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William Cornwallis Harris Books

Major Sir William Cornwallis Harris (1807 - 1848) was an English military engineer, artist and hunter. The sable antelope was originally known as the Harris Buck after Cornwallis Harris.

William Cornwallis Harris
William Cornwallis Harris

"...in former years I had looked over the sketches of the late Cornwallis Harris, sketches showing the life of the South African fauna as he saw it about the year 1837, I more than once had my doubts about the correctness of his representations of it. As the result of what I myself have seen, I have quite given up such doubts.

The original sketches left to us by Cornwallis Harris (which I must say do not always rise to a high level from the artistic point of view) are coloured sketches accompanied by descriptions, and show us such multitudes of wild animals that they seem to border on the fabulous. For we see in them elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras and antelopes, all gathered together in crowds, and thus one inclines involuntarily to the opinion that all these have been brought together in one picture merely to give illustrations of the various species. But my own observations have shown me that our artist is perfectly correct." Carl Georg Schillings 'In Wildest Africa' 1907

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The Wild Sports Of Southern Africa

The Wild Sports Of Southern Africa by William Cornwallis Harris (1839) was the very first book to talk about sport hunting in Africa. Free eBook

Narrative Of An Expedition Into Southern Africa During The Years 1836 And 1837

Narrative Of An Expedition Into Southern Africa During The Years 1836 And 1837 by William Cornwallis Harris (1838) is the first work to describe a hunting safari and presents a detailed picture of the African hunting fields prior to the great changes of the mid-Victorian period. Free eBook

Portraits Of The Game And Wild Animals Of Southern Africa

Portraits Of The Game And Wild Animals Of Southern Africa by William Cornwallis Harris (1840). Harris was an accomplished writer and an observant and reliable naturalist, as can be seen by the remarkable detail in the comprehensive captions to his portraits. He was the first to bring to the attention of the western naturalists the existence of the sable antelope called for sometime afterwards, Harris' buck. While some of his paintings, particularly those of the elephant and the hippopotamus, are undoubtedly not accurate depictions, it must be remembered that these were completed after his hunting trip.

Highlands Of Aethiopia

Highlands Of Aethiopia by William Cornwallis Harris (1844). While this is truly an epic of travel and exploration, there are two sporting incidents of note with a huge buffalo bagged near the Casam River and elephant taken in Galla country. Free eBook