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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

JUNE 2019

Sir Alfred Pease

Half A Century Of Sport

Half A Century Of Sport by Sir Alfred Pease (1932) is a collection of stories that originally appeared as magazine articles about Alfred Pease's worldwide big game hunts and fox hunting. Some mention is made of Roosevelt's African hunt and hunting in Algeria and Tunisia. Free eBook
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Stuart Stevens

Stuart Stevens (b.1953) is an American travel writer and political consultant.

Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure

Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure by Stuart Stevens (1989) is a humorous tale about returning a friend's Landrover from the Central Africa Republic to Europe with close encounters with killer ants in Cameroon, revolutionary soldiers in the middle of Lake Chad and strangely frenzied Peace Corps parties in Niger. There's a long search for a functional set of springs in Timbuktu and near disastrous bouts with sickness and automotive malfunctions in the middle of the Sahara.

Colin Wills

Colin Frederick George Wills (1906 - 1965) was an Australian journalist, broadcaster, war correspondent, scriptwriter and travel writer.

White Traveller In Black Africa

White Traveller In Black Africa by Colin Wills (1951) is an account of a journey made through Nigeria, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone and Gambia.

Who Killed Kenya? by Colin Wills (1953). The author's observations about Kenya's past and the events leading up to the Mau Mau rising.

Olivia Manning

Olivia Mary Manning (1908 - 1980) was a British writer of non-fiction and novels.

The Remarkable Expedition: The Story Of Stanley's Rescue Of Emin Pasha From Equatorial Africa

The Remarkable Expedition: The Story Of Stanley's Rescue Of Emin Pasha From Equatorial Africa by Olivia Manning (1947) is an account of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition led by Henry Morton Stanley, celebrated for its ambition in crossing 'darkest Africa', and notorious for the deaths of so many of its members and the disease left in its wake.

Emily Booth Langworthy

Emily Booth Langworthy (b.1884) was the daughter of the radical missionary Joseph Booth. Her book offers insight into Joseph Booth's influence over several important African figures, including John Chilembwe, who was a servant in their home in Nyasaland, acting as cook and carer of 9 year old Emily. Chilembwe (1871 – 1915) went on to become a pastor, educator and today is still regarded as a hero of independence in Malawi.

This Africa Was Mine

This Africa Was Mine by Emily Booth Langworthy (1950) is the story of the author's childhood in Nyasaland (now Malawi) as the daughter of the missionary, Joseph Booth.

Richard West

Richard West (1930 - 2015) was a British journalist.

Congo: An Account Of A Century Of European Exploration And Exploitation In The Heart Of Africa

Congo: An Account Of A Century Of European Exploration And Exploitation In The Heart Of Africa by Richard West (1972) is an account of European visitors to French Equatorial Africa. The book centres around Pierre de Brazza but it begins with other explorers - du Chaillu, Richard Burton, Winwood Reade and Mary Kingsley, most of whose researches were often accompanied by an eager sense of trade possibilities.

The White Tribes Of Africa

The White Tribes Of Africa by Richard West (1965) is a result of a tour made by the author, with photographer John Bulmer, of 14 countries south of the Sahara, on assignment from the Sunday Times, London. It discusses the "less than four million" (at the time) Europeans and Americans residing in Africa.

Back To Africa: A History Of Sierra Leone And Liberia

Back To Africa: A History Of Sierra Leone And Liberia by Richard West (1970) tells the story of the black repatriation movement. Around 1787 the idea was conceived of sending 'indigent black' people from England back to Africa to form the colony of Sierra Leone. Thirty five years later, inspired by this experiment, a party of free black American established the colony of Liberia which became an independent republic in 1847.

