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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.


Ken Czech

Beyond The River Of Shame

Beyond The River Of Shame by Ken Czech (2017) is Ken Czech's first novel - the fictionlized account of the true story of Sir Samuel Baker and the woman he comes to love. It follows this unlikely pair into the depths of unknown Africa where they are enmeshed in a struggle against wild beasts, killer diseases and the horrors of a slave trade that has spread its tentacles to the very headwaters of the Nile.
More non-fiction books by Kenneth P Czech

Diggory Hadoke

Hammer Guns: In Theory and Practice

Hammer Guns: In Theory and Practice by Diggory Hadoke (2016) is a mixture of historical analysis, practical application and personal reflection on the Victorian hammer gun as the finest sporting gun available today, just as it was a century ago. It includes topics on how the guns were devised, crafted and used, how they were perfected and how they work. Modern applications are given equal weight to historical ones, and subjects such as the selection of suitable ammunition, stripping, refurbishing and customizing will prove invaluable to anyone thinking of taking a hammer gun into the field and using it as they would a modern gun.

Lt Col V L Prescott-Westcar

Sir William Villier Leonard Prescott-Westcar (1882 - 1959) was a baronet who served with the Rifle Brigade and was decorated for conspicuous gallantry in action during WWI.

Big Game, Boers And Boches

Big Game, Boers And Boches by Lt Col V L Prescott-Westcar (1937). The author arrived in the Sudan in 1912 and embarked on a shooting trip along the White Nile hunting elephant, hippo, lion and more, with later excursions along the Blue Nile. It also covers his hunting in India and Burma for bear, leopard, bison and some pig sticking. It also includes tales of his military exploits.

C C J Napier

Killers And Big Game

Killers And Big Game by C C J Napier (1966). The author was a game ranger for nearly 50 years in South Africa. The book is divided into 18 short tales about different African animal species.

M A Harbord

Maurice Assheton Harbord (1874 - 1954) served in the Boer War between 1899 and 1902, gaining the rank of Captain in the 1st Imperial Light Horse. He then became an inspector in the Johannesburg Town Police between 1902 and 1908, after which he decamped to East Africa to hunt big game.

Froth & Bubble

Froth & Bubble by M A Harbord (1915) recounts the author's early life in England, with numerous adventures working in a mill in Sibley, Iowa, a Montana cattle ranch and with travels in Rhodesia and South Africa, particularly during the Boer War and with the Transvaal Town Police. By 1908, he was in British East Africa hunting big game in the Kedong Valley. He bagged buffalo, lion and rhinoceros, though he usually found himself armed with a shotgun rather than a rifle at most inopportune times.

Van Nes Allen

Hans Van Nes Allen (1914 - 1991) was a young American hunter who, after listening to a missionary talking about Africa in his home town in Ohio, decided he must go there. He wangled a job as a mission helper and landed in Liberia where he started big game hunting.

I Found Africa

I Found Africa by Van Nes Allen (1939) recounts the author's time in Liberia using a .405 Winchester to hunt elephant and other game. He proceeded up the Mafa River into the bush country where he bagged elephant and buffalo and had a near fatal encounter with a hippopotamus. Free eBook

Romolo Gessi

Romolo Gessi (1831 - 1881) was an Italian soldier and an explorer of north-east Africa, especially Sudan and the Nile River. He was also known as Romolo Gessi Pasha - 'Pasha' being an honorary title typically granted to governors, generals, dignitaries and others. After serving with Major-General Charles Gordon as a translator during the Crimean War, he also served for him in the Sudan while exploring the course of the upper Nile. Gordon then instructed Romolo Gessi to crush slave trader insurrections. Following his campaign against the slavers, for which he earned the title of 'Il Flagello degli schiavisti' (The Scourge of the slavers), Gessi became Governor of Bahr-el-Ghazal.

Romolo Gessi
Romolo Gessi

Seven Years In The Soudan

Seven Years In The Soudan: Being A Record Of Explorations, Adventures And Campaigns Against The Arab Slave Hunters by Romolo Gessi Pasha (1892) Edited by Felice Gessi, the author's son. Is the account of Gessi's explorations in Sudan and the upper Nile. There are some elephant and buffalo hunting adventures. Free eBook

Harold Robert Taylor

Jungle Trader by H R Taylor (1939) is the interesting tale of the author's life and adventures as a trader in Liberia.

