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Michael H Mason Books

Michael Henry Mason (1900 - 1982) was a British one time labourer, miner, prospector, lumberjack, trapper, big game hunter, naturalist and author. After his travels in Canada he went prospecting in Central Africa in 1924. After an interlude in Chile, he explored the Libyan desert in 1935.

Where The River Runs Dry

Where The River Runs Dry by Michael H Mason (1934) is a hunting and travelogue in the Sudan and Ethiopia. Mason returns to the Nile region after a nine-year absence and proceeded to hunt roan, reedbucks and buffalo near Bahr-el-Dinder, continuing into the Abyssinian interior after elephant and lion.

Deserts Idle

Deserts Idle by Michael H Mason (1924) describes an interesting and amusing account of conditions in Africa as he made a nine-month expedition and safari through the Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Tanganyika in the early 1920's.

Deserts Idle

The Arctic Forests by Michael H Mason (1924). Hunting and traveling in the region westward from the Mackenzie delta to Fort Yukon and the Bering Sea.

Trivial Adventures In The Spanish Highlands

Trivial Adventures In The Spanish Highlands by Michael H Mason (1932)

Where Tempests Blow Upon The Land Of Magellan

Where Tempests Blow Upon The Land Of Magellan by Michael H Mason (1933) is an account of his trip along the inhospitable coast of Chilean Patagonia.

The Wild Ass Free

The Wild Ass Free by Michael H Mason (1959) is the story of three hunting and photographic expeditions - in the Rockies, the Red Sea Hills and on the Sudan-Congo border. "This is a book of safari mainly in quest of three of the world's remaining rare animals - the blue goat of Idaho which scientists swore never existed, the wild ass of the Red Sea hills of the Sudan which they believed to be extinct and the red buffalo of the Azande country of Southern Sudan on the Congo border with its sunless gallery-forests, which they had never seen. Mr Mason succeeded in finding all three and the story of his tracking and stalking of these animals is also the story of many other of the rarer game animals which he came across. His account of his expeditions is a remarkable blend of the life of the sportsman, the naturalist, and the man entirely at home in out-of-the-way places."

Paradise  Of Fools

Paradise Of Fools by Michael H Mason (1936). "Being an Account by a Member of the Party, of the Expedition which covered 6,300 miles of the Libyan Desert by Motor-car in 1935" which was led by Mason and W B Kennedy Shaw.

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