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Bookshelf Latest Additions

The books listed here are the latest additions to the Shakari Connection Bookshelf. In no particular order, there are books on African hunting, African exploration, hunting firearms and more. All the books newly added to the website will be listed on this page before going into their various categories and into the author index.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.


Ulf Aschan

A Lifetime Safari

A Lifetime Safari by Ulf Aschan (2012) is an autobiography of the author's life in Kenya where he was an apprentice PH with his father Kris Aschan, who was an apprentice to Bror Blixen, who was Ulf Aschan's godfather.
Bror Blixen biography by Ulf Aschan

Edward John House

On Safari: East African Big Game Hunting On The Veldt, Mount Kenia, And Guaso Maru

On Safari: East African Big Game Hunting On The Veldt, Mount Kenia, And Guaso Maru by Edward J House (1909) (Kindle only) The author says "From the standpoint of the hunter, I have endeavored to furnish a plain and unvarnished description of some of the more successful hunts in which I have participated. After experience in hunting with a rifle, and with a camera to a lesser degree. I am frank to confess that I have found an element of excitement in the former totally lacking in the latter."
Another hunting book by Edward J House

E S Stevens

Lady Ethel Stefana Stevens Drower (1879 - 1972) was a British anthropologist, traveller and author.

My Sudan Year

My Sudan Year by E S Stevens (1912) recounts her journey from London to Khartoum and beyond into what is now South Sudan. Free eBook

Winwood Reade

William Winwood Reade (1838 - 1875) was a British historian, explorer and philosopher. Though Reade travelled over some unexplored territory, his findings excited little interest among geographers, due mostly to his failure to take accurate measurements of his journey as his sextant and other instruments had been left behind at Port Loko.

The African Sketchbook

The African Sketchbook by Winwood Reade (1873) 2 Volumes. Includes accounts of the first two of Reade's three trips to Africa in 1862, 1869 and 1873. He was prompted to visit Africa following the publication in 1861 of du Chaillu's theories on the gorilla as being aggressive, powerful animals. He spent five months in Gabon and was able to produce evidence to the contrary. His second trip took him to Sierra Leone where he explored sources of the Niger, reached Faluba before finally becoming the first European to visit the gold mines of Bouri.

Savage Africa

Savage Africa: Being The Narrative Of A Tour In Equatorial, Southwestern And Northwestern Africa by Winwood Reade (1863)is the account of the author's first African journey. He arrived in Cape Town by paddle steamer in 1862 and spent several months of observing gorillas and travelling through Angola.

Rod Cameron

A Dummy Goes To Africa

A Dummy Goes To Africa by Rod Cameron (1962) is an account of a missionary who travelled to Rhodesia and Nyasaland with his family and his ventriloquist dummy.

Mary Hall

Mary Hall (1857 - 1919) was a British traveller. Whilst she does not seem to have made any scientific observations or discovered any geographical features, her exploits sufficiently impressed the Royal Geographical Society, which was exclusively male until 1913, to allow her membership.

Mary Hall
Mary Hall

A Woman's Trek From Cape To Cairo

A Woman's Trek From Cape To Cairo by Mary Hall (1907). Mary Hall was the first woman to cross Africa from south to north, which she did by foot, rail, steamer and rickshaw in the company of her terrier and the native guides she hired along the way. It was described as "an astonishing journey, which Miss Hall took entirely in her diminutive stride.Her bands of porters became little communities of which she, with her small, rounded figure and thoroughly British bearing, became a local Queen Victoria. Where possible, she would stay at mission stations en route, but never regretted having to camp in a native village if need be; the chief might meet her with suspicious bewilderment, but they would always part with gales of laughter and the best of friends". Free eBook

Jack F Lipscomb

Those Days Before Yesterday

Those Days Before Yesterday by Jack F Lipscomb (1978) is an account of a settler's hunting and farming life in Kenya in the 1920s.

Lawrence G Green

Lawrence (Laurie) George Green (1900 - 1972) was a South African journalist and prolific non-fiction and fiction author.

Lawrence G Green
Lawrence G Green with the leader of the last of the Cape Bushmen

Strange Africa

Strange Africa By Lawrence G Green (1938). The author was an experienced hunter and includes tales of hunting elephant and lion by local sportsmen and pioneers. Free eBook
More books by Lawrence G Green

E A Loftus

Thomson: Through Masai Land

Thomson: Through Masai Land by E A Loftus (1959) describes the travels and explorations through Masailand by Joseph Thomson.
E A Loftus book about John Hanning Speke

Tony Pooley

Tony Charles 'Mashesha' Pooley (1938 - 2004) was a South African naturalist and one of the world's foremost authorities on the Nile crocodile. 'Mashesha' translates from Zulu as 'he who hurries and takes' - a reference to Pooley's work in pursuing poachers.

Mashesha: Making Of A Game Ranger

Mashesha: Making Of A Game Ranger By Tony Pooley (1992). Tales of the author's apprenticeship and work as a game warden in the game parks of Maputaland, Natal.

Mashesha: Making Of A Game Ranger

Discoveries Of A Crocodile Man by Tony Pooley (1983). The natural history of the Nile crocodile as told by a man who observed and worked with them for 20 years and enlivened by his personal experiences and anecdotes.

Charlotte Cameron

Charlotte (nee Wales-Almy) Cameron (c.1872 - 1946) was an intrepid British traveller and author. She was first married to Major Donald Cameron who died c.1901. She re-married briefly in 1901 to Auguste Ernst George Jacquemard de Landresse.

