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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.


Major R E Cheesman

In Unknown Arabia

In Unknown Arabia by Major R E Cheesman (1926) is the account of the author's journey into the Arabian Peninsula in 1923. He collected over 300 specimens from the Hasa oasis, several of them previously unknown to science. He was also the first man to map part of the Arabian coast.
R E Cheesman's book 'Lake Tana & The Blue Nile'

Schuyler Jones

Dr Schuyler Jones (b.1930) was born in Kansas but spent most of his life exploring Africa and Asia, ending up teaching Anthropology at Oxford University as well as being the Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum there. He took part in anthropological expeditions in the early 1950s to North Africa, the Sahara, West Africa, French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo, East Africa, South Africa, the Zambezi and Congo rivers and French West Africa.

Under The African Sun

Under The African Sun by Schuyler Jones (1956) is a collection of stories from the author's time spent in Africa as a whole, covering the forest, desert and mountain regions of Africa.

Mitch Reardon

The Besieged Desert

The Besieged Desert by Mitch Reardon (1986) looks at the 1980s problems of war, drought and poaching in the Namib desert of North West Namibia where elephants, rhino and giraffe live in an envrironment unlike any other in Africa.

Alex Shoumatoff

Alexander "Alex" Shoumatoff (b. 1946) is an American journalist known for his nature and environmental writing.

African Madness

African Madness by Alex Shoumatoff (1988) tells the stories of Dian Fossey, the murdered gorilla researcher, the Emperor Bokassa, life in modern Madagascar, and the search for the source of the AIDS virus.

In Southern Light: Trekking Through Zaire And The Amazon

In Southern Light: Trekking Through Zaire And The Amazon by Alex Shoumatoff (1986) is an account of the author's journeys in the Brazilian jungle searching for a legendary tribe of Amazon women and in the African rainforest with pygmies. Includes details about local flora and fauna, native people and the calamities that befall the intrepid author.

Will J Cameron

William John Cameron (1879 - 1953) was a Canadian-born American businessman who sold pharmaceutical products before founding 'Cameron's Surgical Specialty Company' in Chicago. He was a very keen big game hunter and explorer.

In 1928 he embarked on an expedition into the heart of Africa to study the people of the Kalahari Desert. Though Cameron did a lot of hunting on the expedition, it was primarily to develop and test improved surgical and dental equipment on the Bushmen of the Kalahari. He hand-picked a team of experts to accompany the expedition - including anthropologist C Ernest Cadle, who had previously undertaken the 'Denver African Expedition' in 1925. The expedition then went under the title of 'The Cameron-Cadle Kalahari Expedition'. Also on the payroll were portrait painter, Neville Lewis of London, geologist Richard Lee Mannen, cinematographer Fred Parrish and mechanic Henry A Hoder. Cameron funded the whole of the expedition, which totalled somewhere between $25000 and $30000.

Will J Cameron
Will J Cameron

From Cape Town To Belgian Congo

From Cape Town To Belgian Congo by Will J Cameron (1929) is a private publication of Cameron's address relating his African experiences to the Executives Club of Chicago in 1929. The hardback booklets were printed for distribution to friends and business allies. While there are observations of the native peoples and the wildlife, there are also incidents of hunting lion, buffalo and a variety of antelope species. The photographs were taken from movies he shot on the trip.

Harry F Witherby

Harry Forbes Witherby (1873 – 1943) was a noted British ornithologist, author, publisher and founding editor of the magazine 'British Birds'. From an early age Witherby devoted himself to the study of ornithology, travelling extensively, including visits to Iran, the Kola Peninsula as well as the White Nile.

Bird Hunting On The White Nile: A Naturalist's Experiences In The Soudan

Bird Hunting On The White Nile: A Naturalist's Experiences In The Soudan by Harry F Witherby (1902) is an account of the author's journey to expand the knowledge of the birds and beasts of the Soudan. This journey to the Soudan was undertaken in the driest months of the year and Witherby was disappointed by the small number of mammals he came across. He was accompanied by taxidermist C F Camburn for this journey. Free eBook

Count C A C De Lewenhaupt

Count Claes Adam Carl Lewenhaupt (1859 - 1937) was a Swedish writer, traveller, angler and hunter. Lewenhaupt travelled extensively in both Spain and France and also made longer trips to India, Burma, the United States and Morocco.

Sport Across The World

Sport Across The World by Count C A C de Lewenhaupt (1933) are tales of the author's field sport trips around the world. Includes hunting in California, tiger and elephant hunting in Asia, falconry and boar hunting in North Africa, mouflon in Corsica and grouse shooting in Norway. There is one chapter on fishing for sardines, tunny and tarpon.

Hedley A Chilvers

Hedley Arthur Chilvers (1897 - 1941) was an English writer who emigrated to South Africa for health reasons in 1901. He became a journalist at the Rand Daily Mail and wrote several books about South African issues, including the gold mines, the story of DeBeers and the famous wandering hippo, Huberta.

The Seven Lost Trails Of Africa

The Seven Lost Trails Of Africa: A Record Of Sundry Expeditions, New And Old, In Search Of Buried Treasure by Hedley A Chilvers (1930) is about the exploits of African treasure-hunters. The seven lost treasure trails include: the way to the great valley of precious stones said to be in the wild hills to the north of the bend of the Orange River, the old diamond craters, the source of the diamonds scattered over South Africa; the diamonds and gold bars said to have been buried by a murderer in the banks of the Blyde River; the precise site of the shipwreck of the Grosvenor which sank with a great Indian treasure on the Pondo Coast in 1782; the Rhodesian treasure, in diamonds, gold and ivory buried by Lobengula, King of the Matabele, in 1893; the old silver mines of Chicova or Chicoa, on the North side of the Zambezi; the whereabouts of the second & larger half of the Cullinan diamond. Also, the missing Kruger millions and the lost goldfield of Madagascar.
More books by Hedley A Chilvers

H W Struben

Hendrik Wilhelm Struben (aka Henry William Struben or Harry Struben) (1840 - 1915) was a German-born South African pioneer gold miner and later, a politician.

Recollection Of Adventures 1850 - 1911

Recollection Of Adventures 1850 - 1911: Pioneering And Development In South Africa by H W Struben (1920) is a collection of incidents and stories from the author's life as a gold miner, including his big game hunting trips for buffalo, lions, hyenas and giraffes, bushveld treks and ivory trading. The book was revised and edited by his daughter Edith Struben. Free eBook

W S Rainsford

The Story Of A Varied Life

The Story Of A Varied Life by W S Rainsford (1922) is the autobiography of the preacher and big game hunter, best known for his book 'The Land Of The Lion'. There is much on his life in the Church and includes a chapter on Theodore Roosevelt and recollections of travels and hunting in the Rocky Mountains for grizzlies with David Kennedy, a Canadian hunter and outdoorsman. Free ebook
'The Land Of The Lion' by W S Rainsford

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