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The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

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JULY 2022

F Ratcliffe Holmes

Frederick William Ratcliffe Holmes (1878 - 1952) was a British naturalist, film-producer and author. In 1921, Ratcliffe-Holmes led an expedition to Africa to film life in the remote outposts of the then British Empire. He was accompanied by a cinematographer, George A Plowman, and the experienced African traveller, linguist and safari manager, Captain Claude Lestock Reid. An interesting souvenir programme was produced when the film 'In Wildest Africa' was released.

F Ratcliffe Holmes
F Ratcliffe Holmes (left), Capt C L Reid (centre), George A Plowman (right)

Through Wildest Africa

Through Wildest Africa: A Story of Travel by F Ratcliffe Holmes (1925) is an account of the author's photographic safari through Uganda, Kenya, and Tanganyika. It describes his travel experiences and his attempts to get within camera range of wild game. There are also hunting episodes for wildebeest, buffalo and rhinoceros near Lake Natron.

Interviewing Wild Animals

Interviewing Wild Animals: An Account Of Travel And Adventure Incidental To The Pursuit Of African Fauna With A Cine-Camera by F Ratcliffe Holmes (1929) is an account of the author's experiences trying to film the animals of Africa.

The Secret People: Adventure In Africa

The Secret People: Adventure In Africa by F Ratcliffe Holmes (1928) is a novel about a lost ancient Egyptian civilisation in darkest Africa where a couple of friends to Africa to search for one of their fathers who disappeared while looking for the Secret People. The blurb on the book by the author reads ... "many of the events and most of the characters in the book are real," and that the author "has explored Africa from the 'gold coast' to the heart of the central and eastern sections of the country."

Anne Eisner Putnam & Allan Keller

Anne Eisner Putnam (1911 – 1967) was an artist and collector of African art who went to the Belian Congo, (now, Democratic Republic of the Congo) with her anthropologist husband. They established what became known as Camp Putnam along the Epulu River, on the edge of the Ituri rainforest near the home of the pygmies. They ran Camp Putnam as a hotel giving an African experience for paying tourists while at the same time, running a medical clinic local people.

Madami: My Eight Years Of Adventure With The Congo Pigmies

Madami: My Eight Years Of Adventure With The Congo Pigmies by Anne Eisner Putnam & Allan Keller (1954) is an account of the author's life living near the pygmies of the Ituri Forest. It includes tales of killer leopards, ants devouring anything in their path, poisonous plants and waking up in the jaws of a crocodile.

William E Stewart Jr

Hunting Africa's Dangerous Game by William E Stewart Jr (2005) is about the author's African safari experiences hunting mostly elephant, plus Cape buffalo, leopard and lion.

Wilhelm Mattenklodt

Ernst Wilhelm Mattenklodt (1886 - 1931) was a German colonial farmer, hunter, soldier, fugitive and ethnographer. In 1908 he went to German South West Africa, now Namibia, to farm cattle and sheep and also doing extensive hunting trips to southern Angola and the Caprivi region. After Germany's defeat in World War I, the German colonial militia were allowed to return to their farms but every minor transgression against their servants (mainly Ovambo and Herero) was heavily punished by the British. As Germans were seen as incapable of administering colonies, Mattenklodt and four others tried to move to East Africa but were captured. Mattenklodt managed to escape and with two others, lived as an outlaw in the north of Namibia and Angola and after many adventures and narrow escapes from the English they arrived back in Germany in the middle of 1920.

After the war, Mattenklodt returned to Africa four times and organized regular hunting and filming expeditions as a living. On one of his expeditions, he had a severe attack of sleeping sickness and died in 1931, aged 45.

Wilhelm Mattenklodt
Wilhelm Mattenklodt

Fugitive In The Jungle

Fugitive In The Jungle by Wilhelm Mattenklodt (1931) is the account of the author's life while on the run from the British after World War I. He lived as an outlaw in the north of Namibia and Angola before finding his way back to Germany in 1920. This book was also published in the UK as 'A Fugitive in South-West Africa'.

Reginald G Burton

Tropics And Snows: A Record Of Travel And Adventure by Capt Reginald G Burton (1898) is an account of the author's travels, first to the West Indies then to India where he hunted tigers and bears. He then travelled to Russia returned to India and took a month in Norway before returning to Britain. Free eBook
More books by Reginald G Burton

Henry A Byroade

Henry Alfred Byroade (1913 – 1993) was an American career diplomat. He was the US ambassador to Afghanistan from 1959 to 1963 when he undertook a hunt for Ovis poli in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan in 1959, after obtaining special permission from the Afghan government.

Ovis Poli: The Marco Polo Sheep

Ovis Poli: The Marco Polo Sheep by Henry A Byroade (c.1965) is a private publication of 32 pages about the author's journey to the Pamir Range to hunt the Ovis poli, the Marco Polo sheep. After going as far as his vehicle could take him, he travelled for three days on horseback to get to the hunting camp in the Tuliboi Valley. He bagged two sheep, though not the massive horns he was seeking. He did find a long dead skull with huge horns which he took home but it did not count.

Valentine Baker

Valentine Baker (also known as Baker Pasha) (1827 – 1887) was a British soldier and a younger brother of Sir Samuel Baker. A description of Valentine Baker's full military career.

Clouds in the East: Travels And Adventures On The Perso-Turkeman Frontier by Valentine Baker (1876) is an account of a major military and scientific survey of the unknown region along the Russo-Persian border between the Caspian and the town of Sarakhs. The English believed at that time that the possible invasion of India by Russia would be over the mountains of the Hindu Kush. However, Baker realised that the Russian possible advance would be through the easier route up the River Atrak to Herat and India. The journey included many episodes of hunting. Free eBook

Captain B K Featherstone

Belford Kinchant Featherstone (1898 - 1953) was a British officer who served with the 54th Sikhs in the Indian Army. Captain Featherstone’s journey to cross the Muztagh Pass was a private expedition undertaken while he was on leave and he was the only European in his party. He was killed in the crash of a BOAC Comet airliner in Hooghly, India in 1953.

An Unexplored Pass

An Unexplored Pass: A Narrative Of A Thousand-Mile Journey To The Kara-Boram Himalayas by B K Featherstone (1926) is the story of the failed attempt to cross the Muztagh Pass in 1922. The journey started from Srinagar, in Kashmir and ended just a few miles short of success at the New Muztagh Pass. The book includes some hunting for markhor and ibex. Free eBook

W Robert Foran

Fifty-Two Tales Of Wild Life And Adventure

Fifty-Two Tales Of Wild Life And Adventure by W Robert Foran (1935) is the rarest non-fiction book written by Robert Foran. Published in 1935 as an edition of the modern 'Fifty-Two library', it is unclear whether these are tales previously published and/or adapted for young readers. The original 'Fifty-Two Library' was a series of children's adventure stories published by Hutchinson & Co, London between 1889 and 1907.

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