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The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.


Randy Nichols

Beyond The Horizon

Beyond The Horizon by Randy Nichols (1996) is a series of articles about big game hunting in Africa and elsewhere, published by the Houston Safari Club.

A F L Bacon

Captain Alban Francis Langley Bacon (1879 - 1952) was a British barrister, author, hunter and angler. He was the son of Francis Bacon (1841 - 1930) who developed the Bacon Breechloader which was discussed in 'Modern Breechloaders' by W W Greener.

The Wanderings Of A Temporary Warrior

The Wanderings Of A Temporary Warrior: A Territorial Officer's Narrative Of Service (And Sport) In Three Continents by A F L Bacon (1922) is the account of serving with 4th Hampshires in India, in the third battle of Gaza in Palestine, then France in 1918 and finally in the Army of Occupation on the Rhine. His sporting episodes included chikor (Indian partridge), duck, geese and snipe shooting in Baluchistan and fishing. Free eBook

Steve Wisecarver

Steve Wisecarver was an American Peace Corps Volunteer who spent 30 years in Africa with his wife. He was in Senegal from 1976 to 1978. He then worked for the USDA and USAID in places such as Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Kenya and Ivory Coast.He became the country director for the Peace Corps in Madagascar and Kenya from 2008 to 2013.

What Sahel Am I Doin' Here

What Sahel Am I Doin' Here: 30 Years Of Misadventures In Africa by Steve Wisecarver (2018) is a collection of tales that captures the exotic, bizarre, comic and even magical nature of daily life during the author's three decades in west Africa. It includes accounts of locals transforming themselves into hyenas, a remote tribe in Mali whose knowledge of the universe was given to them by ancient space travellers, a close call with killer African bees, pygmies who communicate with the trees, a nefarious arms dealer's private retreat and numerous other misadventures.

Mark G Wentling

Africa Memoir: 50 Years, 54 Countries, One American Life

Africa Memoir: 50 Years, 54 Countries, One American Life by Mark G Wentling (2020) Volume I: Algeria - Liberia. These 3 volumes tell the author's life story from growing up in Kansas to his travel and work in all 54 African countries. He devotes a chapter to each country describing his firsthand experiences, eye-opening impressions and views on future prospects.
Africa Memoir: Volume II: Libya - Senegal
Africa Memoir: Volume III: Seychelles - Zimbabwe

Charles Partee

The subject of this book, William Donald McClure (1906 - 1977) was an American Presbyterian missionary in Africa. He started various missions in the Sudan and Ethiopia before was killed by guerillas in 1977 in Gode, Ethiopia. His death was described in a letter sent home by his wife, Lydia and son, Don Jr.

Adventure In Africa: The Story Of Don McClure

Adventure In Africa: The Story Of Don McClure by Charles Partee (1992) describes five decades of adventurous commitment to serving some of the most primitive people of Sudan and Ethiopia in the mid-20th century. Don McClure spent much of his life among the Shulla, Nuer, Dinka, Anuak and Somali people and reflects a brave and energetic man who was devoted to East Africa, before he was shot dead in 1977.

Brigadier-General Trevor Ternan

Trevor Patrick Breffney Ternan (1860 - 1949) served with the British army in the Afghan War and Egyptian War before joining the Egyptian Army and serving in the Mahdist War. Later, he served in the Expedition in Unyoro, 1895 and became Commandant, Uganda Rifles in 1896. He acted as Commissioner and Consul-General, Uganda Protectorate, in 1897.

Some Experiences Of An Old Bromsgrovian

Some Experiences Of An Old Bromsgrovian: Soldiering In Afghanistan, Egypt And Uganda by Brigadier-General Trevor Ternan (1930) is an account of the author's distinguished military career in Egypt and the Sudan. He joined the Uganda Rifles, becoming Commandant in 1896. After serving in the Bunyoro expedition and after further operations in Uganda, he became acting Commissioner and Consul-General of Uganda Protectorate. He went on to hold same post in British East Africa in 1900.

Roland Minor

A Lot Of Loose Ends: A Vet In Africa

A Lot Of Loose Ends: A Vet In Africa: The Drama, Humour And Politics Of Animal Care On The Dark Continent by Roland Minor (2013) is an account of the author's experiences in treating animals of all shapes and sizes in Africa. He left the UK in 1963 for his first veterinary post, in Uganda and since, holding senior government posts or practising independently, he worked in Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Botswana.

Lilian Van Velden

The subject of this book, George Selby (1937 – 2006) was born in South Africa, but was to spend the best thirty years of his life in his adopted country, his beloved Rhodesia, before returning to the land of his birth where he died in 2006. George Selby died before his book was published. It was compiled and edited by Lillian van Velden who ensured his voice came through on every page.