Brazza Of The Congo

Brazza Of The Congo: European Exploration and Exploitation In French Equatorial Africa by Richard West (1972) is primarily about Pierre Paul Francois Camille Savorgnan de Brazza (1852 - 1905), who explored, colonised and administered the area for the French. Brazza developed friendly relations with the African tribes and after Leopold of Belgium had him removed as commissioner, he wrote an expose of the system which permitted Franco-Belgian rubber companies to work their forced African laborers to death.

White Tribes Revisited
White Tribes Revisited by Richard West (1978) is a return to a look at the effects of white people on politics, economics and tourism in various parts of Africa.

The Diamonds And The Necklace: A South African Journey

The Diamonds And The Necklace: A South African Journey by Richard West (1991) presents the author's experiences and observations as he retraces the steps of the Europeans who opened up the country. He begins at Cape Town, which was settled in 1652 and proceeds through the Eastern Cape, Natal and the Orange Free State to Kimberley, where the diamond rush began in 1869. He then continues to the capital Pretoria and finally travels to Johannesburg, examining the plight of the people and the particular problems of the country along the way.

Dorothy Beall Cunningham

Dorothy Beall Cunningham was a British author who is very likely to be the author of 'Wood And Iron', written in memory of her son, known as H U C, who was killed in World War I.

Wood And Iron: A Story Of Africa

Wood And Iron: A Story Of Africa by Dorothy Beall Cunningham (1934) is the anonymous story of a planter's life in Uganda, written in memory of H U C, by his mother, who it is assumed was Dorothy Beall Cunningham. The title is listed as 'by the same author' in another book which was definitely written by Dorothy Beall Cunningham.

James J Harrison

James Jonathan Harrison (1857 - 1923) was a British part-time soldier and keen, if indiscriminate, big game hunter in Africa. Amongst others, he lead a hunting expedition through Abyssinnia, travelling further on to Lake Rudolph. On this trip he was accompanied by P H G Powell-Cotton, Archibald Edward Butter, William Fitzhugh Whitehouse and Donald Clarke. Powell-Cotton was unhappy by Harrison's indiscriminate shooting of young elephants and left the expedition to hunt ibex in the Simien Mountains while the others proceeded to Lake Rudolph.

James Jonathan Harrison
James Jonathan Harrison (4th from left) with pygmy people

Life Among The Pygmies In The Ituri Forest, Congo Free State by James J Harrison (1905) is a short book about James J Harrison's visit to the Congo Free State. He has two main goals - to hunt an okapi and to bring some pygmies back to England. He failed to get an okapi and did bring 6 pygmy people which he set up as an entertainment group. Free eBook

A Sporting Trip Through India

A Sporting Trip Through India by James J Harrison (1892) is a scarce account of the author's hunting trips for tiger in India, stag and pig sticking and elephant in Ceylon.

Dugald Campbell

Camels Through Libya

Camels Through Libya: A Desert Adventure From The Fringes Of The Sahara To The Oases Of Upper Egypt by Dugald Campbell (1935) More books by Dugald Campbell

Vivienne Bell

Blown By The Winds Of Change

Blown By The Winds Of 'Change by Vivienne Bell (1987) is the story of a single woman’s service in the colonies as a personal secretary. She started in 1949 as a secretary for the Groundnuts Scheme in Tanganyika. She had numerous jobs as secretary and personal assistant in government circles in Northern Rhodesia, Uganda and Swaziland. She faced many difficulties in countries which were emerging in 'the winds of change' and when she became dispensable in Africa her career continued in Cyprus, Australia and the South Pacific. There is one chapter about hunting.

Christina Lamb

Christina Lamb is a leading British foreign correspondent and author.

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Stewart Gore-Browne (1883 - 1967) was a British soldier, pioneer white settler, politician and supporter of independence in Northern Rhodesia.

