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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

APRIL 2020

S Haughton

Samuel Haughton (b.1849) served with the Ceylon Civil Service and became Registrar General and Government Agent of the Eastern Province of Ceylon.

Sport And Travel

Sport And Travel by S Haughton (1915) was written after he retired from the Ceylon Civil Service and was limited to private circulation only. The first part of the book deals with his experiences as a Revenue Officer in the Mannar and Mullaitivu Districts of Ceylon at the time of a cholera epidemic. He was a keen big game hunter and relates tales of his hunting travels throughout the area for elephant, leopard, bear, sambar, small game and birds.

Alfred Aylward

Alfred Aylward (1843 - 1889) was an Irish adventurer with a reputation as a 'rebel' or 'agitator'. Before going to South Africa he was said to have fought in Italy with Garibaldi and worked as a surgeon in the American Civil War - his medical knowledge was apparently acquired in Guy’s Hospital in London – when he was a patient. In South Africa he worked as a digger in the diamond fields where he led an unsuccessful revolt of diamond diggers against the colonial administration. He then led the Lynchburg Volunteer Corp, a Boer-sponsored mercenary army that fought against the Marota king Sekhukhune. During the first Boer War, he fought for the Boers in Transvaal. Later he edited the Natal Witness newspaper. Rumours of what became of him vary from being killed in a train crash in America, killed in the Sudan with the Mahdi forces or died in Sweden.

The Transvaal Of Today

The Transvaal Of Today: War, Witchcraft, Sport And Spoils In South Africa by Alfred Aylward (1881) is the tale of the author's extraordinarily adventurous life fleeing from assassination, experiencing imprisonment and insurrection and hoping to establish the occasional republic. There is a chapter about big game hunters and hunting. Free eBook

Edward Lockwood

Edward Dowdeswell Lockwood (1834 - 1903) served for 20 years in India with the Bengal Civil Service and as a magistrate in Monghyr.

Natural History, Sport, And Travel by Edward Lockwood (1878) is an account of the author's life in India where he hunted and as a naturalist collected specimens, particularly insects. Free eBook

Lieutenant John Pester

Lieutenant John Pester (1778 - 1856) went to India to join the forces of the East India Company in 1801. He retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1826, having never been absent from duty, except when sick.

War And Sport In India 1802-1806: An Officer's Diary

War And Sport In India 1802-1806: An Officer's Diary by Lieutenant John Pester (1928) was edited and published by a relative of the author, J A Devenish, who also later went to India as an engineer. Pester describes the battles and skirmishes of the time in India as the Company protected it's trade and domains. Lt John Pester also describes his big game hunting expeditions for hog, tiger and more. Free eBook

W O Horne

William Ogilvie Horne (b.1862) served in the Indian Civil Service as Chief Secretary in Madras. Apparently Madras was where those with low examination results were posted without a choice in the matter.

Work And Sport In The Old ICS by W O Horne (1928) is an account of life in the Indian Civil Service, the prime motive for the author joining being..."having also strong open-air tastes, a love of all sport, a certain hankering after adventure, and a whole-hearted detestation of desk or clerical work, I thought the I.C.S. would suit me.". He did much big game hunting for tigers, bears and other smaller game. Free eBook

Joe Ceurvorst

Joe Ceurvorst was a Belgian comic strip illustrator, translator and journalist who appears to have used several pseudonyms for his magazine artwork. In his early life, he worked on a ranch in the Canadian Rockies before he returned to Europe for military service in World War II.

Joe Ceurvorst
Joe Ceurvorst

Africa In A Jeep

Africa In A Jeep by Joe Ceurvorst (1956) is the account of Joe Ceurvorst's round-trip journey through Africa in his Willys MB jeep, which he nicknamed 'Mosquito'. He was accompanied by his young relative Jane Barbier and a dog called Pelish. He travelled 22000 miles from Belgium to Algiers, Lagos, Congo, Nairobi, Sudan, Egypt then back to Belgium. Ceurvorst chronicled his experiences in the 1952 book L'Afrique En Jeep: Sahara-Niger-Congo-Nil-35000 Km. The English translation was by Mervyn Savill, published in 1956.

H T Kenny

In Lightest Africa

In Lightest Africa by H T Kenny (1935) is a travelogue of the years an English couple lived in Algiers. They hunted with falcons, visited oases, survived sand storms and much more.

John Brown

The Thirsty Land

The Thirsty Land by John Brown (1954) is an account of a journey across the great Thirstland of Southern Africa in 1952 to1953 in order to investigate underground water resources in the Namib Desert and Kalahari. Once water could be found they visualized new towns and great cattle ranches similar to those in Texas.

Alan Reeve

Alan Reeve (1910 - 1962) was a New Zealand-born Australian cartoonist, illustrator and journalist. As an itinerant caricaturist his work was exhibited in Australia and appeared in American magazines, including Fortune, Town & Country and Vogue.

Africa, I Presume?

Africa, I Presume? by Alan Reeve (1947) is a Cairo to Cape travelogue by a journalist which covers (largely by air) some 20000 miles for two London publications. The author sketches and writes of what he saw through Eygpt, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Zanzibar, Tanganyika, Portuguese East Africa and South Africa.

Janheinz Jahn

Janheinz Jahn (1918 - 1973) was a German writer and scholar of literature from sub-Saharan Africa.

Through African Doors

Through African Doors: Experiences And Encounters In West Africa by Janheinz Jahn (1962) is an an account of the author's experience of the culture of Nigeria and Togo, as he ate, slept and travelled as the local Africans do themselves. Free eBook

William Charles Scully

William Charles Scully (1855 – 1943) was an Irish born, South African author. He emigrated to southern Africa with his parents in 1867, later becoming a diamond prospector with Cecil Rhodes. While writing his numerous books he worked as a magistrate. His books are mostly fiction based on real characters and events.

Between Sun And Sand

Between Sun And Sand: A Tale Of An African Desert by William Charles Scully (1898) reflects "the hardships suffered by nomadic farmers in Namaqualand and Bushmanland", and is "an episodic novel, notable for the creation of some memorable bushveld characters". Free eBook

Alyse Simpson

Alyse Simpson was a Swiss-born author who married an Englishman and emigrated to Kenya in hope of escaping the post-war poverty of the British Midlands with the promise of adventure and wealth there. They stayed there 6 years before returning home.

Red Dust Of Africa

Red Dust Of Africa by Alyse Simpson (1952) is an account by the Swiss wife of an English farmer in Kenya, of her battle with and eventual attraction to the alien world of East Africa around the time of World War I.

The Land That Never Was by Alyse Simpson (1937) is the cautionary tale of a young couple of would-be settlers in Kenya in the 1930s, who fail to make their fortune, face numerous disillusions and much hard work and return defeated and broke after six years. The book succeeds as a valuable corrective to the romantic image of colonial Kenya as a playground for aristocrats and big-game hunters.



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