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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

JUNE 2021

Ernst, Count Hoyos-Sprinzenstein

Ernst Karl Heinrich, Count Hoyos-Sprinzenstein (1856 - 1940) was an Austrian landowner, traveller and hunter. He made several big game hunting and photography expeditions to North America, Greenland, Africa, India and Mongolia, in the years 1881 to 1914. To distinguish him from his father, he was also called 'Ernst Karl the Younger'. A collection of his hunting memorabilia can be found in the Rosenburg Museum.

A Rifle In Mongolia: In The Altai And the Tian Shan

A Rifle In Mongolia: In The Altai And the Tian Shan by Ernst Count Hoyos-Sprinzenstein (1930) was later translated and republished in 1986 by Safari Press.It is an account of the author's 1911 hunting expedition into Central Asia, where he hunted for Altai argali and ibex in Mongolia and China. He obtained close to three dozen sheep and ibex.

Dorothy Rogers

Dorothy Rogers (1924 - 1985) was an American author and professor of psychology at Oswego .

Louise Ostberg (d.2000) was an associate professor emeritus of health and physical education at Oswego

Dorothy Roger's Willys Jeep

Jeopardy And A Jeep: Africa Conquered By Two Women Professors

Jeopardy And A Jeep: Africa Conquered By Two Women Professors by Dorothy Rogers (1957) is an account of the author's complete circuit of Africa in 1954 driving a Willys Forward Control (FC-170) Jeep. Dorothy Rogers and her companion Louise Ostberg were both college professors and their trip took 6 months and covered 25000 miles.

Highways Across The Horizon

Highways Across The Horizon by Dorothy Rogers (1966). After travelling around Africa and writing about that adventure in 'Jeopardy And A Jeep', the author and her companion Louise Ostberg, decided to travel all the way around the world. In 1966 they purchased a new Jeep FC-170, installed a camper on the back, and began their 12 month journey in the UK.

David Thornycroft

Nigel And Corona: A Story Of Adventure, Sport, Wilderness And War From England To Africa

Nigel And Corona: A Story Of Adventure, Sport, Wilderness And War From England To Africa by David Thornycroft (2009) is a vivid portrait of Nigel and Corona Thornycroft, born into privileged English backgrounds, who, following the Second World War, emigrated to pioneer a tobacco, cattle and game farm in Southern Rhodesia. The book is filled with stories, anecdotes and tales of spearfishing in the Zambezi valley, humorous and deadly adventures with Googly the hippo and a vengeful buffalo, discovering important archaeological remains and San rock paintings.

Nigel Thornycroft

Fowler's Moon

Fowler's Moon by Nigel Thornycroft (1955) is a delightful book on wildfowling written and smuggled out by the author while he was in a POW camp, using an illegal pencil and scraps of toilet paper. 'Fowlers Moon' was originally published in 1955 and re-published in 2010 - was the book which established Nigel Thornycroft as an icon of English coastal wildfowlers.

David Thornycroft & Nigel Thornycroft

Fowler's Moon & Nigel And Corona

Fowler's Moon & Nigel And Corona by David Thornycroft & Nigel Thornycroft (2010) is a limited edition of the two volumes by the Thornycrofts together in one slip-case. 'Fowler's Moon'- a delightful and nostalgic book on wildfowling written. 'Nigel & Corona - A Story Of Adventure, Sport, Wilderness & War From England To Africa' - A family biography, recording the lives of Nigel and Corona Thornycroft which was initially put together by Corona, from Nigel's letters and war diaries, her own unpublished memoirs, her sister Rose's diary and memories and contributions of family and friends. Family members, Verity Thornycroft (in South Africa) and David Thornycroft (in Wales) edited and privately published this in a very limited edition, for members of the family. It includes 70 wildlife sketches from Corona's game book and 60 black and white photographs. The books make a handsome limited edition set, the two leather-backed volumes presented together in a cloth slip-case.

David Anderson

Histories Of The Hanged

Histories Of The Hanged: The Dirty War In Kenya And The End Of Empire by David Anderson (2005) is a history of the war between the colonial government and the insurrectionist Mau Mau between 1952 and 1960 which casts the Kikuyu rebels in a more sympathetic light and the British as the conflict's aggressors.

Manuel Nunes Correa

Manuel Nunes Correa
Manuel Nunes Correa

Across Africa East To West: From Benguella To Beira

Across Africa East To West: From Benguella To Beira by Manuel Nunes Correa (1913) is a photograph album with 70 original gelatin prints mounted to 28 pages of stiff card which is said to have been compiled by Portuguese Comendador Manuel Nunes Correa as a souvenir for a Mr & Mrs Garrett. The photographs record an African hunt from in 1912 and 1913, showing the various camps, companions, scenery, and their quarry, including lion, haartebeest, hippopotamus and eland. However, further research reveals the dates of birth and death (1909 - 1995) of Comendador Manuel Nunes Correa, the Portuguese businessman, who this album was said to have belonged, make this an impossibility as there is a clearly dated photograph in the album. Comendador Manuel Nunes Correa owned a large chain of mini-mart grocery stores and introduced Coca Cola into Portugal and had no connection to Africa or crossing the continent.

