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The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

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W C Scully

William Charles Scully
William Charles Scully

Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer

Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer by W C Scully (1913) is an entertaining first-hand account of the author's life and travels through South Africa in the early days of diamond and gold prospecting. There are interesting observations of the abundance of game in South Africa at the time with episodes of hunting blesbok, plus his friend's lion hunt. Free eBook

Further Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer

Further Reminiscences Of A South African Pioneer by W C Scully (1913) is the continuation of the author's life story from 1876 to 1899 when he entered the Civil Service. He was a big game hunter and the book includes instances of hunting oryx and baboon. Free eBook

A History Of South Africa: From The Earliest Days To Union

A History Of South Africa: From The Earliest Days To Union by W C Scully (1915) is a concise, consecutive narrative of the history of South Africa suitable as an introduction to detailed histories written by standard historians. Free eBook

The Ridge Of The White Waters

The Ridge Of The White Waters:("WITWATERSRAND"): Or Impressions Of A Visit To Johannesburg With Some Notes Of Durban, Delagoa Bay, And The Low Country by W C Scully (1912) is both a travelogue and a memoir. The book starts with an account of the author's travel from East London to Durban, where he proceeds by ship to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo, Mozambique) and he contrasts the old and new port. He then travels by train back into South Africa through the Lowveld to Pretoria before reaching the 'ridge of white waters', or the Witwatersrand with Johannesburg as its capital. Witwatersrand is a 56 km, north-facing scarp in South Africa. The scarp forms the northern edge of a plateau (or ridge) which rises about 200m above the surrounding plains of the Highveld. Due to the extraordinary quantities of gold that have been extracted from the Witwatersrand rocks, the South African currency was named the Rand. Free eBook

Lodges In The Wilderness

Lodges In The Wilderness by W C Scully (1915) is the account of the author's journey in the Kalahari Desert during which he hunts oryx, ostrich and more. Free eBook

Another book by William Charles Scully

James Kilgo

James Patrick Kilgo (1941 - 2002) was an American author and lecturer at the University of Georgia. He was best known for his essays and novels that feature his personal experiences of the natural world, family stories, tales of hunting and friendship.

Colors Of Africa

Colors Of Africa by James Kilgo (2017) is an account of the author's only trip to Africa, ostensibly to do a big game hunt in the Luangwa Valley. However, the book is mostly about his musings about the beauty of the bush - "its voices, scents, textures, and, most meaningfully, colors". He also compares what he sees in Africa against the books he had read by David Livingstone, Ernest Hemingway and Isak Dinesen. The book was published posthumously.

C G Oates

Francis (Frank) Oates (1840 – 1875) was a British naturalist, explorer and the uncle of Antarctic explorer Lawrence Oates. Frank Oates' legacy was a set of journals and letters describing the journey taken with his brother, William Edward Oates (1841 - 1896) to Matabeleland and the Victoria Falls. These journals were collated and edited by another of his brothers, Charles George Oates (1844 – 1901) into the book titled 'Matabele Land And The Victoria Falls: A Naturalist's Wanderings In The Interior Of South Africa, From The Letters And Journals Of The Late Frank Oates FRGS', first published in 1881. There is a permanent exhibit dedicated to Frank Oates at The Oates Museum at Selborne, Hampshire, UK.

Frank Oates
Frank Oates

Matabele Land And The Victoria Falls

Matabele Land And The Victoria Falls: A Naturalist's Wanderings In The Interior Of South Africa, From The Letters And Journals Of The Late Frank Oates FRGS by Frank Oates & C G Oates (1881) is the account of the African journey made by the British explorer and naturalist Frank Oates who became one of the first Europeans since David Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls in full flood. A month later, he was dead from malaria, aged 34. The book draws on the original diaries, letters and sketches of Frank Oates and documents his encounters with King Lobengula of the Ndebele and ivory hunter, Frederick Selous. It records Oates' final, fatal trek through the Zambezi Valley towards Victoria Falls. The book contains details of hunting by Oates and others he met during his journey. The book pictured is the 2nd edition published in 1889 which has updated information not found in the first edition. The 1881 edition is extremely rare with few copies ever sold as most were destroyed in a fire at the publisher's premises. Free eBook

Ralph Pulitzer

Ralph Pulitzer (1879 – 1939) was an American newspaper publisher and author. A keen big game hunter, Pulitzer also hunted in Portuguese West Africa, now Angola, in 1930... titled 'The 1930-1931 Pulitzer Angola Expedition'. His entourage included his wife, Margaret; his son, Seward; his wife's French maid and her husband who was the butler. The expedition also included Wolfrid Rudyerd Boulton (1901 – 1983), an American ornithologist who held positions at the American Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and had travelled widely on expeditions to Africa.

Ralph Pulitzer
Ralph Pulitzer

Diary Of Two Safaris

Diary Of Two Safaris by Ralph Pulitzer (1927) is the author's exceeding scarce private publication about his two hunts in Kenya and Tanganyika with renowned professional hunter, Alan Black. While they were hunting lions in the Serengeti, they ran into the George Eastman safari who were also looking for lions. It was reported in a 1926 edition of the New York Times, that during his first 3 month safari, Pulitzer bagged three lions, one rhino, a roan antelope, three waterbucks and a number of common antelopes. He also had two close calls, one with a lioness and another with a charging rhino, which Alan Black successfully dealt with. Unfortunately, this book is only available here as a print-on-demand version.

