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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.


Carl Wiese

Carl Wiese (d.1912) was a German adventurer, trader and ivory hunter in Portuguese east Africa from about 1883. He established extensive mining rights and other commercial concessions for himself with the local native chiefs, including the Ngoni King Mpezeni, much of whose territory fell within what was the British Central Africa Protectorate. Weise was courted by both the British and Portuguese to sway Mpezeni to their sides - he eventually convinced Mpezeni to place his allegiance with the Portuguese, incurring the wrath of Harry Johnson, the Governor of British Central Africa Protectorate.

He became a notable local figure due to his political and commercial acumen. He also married an Afro-Portuguese woman of high local status. He returned to Germany in 1909.

Expedition in East-Central Africa, 1888-1891: A Report

Expedition in East-Central Africa, 1888-1891: A Report by Carl Wiese (1983) is the first complete English translation of "Expediçao Portugueza a M'Pesene", published 1889-1892, by Carl Wiese. Wiese was a German hunter and trader who led an unofficial Portuguese mission to the court of the Ngoni king, Mpezeni. His journal is the only contemporary description of the culture and politics of early Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Translated from Portuguese by Ramos Donald. Edited with an introduction and comments by Harry W Langworthy.

Brooke Chilvers Lubin

Africa's Legendary Professional Hunters: Volume I

Africa's Legendary Professional Hunters: Volume I by Brooke Chilvers Lubin (2014) is a compilation of hunting stories from 26 of the foremost modern professional hunters.

H A Mayor

Harold A Mayor, Sr (1904 - 1977) was president of Southwest Grease And Oil Company, in Wichita, Kansas.

Harold A Mayor
Harold A Mayor

The other hunters on this safari were Jacob A Mull, Jr (1914 -1982) who founded the Mull Drilling Company, his son Lewis Mull (b.1942) and Charles Wesley 'Todd' Aikins (1925 - 1991), all oilmen from Kansas.

J A Mull with lion
J A Mull with lion

Our Safari

Our Safari by H A Mayor (1967) is the very scarce private publication of the daily record of the hunting of four midwest men on safari in East Africa with Stan Lawrence-Brown in the Maswa and Loliondo areas of Tanzania. Their PHs were Mohamed 'Bali' Iqbal and Ray Palfrey with Mike Hissey who helped with the arrangements. The third assistant on this trip was a very young Robin Hurt.

Thorburn Muirhead

Book sellers are confusing Thorburn Muirhead with J T Muirhead (possibly, James Thorburn) who wrote 'Ivory Poaching And Cannibals In Africa'. Research shows Thorburn Muirhead was born in 1899, the same year J T Muirhead, who came from New Zealand, was fighting in the South African Wars (1899 - 1902).

Strange To Relate

Strange To Relate by Thorburn Muirhead (1937) is an account of travels and big game hunting for elephant, buffalo in Africa and hunting bear, leopard and elephant in Asia. Also with some hunting in North America.

William Hale Harkness

William Hale Harkness (1900 – 1954) was an American financier, philanthropist, lawyer and heir to the Standard Oil Company.

Hold That Lion

Hold That Lion by William Hale Harkness (1953) is a scarce, privately published collection of letters written to the author's daughter about his safari to Egypt, Kenya & Tanganyika in 1952. Includes photos of wildlife, the Sphinx, Masai warriors and others. No hunting.

Robert Henriques

Robert David Quixano Henriques (1905 - 1967) was a British writer, broadcaster and farmer. He joined the Royal Artillery in 1926 and served in Egypt and the Sudan, retiring in 1933.

Death By Moonlight: An Account Of A Darfur Journey

Death By Moonlight: An Account Of A Darfur Journey by Robert Henriques (1938) is the account of big game hunting and exploration journey in the Dafur desert of Sudan.

William Walter Augustine Fitzgerald

William Walter Augustine Fitzgerald
William Walter Augustine Fitzgerald

Travels In the Coastlands Of British East Africa

Travels In the Coastlands Of British East Africa by William Fitzgerald (1898). The author spent two years exploring and mapping the coastlines of British East Africa, Zanzibar and Pemba to report on their agricultural capabilities for the Imperial British East Africa Company. As well as the detailed study of his findings, the book also contains accounts of his hunting exploits. Free eBook

Nicholas Mosley

Nicholas Mosley (1923 - 2017) was a British author and a son of the British fascist leader of the 1930s, Sir Oswald Mosley.

African Switchback

African Switchback by Nicholas Mosley (1958) is an account of the author's journey by car from Dakar to Lagos across West Africa, with his friend Hugo Charteris (1922 - 1970) (a Scottish novelist and screenwriter).

Bryan Orford

Kamchacha: Rhodesian Game Ranger

Kamchacha: Rhodesian Game Ranger by Bryan Orford (2008) is an anecdotal biography of Thomas Patrick Orford, a Rhodesian game ranger, hunter and conservationist, who was involved with Operation Noah. Anecdotes about Tom Orford also appear in Kevin Thomas's books.