From Safari Suit To Camouflage: The Memoirs Of George Selby

From Safari Suit To Camouflage: The Memoirs Of George Selby by Lilian Van Velden (2015) is the story of one man's extraordinarily adventurous life that spanned the heydays of the 1950s through the 1960s, when the "winds of change" blew across Africa. Continuing through the 1970s and the Rhodesian War, during which the author served as a police reservist, then to the dying moments of Rhodesia, the country he called home. This book was first published in 2007 with the title, 'The Memoirs Of George Selby: A Journey Through Rhodesia To Zimbabwe' by Lilian Van Velden.

E N Buxton

Short Stalks: Second Series

Short Stalks: Second Series by E N Buxton (1898) is the continuation, or second volume of the author's hunting adventures after 'Short Stalks: Or Hunting Camps North, South, East And West' (1893). This volume details his big game hunting trips in the Haud region of Somaliland, where he bagged oryx, greater and lesser kudu, hartebeest, gazelle and other antelope species. He also hunted in Sinai, the Eastern desert of Egypt, Crete, the Carpathian highlands and Daghestan. The two volumes of 'Short Stalks' may be purchased as a pair.
More books by Edward North Buxton

LaVerna Ediger

Worth It All: A Saga Of A Family's Life In East Africa

Worth It All: A Saga Of A Family's Life In East Africa by LaVerna Ediger (2001) is a memoir of life in a missionary family in Ethiopia.

Clements R Markham

Sir Clements Robert Markham (1830 – 1916) was an English geographer, explorer and writer of histories, biographies and travel accounts. He travelled to the Arctic, Peru and India before he was selected to accompany Sir Robert Napier's military expeditionary force to Abyssinia, as the expedition's geographer because the geography of the country was so little known. This force was despatched by the British government as a response to actions taken by the Abyssinian King Theodore which included imprisoning the British consul and his staff. Markham also acted as the party's naturalist, reporting on the species of wildlife encountered during the 400 mile march from the coast.

A History Of The Abyssinian Expedition by Clements Robert Markham (1869) is an account of the 1867-1868 expedition to Abyssinia which includes a "chapter containing an account of the mission and captivity of Mr Rassam and his companions by Lieutenant W F Prideaux".

Richard & Rita Pankhurst

Richard Keir Pethick Pankhurst (1927 -2017) was a British Ethiopian scholar, founding member of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and former professor at the University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. He wrote numerous books about the history of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Reminiscences: Early Days

Ethiopian Reminiscences: Early Days by Richard & Rita Pankhurst (2013) is a joint autobiography in which the authors recount stories about growing up with unusual parents (Richard Pankhurst's mother was the suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst) and their early lives, when in 1958, they went to live in Ethiopia.

More books about Ethiopia by Richard Pankhurst

Alexander Jacob Reynolds

Alexander Jacob Reynolds
Alexander Jacob Reynolds on the Volta River

African Passage

African Passage by Alexander Jacob Reynolds (1934) is a travel memoir of a journey through Liberia, Ashanti (Ghana), Dahomey (Benin), Nigeria, Togo and Cameroon before and during World War I.

From The Ivory Coast To The Cameroons

From The Ivory Coast To The Cameroons by Alexander Jacob Reynolds (1929) is an account of the author's travels in West Africa, from the Ivory Coast through Nigeria to the Cameroons, with detailed and colourful observations on local customs, culture and commerce.

By Desert Ways To Indian Snows

By Desert Ways To Indian Snows by Alexander Jacob Reynolds (1932) is the story of a journey from Damsacus to Baghdad then to Karachi to Simla in the Himalayan foothills of India.

Gavin Ford

A Safari Guide's Tale From Zimbabwe

A Safari Guide's Tale From Zimbabwe: The Zambezi Valley, Matusadona And Mana Pools by Gavin Ford (2015) is a collection of short stories and memories of a Zimbabwean professional guide. After Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, he joined a safari company on Fothergill Island, Kariba. Then after gaining his professional guide licence, he leads wilderness trails of four to six day duration into the Matusadona and Mana Pools National Parks.

Ernest Neal

Ernest Gordon Neal (1911 - 1998) was a British zoologist who was known for his work on badgers, earning him the nickname of 'Badger Man'. He travelled to East Africa many times in his career, many of them as a guest lecturer.

Uganda Quest

Uganda Quest by Ernest Neal (1971) is an account of the author's three years spent in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda working as a zoologist studying the medium-sized carnivores, particularly the banded mongoose about which he gives much new information. He also describes most of the major animals of the park - elephants, hippos, buffalo, lions, hyenas, bats and birds, plus his nocturnal wanderings in search of the more elusive carnivores.

On Safari In East Africa

On Safari In East Africa: A Background Guide by Ernest Neal (1992) explains everything likely to be seen while on safari in East Africa. This book goes beyond identification of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles and looks at how they evolved and why they behave as they do. It covers the wildlife of the Serengeti, forests of Kilimanjaro and the flamingo covered Lake Nakuru.

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