Leslie Brown

Leslie Hilton Brown (1917 - 1980) was a British agriculturalist and naturalist. He moved to Nigeria in 1940 to work for the Colonial Agricultural Service and then to Kenya in 1946 where he lived for the rest of his life. By 1962 he had become the Director of Agriculture. While working as an agriculturalist he did a lot of field ornithological research, especially on eagles, pelicans and flamingos, which resulted several books. He continued his work after he retired and collaborated with the University of Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Department in wildlife studies and was president of the East African Natural History Society from 1961 to 1963.

Ethiopian Episode

Ethiopian Episode by Leslie Brown (1965) is an entertaining account of the author's travels in Ethiopia and his study of 2 rare animals - the mountain nyala and the walia ibex, as well as details of his encounters with other wildlife such as the gelada baboon, colobus monkey and Simien fox, or Ethiopian wolf.

Africa: A Natural History

Africa: A Natural History by Leslie Brown (1965) covers all of the natural regions of the continent of Africa from the Sahara Desert, the Congo rainforests and the Serengeti plains to the Kalahari, Namibia and Karroo deserts and volcanic highlands of Ethiopia and the Nile swamplands and southern bushveld.

African Birds Of Prey

African Birds Of Prey by Leslie Brown (1970) is a study of Africa's 89 diurnal raptors and 31 owls.

The Mystery Of Flamingos

The Mystery Of Flamingos by Leslie Brown (1959) is the story of an outstanding piece of natural history research work. For 6 years, the author, a government official in Kenya and ornithologist, studied the greater and lesser flamingos of East Africa and tried to unravel the many mysteries which surrounded these extraordinary birds.

Wayne Hosek

The Man-Eater Of Mfuwe

The Man-Eater Of Mfuwe by Wayne Hosek (2011) is the story of the author's journey from Los Angeles to the wilds of Africa, in the Luangwa river valley of eastern Zambia, on an unplanned life changing quest. The author was there on a safari hunt when he heard about the predations of a man-eating lion on people of Mfuwe. He decided that he would try for this lion, as his permitted lion trophy. Weeks of sitting in a blind with the lion consistently leaving tracks right next to the blind, sheer exhaustion allowed superstition to seep into Hosek’s mind. You'll have to read the book to find out what happened next...

Sir H H Johnston

The Opening Up Of Africa

The Opening Up Of Africa by Sir H H Johnston (1911) looks at the developments and effects of the arrival of different peoples on Africa from prehistoric times through to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, French, British, German, Begian and missionaries. Free eBook
More books by Sir Henry H Johnston

Lorenzo Ricciardi

The Voyage Of The Mir-El-Lah

The Voyage Of The Mir-El-Lah by Lorenzo Ricciardi (1980) is the tale of the author's voyage in a dhow from Shatt Al Arab on the Arabian Sea to the coast of East Africa. He travelled with his photographer and author wife, Mirella Ricciardi. The dhow, the Mir-El-Lah, travelled the classic monsoon route which Arab sailors have travelled for thousands of years. They encountered political turmoil, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and cyclones as well as the unwelcome intrusion of the Iranian secret police, Yemeni guerillas and Somali commissars.
Books by Mirella Ricciardi

David Webster

The Shimmering Heat: Memories Of A Bush Doctor In East Africa

The Shimmering Heat: Memories Of A Bush Doctor In East Africa by David Webster (2007) is the author's life in Kenya. He spent his childhood at Marsabit and worked as a doctor in the remote mission hoospital at Amudat in Uganda, then later at the government district hospital at Marsabit.

Mishkid: A Kenyan Childhood

Mishkid: A Kenyan Childhood by David Webster (2011) describes what it was like to grow up as a missionary child - 
a mishkid, as they were known. Much of his childhood was spent in the remote Northern Frontier District, on a mountain, Marsabit, surrounded by desert. With primal forest at the back door, elephants in the garden by night and baboons by day, it was an unusual upbringing shared with his African friends.

The Pulse Of The Countryside

The Pulse Of The Countryside by David Webster (2016) after growing up in Kenya and working as a doctor, he returned to England and spent thirty years as a rural GP.

Susan Wood

A Fly In Amber

A Fly In Amber by Susan Wood (1964) is an account of how the author and her husband, Michael Wood developed the Flying Doctor Service in Kenya. They then developed the idea of a flying specialist service for reconstructive surgery in East and Central Africa and hospitals on wheels.