Charlotte Cameron
Charlotte Cameron

A Woman's Winter In Africa: A 26,000 Mile Journey

A Woman's Winter In Africa: A 26,000 Mile Journey by Charlotte Cameron (1913) the the story of the author's loop around the coast of Africa, starting and ending in Southampton, travelling down the African east coast first. Her ticket for as many ships as necessary cost £100, 5 shillings. Charlotte Cameron was a "dedicated sightseer, determined to get to the end of a beaten track, but never off it." She also wrote books about her solo travels in Alaska, Mexico and the South Seas. Free eBook

Caroline Kirkland

Caroline Kirkland (1865 - 1930) was a well-known society columnist and editor for the Chicago Tribune, writing under the name 'Madame X'. Much of her 'African Highways' book first appeared as articles in the Chicago Tibune in 1906.

Some African Highways

Some African Highways: A Journey Of Two American Women To Uganda And The Transvaal by Caroline Kirkland (1908). The journey took them to Lake Victoria and Uganda by railway, the by ship from Dar es Salaam to Lorenco Marques (now Maputo), Mozambique. Free eBook

Hermann Norden

Fresh Tracks In The Belgian Congo

Fresh Tracks In The Belgian Congo: From The Uganda Border To The North Of The Congo by Herman Norden (1924) is an account of several months' journey on foot through the Congo, with observations on Belgian administration, village life and native customs.
Hermann Norden's book about Abyssinia

Clyde N King

Clyde Nelson King (1876 - 1969) was the vice chairman of International Harvester Export Company. He sponsored and was part of the expedition to cross Africa and the truck was dubbed 'the truck that crossed the Sahara'. His son Weldon King (1911 - 2005) was the official photographer on many African expeditions led by Attilio Gatti including Gatti-Hallicrafters Expedition in 1947-1948 and 12th, 13th and 14th Gatti expeditions in the 1950s.

African Adventures of An American Truck

African Adventures of An American Truck by Clyde King (1929) is an account of a trip by International Harvester Special Delivery truck from Nairobi Kenya, east through the Congo to Nigeria and then across the Sahara to Algiers. Bror Blixen accompanied the expedition.

P H Combe

Hunting Beasts And Men

Hunting Beasts And Men by P H Combe (1937) is story of the life and adventures of Phillip Harvey Combe. The book describes how he arrived in Cape Town after the Great War to join the Rhodesian Mounted Police. Besides the excitement of a trooper's life and his law enforcement duties he managed to hunt buffalo, rhinoceros, hippopotamus and antelope in the border country between Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa.

W D M Bell

Incidents From An Elephant Hunter's Diary

Incidents From An Elephant Hunter's Diary by W D M Bell (2017) is a brand new compilation of Karamojo Bell's short stories, all previously unpublished. These newly unearthed short stories find Bell in familiar terrain and with his retinue of trackers and camp followers. He also travelled in unfamiliar territory such as the French Congo where he encounters a man-eating leopard, and West Africa hunting elephants in the rain forest with pygmies. There are descriptive stories of an elephant camp and its social life, crocodiles that menace a village, several hunts for elephants on islands in the Ubangi River and a trip from Kano to Khartoum in a motor car.
W D M Bell's other elephant hunting books

R R Sharp

Robert R Sharp was a British traveller who ended up big game hunting, prospecting and mining in the Congo after finishing at Oxford University. In 1915 he was credited with finding an important vein of pitchblende and other uranium minerals at Shincolobwe, Katanga which the Belgians started mining in 1921.

R R Sharp
R R Sharp

Early Days In Katanga

Early Days In Katanga by R R Sharp (1956) is a scarce title published by the author. Sharp arrived in East Africa in 1904 and proceeded to the Katanga region of the Belgian Congo to work at the tin and copper mines. He hunted elephant, lion, rhino and a variety of antelope species on the way.

Hermann Von Wissmann

Hermann Wilhelm Leopold Ludwig Wissmann (1853 - 1905) (later known as Hermann von Wissmann) was a German explorer and administrator in Africa. He was the first of the 19th century explorers of Africa to traverse the continent from west to east.

Hermann Von Wissmann
Hermann Von Wissmann

My Second Journey Through Equatorial Africa From The Congo To The Zambesi In The Years 1886 And 1887

My Second Journey Through Equatorial Africa From The Congo To The Zambesi In The Years 1886 And 1887 by Hermann Von Wissmann (1891). A noted German explorer, von Wissman travelled through the Belgian Congo, then on through both British and German East Africa. His narrative recounts the difficulties of his expeditions, being somewhat reminiscent of Henry Stanley's experiences. He tries his hand, unsuccessfully, in the Belgian Congo for elephant, but does bag buffalo and hippopotamus at Stanley Pool. There are additional episodes on hunting leopard and crocodile. Free eBook

Marcus Dorman

Marcus Roberts Phipps Dorman was a British big game hunter and traveller who was hired with others to conduct 'independent' investigations into European brutality in the Congo.

A Journal Of A Tour In The Congo Free State

A Journal Of A Tour In The Congo Free State by Marcus Dorman (1905). The author went to the Congo with the hope of shooting big game and had a negative opinion of the Congo government. After a lengthy trip, where he did shoot some game but did not see munch, he returned with a favourable opinion of the government. More travel than hunting but with many interesting observations about some really remote country. He went to the Upper Ugangui regions where game was abundant but hunting was most difficult. Does not appear that he shot much game. Free eBook

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