Terence Gavaghan

Terence Gavaghan (1922 - 2011) was born in India to Irish parents and became a colonial district officer in Kenya from 1944 to 1963. In 1957, he was recruited to oversee the rehabilitation of Mau Mau prisoners at six camps in central Kenya.

Of Lions And Dung Beetles

Of Lions And Dung Beetles: A Man In The Middle Of Colonial Administration In Kenya by Terence Gavaghan (1999) is a personal chronicle of the author's life and experiences as a colonial administrator in Kenya from 1944 to 1963. He served in several different districts and among the diverse populations of Kenya. The book includes detail portraits of those he worked with and met such as Ava Gardner, Elspeth Huxley, Beryl Markham, June Carberry, George and Joy Adamson, Tom Mboya and Jomo Kenyatta - making for a vivid account of distinctive characters and strange events.

Edward W Hanson

The Wandering Princess

The Wandering Princess: Princess Helene Of France, Duchess of Aosta 1871-1951 by Edward W Hanson (2017) is the story of Helene's adventurous life - from an ill-fated romance in Queen Victoria's court to an Italian royal marriage. She fled from boredom to explore and hunt in Africa, but returned to serve Italy in the national crises of earthquake, epidemic and war, heading the Red Cross nurses in the front lines of the Great War.

Elena Di Francia, Duchessa D'Aosta

Elena Di Francia, Duchessa D'Aosta (1871 - 1951) was born in Twickenham, England and was a member of the royal family of the Orléans and became Duchess of Aosta by marriage.

Her hunting travels began when she was advised to stay in warm climates due to poor health. In 1907 she arrived in Egypt and then to the Indian Ocean. She resumed travelling in 1908 after returning to Italy to help with a disastrous earthquake. This time she headed to South Africa and Rhodesia, followed a year later to Kenya and Somalia. In 1913 she reached Asia, visiting India, Ceylon, Indo-china, Borneo, Sumatra, Australia and New Zealand. She returned back across the United States, Canada and Spain.

Elena Di Francia, Duchessa D'Aosta
Elena Di Francia, Duchessa D'Aosta with her elephant

Viaggi In Africa

Viaggi In Africa by Elena Di Francia, Duchessa D'Aosta (1913) is the account of the Duchess of Aosta's three hunting safaris to Africa between 1907 and 1911. Each trip lasted up to ten months at a time and she explored the Nile, the Congo and much of East Africa. Italian language only.

S Worthington & E B Worthington

Stella Worthington (d.1978) was one of 5 daughters of parents who did not believe in university education for women. Despite this, she went to Cambridge to study geography. Her marriage to Edgar Barton Worthington forced her to choose between furthering her academic career at Cambridge or joining the expedition. Thus her academic career ended, though the Royal Geographic Society did consider her for an 'honorary degree' for sacrificing her career for that of her husband.

Edgar Barton Worthington (1905 - 2001) was a British zoologist who went to Africa to conduct research on the fisheries of the Victoria Nyanza. In 1930 he married Stella Desmond Johnson, who shared his research interests and was a member of his early expeditions. In 1957, after many studies in Africa, he was convinced that future human needs depended on the conservation of natural resources. He accepted the post of Deputy Director-General (Scientific) Nature Conservancy, which he held until 1965.

Inland Waters Of Africa

Inland Waters Of Africa by S Worthington & E B Worthington (1933) is the story of two expeditions to Kenya and Uganda surveying rivers and lakes in order to ascertain their commercial fishing potential. First in 1927-28 they went to Lake Victoria and second in 1930 to lakes Rudolf, Baringo and Naivasha in Kenya, and lakes Edward and George and other small lakes in Uganda. On Lake Rudolf, they visited the central or Crocodile Island on their 20ft boat,'Only Hope' to study the crater lakes, fish and crocodiles and the falling of water level of the main lake Rudolf. The book includes one chapter on angling in the region along with many accounts of the countries' people and their traditional fishing methods.