Michael Wood

After training as a surgeon in England, Michael Wood (1918 - 1987) moved to Kenya with his wife, Susan Wood and family in 1946. He spent the rest of his life living and working as a physician in Kenya and Tanzania until his death in the 1980s. He learned to fly in Kenya and was a founder of the Amref Flying Doctor Service, an organization that still provides medical care to people living in isolated areas of east Africa. Michael Wood received many awards for his humanitarian work which included a knighthood.

No Turning Back

No Turning Back by Michael Wood (2001) is the author's extraordinary life story as a medic in Kenya. He soon found he was regularly being called to emergencies in remote areas and often had to charter flights to get to these places. When the number of these emergencies escalated and became a challenge, Michael Wood learnt to fly and with some colleagues, he developed the idea of AMREF ( African Medical and Research Foundation) and its Flying Doctors Service. After much fund-raising, AMREF was founded in 1957 and continues its work to this day.

Go The Extra Mile: The Adventures And Reflections Of A Flying Doctor

Go The Extra Mile: The Adventures And Reflections Of A Flying Doctor by Michael Wood (1978) is a fascinating account of the author's experiences as a general surgeon and pilot, and the creation of the Flying Doctor Service in East Africa.

Ray Harm

Ray Harm (1926 – 2015) was an American artist, best known for his paintings of wildlife.

Ray Harm's African Sketchbook

Ray Harm's African Sketchbook by Ray Harm (1973) was created during the artist's safari in East Africa 1972-1973.

Mark C Ross & David Reesor

The Micato Safaris Guide To Predators

The Micato Safaris Guide To Predators by Mark C Ross & David Reesor (date unknown) is a collection of photographs of the five great predators of the African bush - lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and crocodiles. The authors shares their knowledge into the morphology, behaviours and daily activities of the large carnivores of Africa. There is a removable, fold-out guide containing the various traits and statistics of predators as well as tips on how to best observe and photograph the animals.

Predator: Life And Death In The African Bush

Predator: Life And Death In The African Bush by Mark C Ross & David Reesor (2007) could be a re-publication of 'The Micato Safaris Guide To Predators' or vice versa, it is unclear. Both books contain phenomenal photographs of the predators of Africa.

James A Bradbury

Daring Deeds In The Tropics

Daring Deeds In The Tropics by James A Bradbury (1894) is subtitled...'A thrilling narrative of remarkable adventures, terrible experiences, amazing achievements and important discoveries of great travelers in southern climes'. The books includes much detail on the adventures of Stanley and Livingstone. Free eBook

Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Edmund Crocker

Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Edmund Crocker (1877 - 1962) served as an officer in the Second Boer War where he was wounded. During the First World War, Crocker commanded the 13th Signal Company at Gallipoli, where he was also wounded. He was then appointed second-in-command of the 8th Battalion, Chinese Regiment, in Mesopotamia, later becoming battalion commander. When he retired from the army in 1929 after some years in India, he decided to travel, hunt, write and explore Africa with his wife.

Sport Hunting And Travel Archive

Sport Hunting And Travel is a substantial archive of typescript works by the author who was a renowned hunter and soldier.The papers feature his game hunting and travel in Rhodesia, Tanganyika, the Congo and Nigeria, as well as Australia and India. His recollections of his hunting expeditions in Africa include hunting for lions in Tanganyika, a black rhinoceros in East Africa, hippopotamus and elephant hunting in the Belgian Congo and duck on the Zambesi. He further mentions hunting wild boar and jackals in Cawnpore and the Kadir plains of India, but deems Queensland, Australia to be the 'hoghunter's paradise'.

Bruce Lytle & Lars G Svensson

A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa's Thorny Bushveld Wildlife

A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa's Thorny Bushveld Wildlife by Bruce Lytle & Lars Svensson (2014) Volume I: History Guide, Life's Imperatives, Enigmas And Travel. This volume is about a safari adventure to southern Africa and includes much on history of Zulus, ANC and Nelson Mandela, etc. The authors have tried to illustrate how the San Bushman hunter-gatherer attitudes influence mankind today and how the all the current global issues of land degradation, water resources, climate, disease, biodiversity and conservation affect us. They integrate their stories to include dealing with lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, sharks, mambas and other snakes, tropical diseases, hyenas, and homo sapiens.

A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa's Thorny Bushveld Wildlife 2

A Short Safari Adventure Among Africa's Thorny Bushveld Wildlife by Bruce Lytle & Lars Svensson (2014) Volume 2: Hunting, Ecosystem Challenges And Wildlife Restorancy. This is the second book in the series of true African travel and adventure safari that deals with sensitive environmental, past political and wildlife management issues that face Africa today. The late Don Heath, former Chief Ecologist for the Zimbabwe Parks Department said..."This book is not just another hunting story. It is the story of discovery, of brutally harsh realities – in short, an epic tale of Africa."