Miriam B Mandel

Hemingway And Africa

Hemingway And Africa by Miriam B Mandel (2011) offers historical, theoretical, biographical, theological and literary interpretations of Hemingway's African narratives. It also presents a detailed chronology of the safaris, a complete bibliography of Hemingway's published and unpublished African works and a bibliography of Hemingway's reading on natural history and other topics relevant to Africa and the world of the safari.

Elsa Goodwin Green

Raiders And Rebels In South Africa

Raiders And Rebels In South Africa by Elsa Goodwin Green (1898). As a trained nurse the author tended the wounded who found themselves in Krugersdorp hospital after the defeat of the Jameson Raid. She later served in a similar role in Rhodesia, at both Umtali and Salisbury, during the Mashona uprising. The book gives a unique perspective on both the Jameson Raid at the end 1895 and the outbreak of the Matabele and Mashona Rebellions in 1896.

Malcolm Burr

Malcolm Burr (1878 - 1954) was an English author, translator, entomologist and geologist. He specialised in earwigs and was the first to classify earwigs and particularly the biology of the earwigs of Sri Lanka.

Malcolm Burr
Malcolm Burr (standing far right) & H F Varian (standing third from left) the Benguella Railway engineer & discoverer of the Giant Sable

A Fossicker In Angola

A Fossicker In Angola by Malcolm Burr (1933) is an entertaining account of the travels through Angola in the early 1930s of the geologist and entomologist Malcolm Burr. "During two years prospecting in Africa, the greater part of the time in Portuguese Angola, the Author carefully observed everything which came within his reach. Happily he saw the lighter side of adventure, as is revealed in the pages of his book." A 'fossicker' is someone who rummages or searches around in a slightly aimless manner for an item of interest, so may refer to the author's search for insects or geological specimens in Angola.

Frank Hedges Butler

Frank Hedges Butler (1855 – 1928) was a British wine merchant and a founding member of the Aero Club of Great Britain. He was also a keen golfer, yachtsman and big game hunter. With Charles Rolls (the co-founder of the Rolls-Royce car manufacturer) he organised motor vehicle races before being introduced to ballooning by Charles Rolls. He made more than a hundred balloon ascents, including several record-breaking flights.

Frank Hedges Butler
Frank Hedges Butler (left) with Sir Arthur Lawley, riding on the engine of train from Mombasa to Nairobi

5000 Miles In A Balloon

5000 Miles In A Balloon by Frank Hedges Butler (1907) is a 48 page soft-cover book which includes some of the author's ballooning exploits.

Fifty Years Of Travel By Land, Water And Air

Fifty Years Of Travel By Land, Water And Air by Frank Hedges Butler (1920) this is the book which contains the author's 1912 big game hunting exploits in East Africa, as well as chapters on his other global travels. Travelling with Sir Arthur Lawley, his safari started in Uganda where he hunted a hippo. Sir Arthur Lawley (1860 – 1932) was a British colonial administrator who served variously in Matabeleland, Western Australia, Transvaal and Madras. Butler then returned to Nairobi to outfit for a short safari to hunt lion with Major H B Dooner, who he describes as "the Selous of the region, and had a tally of numerous lions to his credit". Hugh Brandon Dooner (1876 - 1935) was an Australian settler who farmed ostriches and coffee in Kenya, possibly also doing some professional hunting at times. Free eBook

Captain H Butler

Captain Henry Butler (1805 - 1881) was an Irish soldier who was commissioned in the 27th Regiment until 1841, when he transferred to the 59th Regiment assuming the rank of Captain. He served in South Africa until 1839 and retired from the army in 1850. The expeditions Butler took in 1837 and 1838 to the hunting grounds of the Bontebok Flats (between the Klipplaats and Windvogel Rivers in Eastern Cape Province, form the basis of this book.

South African Sketches

South African Sketches: Illustrative Of The Wild Life Of A Hunter On The Frontier Of The Cape Colony by Captain H Butler (1841) is a volume of hunting scenes at the 'extreme verge of the Cape Colony'. The sketches were made "to relieve the dreariness of two years' residence upon a barbarian frontier," and to record the profusion of game on the Bontebok Flats near the Kat River Settlement. They also give an interesting record of this part of South Africa during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Henry Jay Case

Guy Hamilton Scull

Guy Hamilton Scull: Soldier, Writer, Explorer And War Correspondent by Henry Jay Case (1922) is the biography of the man who will be always known for his part in the Buffalo Bill 'stunt' of lassoing African animals. This biography is a collection of stories, incidents and impressions obtained from Scull's friends and associates in many of his explorations and adventures. He rarely talked about himself or of his adventures. What is revealed is a man of contrasts who was a Harvard graduate, talented musician and writer as well as a rugged adventurer who joined the Rough Riders (1st United States Volunteer Cavalry), worked on a cattle ranch in New Mexico and was a war correspondent during the Boer War in South Africa. Free eBook
'Lassoing Wild Animals In Africa' by Guy Hamilton Scull

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