William J Makin

Willim James Makin (1893-1944) was a British journalist and author of popular adventure fiction. However, he also wrote about the real adventures that occurred in his life. He served in the British Army during the First World War, until he was gassed in the Somme in 1916. His journalistic career took him to India, Burma, Malaya, China and South Africa where he covered uprisings and rebellions for his newspapers. After the safari with the then Prince of Wales, Makin toured the Red Sea region before returning to Britain and becoming a fiction writer.

William J Makin
William J Makin

African Parade by William J Makin (1934) is Makin's account of Edward, Prince of Wales's big-game safari in Central Africa, which he accompanied in 1924. Subsequently he toured Africa from Cairo to the Cape and journeyed into Abyssinia with the Duke of Gloucester (brother of Edward). It is full of extraordinary anecdotes and observations of the Prince and his brother on safari. He said... "There is nothing so interesting to the civilised man as a beast in the jungle. It was this truism which decided me to write this book".

South Of Suez

South Of Suez by Willim J Makin (c.1931) is a fascinating acount of Makin's travels in Africa.

Across The Kalahari Desert

Across The Kalahari Desert by William J Makin (1929) is the account of an expedition across the Kalahari using Morris motor lorries led by Captain Clifford. Makin was there as a South African press representative. Captain Bede Edmund Hugh Clifford was the Imperial Secretary/assistant to the High Commissioner but was not well liked by his boss, Sir Charles Rey, describing him as "bumptious, conceited and a cad" in his book 'Monarch Of All I Survey'. Captain Clifford and his party set out from Mahalapye, Bechuanaland, travelled by night and rested by day, and after a hazardous and adventurous Journey, reached Victoria Falls in 21 days.

Red Sea Nights

Red Sea Nights by William J Makin (1932) is an account of the author's travels in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen.

Swinging The Equator by William J Makin (1936) is the account of Makin's travel from Cairo to Capetown interspersed with tales of war, politics, big-game hunting, treasure hunting and gold mining that reads like an adventure story.

C Lestock Reid

Claude Lestock Reid (1888 - 1954) was born in India to British parents. He served as a Major in the Indian Cavalry before becoming a writer, film-maker and lecturer while travelling in in Africa and the Far East. He wrote mostly fictional thrillers and romances which were said to have been similar to Rider Haggard. His non-fiction books include 'An Amateur In Africa' and other historical works. He was a keen big game hunter, swimmer and tennis player.

Claude Lestock Reid
Claude Lestock Reid

An Amateur In Africa

An Amateur In Africa by C Lestock Reid (1925) by C Lestock Reid (1925). The author's adventures in British East Africa hunting rhinos, buffalo, elephants and more.

Dan McNickle

Teaching And Hunting In East Africa

Teaching And Hunting In East Africa by Dan McNickle (2004) The author was selected as one of the teachers on the Teachers of East Africa Program, run by Columbia University in the 1960s. This book is the story of his four years spent in Tanzania, teaching, hunting and touring. In the process he had many experiences with the people, some close calls with the elephants, climbed an active volcano and presided over a polling station in the first presidential election in Tanzania.

Will Sellick

The Imperial African Cookery Book: Recipes From English-Speaking Africa

The Imperial African Cookery Book: Recipes From English-Speaking Africa by Will Sellick (2010) provides the first comprehensive overview of the extraordinary cookery traditions of British Africa which includes spices, Indian and Malaysian gastronomy, Khoesan preservation techniques, Victorian gentlemen’s club dinners and Boer survival rations.

John & Julie Batchelor

In Stanley's Footsteps

In Stanley's Footsteps by John & Julie Batchelor (1990). The authors travelled 3000 miles in the footsteps of explorer Henry Morton Stanley whose expedition began in 1887 and lasted for three years. They travelled by train, river boat, truck and dug-out from Matadi in Zaire across Central Africa to Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean. Their trip included 900 miles along the Zaire River and through the Ruwenzori Mountains.

Fawn M Brodie

The Devil Drives: A Life Of Sir Richard Burton

The Devil Drives: A Life Of Sir Richard Burton by Fawn M Brodie (1967) is a biography of the noted explorer, Sir Richard Burton, who was also talented as an ethnologist, archaeologist, poet, translater and one of the great linguists of his time. The author has drawn on original sources and on a collection of letters and papers that eluded Lady Burton's editing by fire.

Philip Kingsland Crowe

The Empty Ark: Travels In Search Of Vanishing Wildlife

The Empty Ark: Travels In Search Of Vanishing Wildlife by Philip Kingsland Crowe (1967)is an account of the author's missions to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and the Pacific to encourage wildlife conservation in lands where wild and rare animals still exist.
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