June Vendall Clark

Starlings Laughing: A Memoir Of Africa

Starlings Laughing: A Memoir Of Africa by June Vendall Clark (1990) looks back on a life of adventure and personal difficulty in Africa. The author was raised in a Rhodesian mining town and she started a farm near Bulawayo, then lived for many years in a tent on an island in the Okavango delta in Bechuanaland (now Botswana). She and her first husband hunted crocodiles, ran safaris, kept pet lions and jackals, and convinced the locals to create the Moremi Wildlife Reserve. She survived encounters with leopards, wounded lions, pythons and veldt fires and paints a vivid picture of the land and the people of southern Africa during the final days of British colonialism.

Ivan Sanderson

Ivan Terence Sanderson (1911 – 1973) was a British born American biologist and prolific writer with a special interest in crytozoology. Sanderson conducted a number of expeditions as a young man into tropical areas in the 1920s and 1930s, gaining fame for his animal collecting as well as his popular writings on nature and travel.

Ivan Sanderson's Book Of Great Jungles

Ivan Sanderson's Book Of Great Jungles by Ivan Sanderson (1965) details the author's travels throughout the jungles of the world in search of exotic plants, geographic features, obscure peoples and unknown animals. He visited the jungles of Ceylon, the Congo, New Guinea and the Amazon from 1928 to the 1960s. He tells intriguing stories about botanical giants, deadly plants that emit poison to the touch, great flying continents that float two hundred feet in the air and support a multitude of living creatures, witch-men, fetishes, jungle legends and the fascinating customs of many tribes.

The Dynasty Of Abu

The Dynasty Of Abu: A History And Natural History Of The Elephants And Their Relatives Past And Present by Ivan Sanderson (1962) offers a world history through the lens of the 'Abu', which is the author's collective term for the distinct African and Asian elephants, and their relationship with mankind.

Richard Mann

Richard Allen Mann II is an American hunter and firearms journalist who has contributed to almost every hunting and shooting periodical published in the US. He was the editor of the 13th Edition of Cartridges Of The World and has authored a variety of books on firearms and hunting.

Under Orion: Hunting Stories From Appalachia To Africa

Under Orion: Hunting Stories From Appalachia To Africa by Richard Mann (2015) is a collection of one hunter's memories made while hunting in the hills of Appalachia where he was born, and later in Africa. It confirms the most treasured thing we bring home from the field are the moments forever lodged in our memories.

Under Orion: Hunting Stories From Appalachia To Africa 2

Under Orion: More Hunting Stories From Appalachia To Africa by Richard Mann (2021) is the 2nd volume of hunting tales from Appalacia and Africa.

The Scout Rifle Study

The Scout Rifle Study: The History Of The Scout Rifle And Its Place In The 21st Century examines the factors that influenced Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept, examines the practicality of the Scout Rifle and explores the feasibility of the Scout Rifle in the modern world. This book is the ultimate guide to what many believe is a rifle that can do everything well or possibly, the only rifle you will ever need.

Hugh Craig

Great African Travellers

Great African Travellers by Hugh Craig (1890) is a late 19th-century work outlining the voyages and expeditions of the most famous and iconic African explorers. Written and collected by Hugh Craig, this book includes descriptions of the lives and journeys of David Livingstone, Mungo Park, René Caillié, Henry Stanley, among others. this book also features illustrations of local tribes, canoes and ships, wild animals and hunts and natural landscapes.

Chris McBride

The White Lions Of Timbavati

The White Lions Of Timbavati by Chris McBride (1977) is a detailed long-term study of these variant white lions (not albinos) of Timbavati Nature Reserve in the Lowveld of the northeastern Transvaal.

Operation White Lion

Operation White Lion by Chris McBride (1981) is the follow-up book to the White Lions Of Timbavati and is the account of how the author arrived in South Africa to find that the white lion cubs and their mother had disappeared and so had the two male pride lions. Fearing for their safety the McBrides gave up all their other work in order to devote themselves to finding the missing lions.

Living With Lions

Living With Lions: McBrides' Diaries - Part I by Chris & Charlotte McBride (2018) describes what it is like to live in their remote African bush camp in the Kafue National Park of Zambia.


Liontide by Christopher McBride (1990) is based on the author's work in the Savuti Channel area of Botswana, providing an insight into lion behaviour.

Roger P DiSilvestro

The African Elephant: Twilight In Eden

The African Elephant: Twilight In Eden by Roger L DiSilvestro (1991) is a photographic essay on the African elephant. It depicts the life of elephants from their significance in Roman, Greek and Victorian times to the recent conservation issues of elephant poaching for their ivory.

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