & T R H Thomson

Rear-Admiral William Allen (1792 – 1864) was an English naval officer and explorer best known for having commanded the steamer HMS Wilberforce in the disastrous Niger expedition of 1841 under Captain Henry Dundas Totter who commanded the expedition.

Thomas Richard Heywood Thomson (1813 – 1876) was an English explorer and naturalist.

A Narrative Of The Expedition To The River Niger In 1841

A Narrative Of The Expedition To The River Niger In 1841 by William Allen & T R H Thomson (1848) is a 2 volume account of The British Niger Expedition of 1841 which was commissioned by the British Government to perform two primary tasks - the suppression of the slave trade by negotiating anti-slavery treaties with local chiefs and to explore the course of the River Niger. However, so-called 'river fever' brought an untimely end to the expedition and it was abandoned. They used three British iron steam vessels to travel to Lokoja, at the confluence of the Niger River and Benue River, in what is now Nigeria. Of the 150 Europeans on the expedition, 42 died in 130 fever cases, despite the Royal Navy surgeons carrying quinine as a prophylactic against malaria. Free eBook Vol I Free eBook Vol II

Jule Mannix

Jule Junker Mannix (1914 - 1977) was an American actress who gave up her career when she married Daniel P Mannix and travelled around the world, collecting and raising exotic animals, some of which were donated to Philadelphia Zoo. She also edited and co-wrote some of her husband's many books.

Daniel Pratt Mannix IV (1911 – 1997) was an American author, journalist, photographer, sideshow performer, stage magician, animal trainer and filmmaker. He was also a big game hunter who assisted J A Hunter with the publication of his manuscripts, for 'Hunter', 'Tales Of The African Frontier' and 'African Bush Adventures', the latter of which was made into a film called 'Killers Of Kilimanjaro'. (Alan Wkyes assisted with 'Hunter's Tracks' by J A Hunter). Mannix also assisted Peter Ryhiner with his book 'The Wildest Game'.

Jule Mannix
Jule Mannix

Adventure Happy

Adventure Happy: The Story Of My Marriage To A small Menagerie by Jule Mannix (1954) is the autobiographical story of the author's 12 year marriage to Daniel P Mannix during which she took care of eagles, a cheetah and assorted small pets. She accompanied her husband to Africa where he and J A Hunter completed their book 'Hunter'. The book includes tales of collecting bald and golden eagles in Mexico, the story of Grace Wiley and her snakes which led to tragedy and there are the rhino, hippo and elephants and lions which John Hunter showed them in Africa. This book was published in the UK with the title 'Married To Adventure'.

W Todd Tribell

Tausadi: My Adventures In The Kalahari

Tausadi: My Adventures In The Kalahari by W Todd Tribell (2008) is a short book about the author's bow hunt of a lioness hunt in the Kalahari. Kindle version only.

Robert R Frump

The Spirit Lions: Tracking The Magical Man-eaters Of Tanzania

The Spirit Lions: Tracking The Magical Man-eaters Of Tanzania by Robert Frump (2011) is a short book about the author's expedition, with a bunch of scientists, an American tracker and trapper, plus a German film crew to help trap, dart and then keep track of the man-eating lions in the southern and Selous areas of Tanzania. Kindle version only.
Another man-eating lion book by Robert R Frump

Les & Genny Nuckolls

Growing Up In Africa

Growing Up In Africa by Les & Genny Nuckolls (2007) is the tale of an American couple who moved to Africa to teach in a bush college near the Congo border. The book chronicles the lives of their two daughters with episodes of escaping renegade cobras and cockroaches, making friends with lions and a chimpanzee and nearly getting squashed by elephants.

Roy Aronson

Tales Of An African Vet

Tales Of An African Vet by Roy Aronson (2007) is the story of of a South African vet and his experiences with wild animals, domestic animals, big animals and small animals. He has tracked lions and cheetah, anaesthetized rhinoceros, collared elephants and nearly lost a foot to a hungry crocodile. Plus he had to shoot a bull running amok in the city, came face to face with an angry hybrid wolf, been spat at by a cobra and attacked by a puff adder.

Seymour G Pond

Seymour Gates Pond (1896 – 1976) was an American writer and adventurer, mostly in South America.

African Explorer: The Adventures of Carl Akeley by Seymour G Pond (1957) is a biography of Carl Akeley which rounds out his life and serves as a good introduction to Akeley's own books. Of all the biographies of Akeley, this one reveals his true passion for Africa.

John B Burnham

John Bird Burnham (1869 - 1939) was an American business man, traveller, explorer, conservationist and big game hunter. he became the editor of 'Field and Stream' and wrote many articles about game protection in the US. He advocated for protection and prudent, healthy harvesting of wildlife resources as two integral halves of a balanced conservation policy.

Rim Of Mystery: A Hunter's Wandering In Unknown Asian Siberia

Rim Of Mystery: A Hunter's Wandering In Unknown Asian Siberia by John B Burnham (1929) is an account of a 1921 hunting trip in the north-eastern part of the Chukotsk Peninsula in search of the then unclassified Marco Polo mountain sheep.

Orla B Taylor

Orla Benedict Taylor (1865 - 1945) was a Detroit lawyer and banker who travelled extensively in Europe and Africa after retiring.

Orla B Taylor
Orla B Taylor & wife Dorothea

Wandering in Africa: East And South Africa And The Sahara Desert

Wandering in Africa: East And South Africa And The Sahara Desert by Orla B Taylor (1931) is the account of his African safari which he took with his wife, Dorothea, referred to as his "constant companion".

Miggs Pomeroy & Catherine Collins

The group consisted of co-author Catherine Pomeroy Collins (1913 - 2008) and her husband, Alan Copeland Collins, a New York literary agent (1902 - 1968); co-author Miggs Pomeroy (1923 - 1995) and her husband, Robert Livingston Pomeroy (1915 - 2009), brother of Catherine Collins and a US Information Officer in Benghazi; Randolph Churchill (1911 - 1968) and his son, Winston Spencer-Churchill (1940 – 2010); American scientist, Dr Henry W Setzer (1916 - 1992) of the National Museum, Washington and Lieutenant Francis Gibb in command of 6 British soldiers of the Royal Scots Regiment.

The Great Saharan Mouse-Hunt

The Great Saharan Mouse-Hunt by Miggs Pomeroy & Catherine Collins (1962) is the entertaining tale of a 6 week trip by a group of 14 British and American people who travelled in 6 Landrovers from Benghazi, Libya to the Tibesti mountains in central Sahara, northern Chad. It was partially a scientific expedition to find desert mice, as well as just a fun adventure where they encountered wandering tribesmen, ate epicurean meals of beans and champagne, found abandoned wreckage from the desert campaigns of World War II and swimming in desert lagoons.

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