The Africa House

The Africa House: The True Story Of An English Gentleman And His African Dream by Christina Lamb (1999) is the true story of Stewart Gore-Browne and the magnificent house he built at Shiwa Ngandu (the Lake of the Royal Crocodiles) in Northern Rhodesia. Stewart Gore Browne built himself a sprawling country estate modeled on the finest homes in England, complete with uniformed servants, daily muster parades, rose gardens and lavish dinners finished off with vintage port in the library. He wanted to share it with the love of his life, the unconventional Ethel Locke King, one of the first women to drive and to fly. However, she was nearly twenty years his senior, married and his aunt.

C Kate Bertram & Janet Trant

Cicely Kate Bertram (1912 - 1999) was a British biologist specialising in fish at Cambridge University. She contributed to two seminal reports on freshwater fish in eastern Africa.

Letters From The Swamps: East Africa 1936-1937 by Cecily Kate Bertram & Janet Trant (1991) is a a collection of quotations from the letters the authors wrote to their families during a visit with the Gore-Brownes at Shiwa Ngandu in Northern Rhodesia, while investigating the fish of Lake Shiwa and Lake Bangweulu in Northern Rhodesia, Lake Rukwa in Tanganyika and Lake Tanganyika before returning home via the Belgian Congo, Uganda and down the Nile.

Sir Donald Cameron

Sir Donald Charles Cameron (1872 – 1948) was the British colonial governor of Tanganyika and later the governor of Nigeria.

My Tanganyika Service, And Some Nigeria

My Tanganyika Service, And Some Nigeria by Donald Cameron (1939) is a biographical sketch of Sir Donald Cameron, Governor of Tanganyika 1925-31 and of Nigeria 1931-35. When he arrived in Tanganyika Cameron immediately set about attempting to win the support of the settlers. He also made it clear from the start that this was not just another British Colony: "We are here on behalf of the League of Nations to teach Africans to stand by themselves. When they can do that, we must get out".

William Helean

William Brindley Helean (b.1917) was a New Zealand born soldier from 1939 to 1945. He was appointed to a cadetship in the Colonial Service in Tanganyika in 1948, became a District Officer in 1950 and Senior District Officer in 1958. Since 1961 he was an Administrative Officer and at independence in 1962, he was transferred to the Vice-President's office.

Bed In The Bush by William Helean (1991) is an account of the varied problems which District Commissioners had to handle in the remote areas of Africa. The frustrations of trying to introduce and maintain profitable work projects such as growing cotton, the establishment of a pond and stocking it with fish which disappeared overnight, solving leopard man murders and killing man-eating lions.

Colonel Henry Edward Colvile

Major-General Sir Henry Edward Colvile (1852 – 1907) was an British soldier serving in many campaigns and battles in the Sudan, Uganda and South Africa. In 1893 he succeeded the late Sir Gerald Portal as Commissioner for Uganda, commanded the Unyoro Expedition, which resulted in the inclusion of that country into the Protectorate for which he received the Central Africa Medal. His second wife was Zélie Isabelle Richaud de Préville who wrote 2 books about her journeys in Africa.

Major-General Sir Henry Edward Colvile
Major-General Sir Henry Edward Colvile

The Land Of The Nile Springs

The Land Of The Nile Springs by Colonel Henry Edward Colvile (1895) "Being chiefly an account of how we fought Kabarega". Kabarega was the ruler of Bunyoro in Uganda from 1870 to 1899. The book is written in a no-nonsense, dry and ironic style which makes it interesting and very readable.

Jim Rikhoff

Hunting The African Rhino

Hunting The African Rhino edited by Jim Rikhoff (2015) is the fifth volume in Rikhoff's Big Five series of anthologies. The book was divided into four parts, starting with the very earliest written hunting records of rhino encounters and then continuing through three more sections with progressively more modern rhino hunting stories. Some of the greatest big-game hunters feature in this book: Henry Stanley, A Blayney Percival, Theodore Roosevelt, Frederick Kirby, Jack O'Connor, John Batten, Elgin Gates, Edison Marshall, Bunny Allen, Dean Witter, Soren Lindstrom, Finn Aagaard and many others.
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