Gilchrist Alexander

Gilchrist Gibb Alexander (b.1868) was a Scottish lawyer who served as a magistrate in Fiji before becoming a judge in Tanganyika.

Gilchrist Alexander
Gilchrist Alexander

Tanganyika Memories

Tanganyika Memories: A Judge In The Red Kanzu by Gilchrist Alexander (1938) recounts the author's life as a colonial judge in Tanganyika from 1920 to 1926. Alexander does not confine his narrative to legal matters. He reclls incidents of travel, of social and native problems, of the hindrances of legal etiquette and is alive with character. A kanzu is a long white cotton or linen robe worn by East African men.

Ellis Briggs

Ellis Ormsbee Briggs (1899 - 1976) was an American diplomat who served as Ambassador in seven different countries.

Shots Heard Around The World

Shots Heard Around The World: An Ambassador's Hunting Adventures On Four Continents by Ellis Briggs (1957) is a light-hearted diplomatic memoir as the author recounts his off-duty hunting adventures in thirty years of State Department service in fifteen countries.

Norma Lorimer

Norma Octavia Lorimer (1864 - 1948) was a Scottish-born novelist and travel writer. She spent her youth in the Isle of Man and later travelled widely in the USA, Europe and Far East.

Norma Lorimer
Norma Lorimer examining crocodile eggs

By The Waters Of Africa

By The Waters Of Africa by Norma Lorimer (1917) describes life upon the great African lakes - the "up-to-date style of living adopted by the British settlers with their golf-courses and motoring". The author was one of the very few women to trek in the Mountains of the Moon during which she was guided by a Mr Grant, said to be the brother of explorer, James Augustus Grant. However it is more likely this was J A Grant's son. She was also accompanied by the then Governor of the East African Protectorate, Sir Frederick Jackson. Contains some big game hunting. Free eBook

D W Gess

John Baldwin Smithson Greathead (1854-1910) was a medical practitioner and district surgeon based in Grahamstown, South Africa.

J B S Greathead
J B S Greathead

African Hunting And Travel Journals Of J B S Greathead 1884-1910

African Hunting And Travel Journals Of J B S Greathead 1884-1910 edited by D W Gess (2003) record not only his hunting journeys, but also his observation of the people and natural history he encountered in the course of his trips. Comments on medical matters of the time also appear. A skilled photographer, he kept an extensive and meticulously recorded visual account of his travels. Among the trips described are a journey of six months in 1893 in what is now the Kruger National Park and a journey through the then Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia in 1910. The editor is a great-grandson of JBS Greathead.

Lt Col E D Miller

Lt Col Edward D Miller (1865 - joined the 17th Lancers at Lucknow, India in 1887. He served in the South African war and World War I and he ended up as Master of the Horse in the XV Corps (a British infantry corps). He was a lifelong polo player and big game hunter.

Fifty Years Of Sport

Fifty Years Of Sport by Lt Col E D Miller (1925) is sporting memoir of polo in India, England, Egypt and the USA, pigsticking in India, foxhunting in England and Ireland and big hunting in East Africa. He hunted in Kashmir and Nepal and was well known as a pig-sticker at Cawnpore and in Behar. Among his other Indian adventures are hunting tiger, cheetal and leopard. Free eBook

William Peel

Sir William Peel (1824 - 1858) was the third son of Sir Robert Peel (former UK Prime Minister) and had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy. He served during the Crimean War at Sevastopol and the battle of Inkerman, later participating in the military reaction to the Indian Mutiny. His bravery would see him become one of the first recipients of the Victoria Cross.

A Ride Through The Nubian Desert

A Ride Through The Nubian Desert by Willim Peel (1852) recounts his 1851 journey through the African interior. Peel made meticulous preparations for his expedition, including intense study of the Arabic language under the tutelage of Joseph Churi, with whom he would travel. The pair departed in August, tracing a path north up the Nile, crossing the desert of Khartoum into al-Ubayd. Their progress was fraught with peril and beset by severe fever. Safely returning to England in January 1852, Peel immediately set about composing this memoir. Free eBook

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