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Arnold Wienholt Books

Arnold Wienholt (1877 - 1940) was born in Australia and had careers as an army officer, adventurer, big game hunter, politician and author. In 1913 while hunting in German South-West Africa, now Namibia, he was mauled by a wounded lion and he lost the use of his right hand. Between 1923 and 1929 he went lion hunting four times.

Arnold Wienholt
Arnold Wienholt

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In The Sand Forest

In The Sand Forest: Lion-Hunting With The Maquengo Bushmen by Arnold Wienholt (1939) is an account of hunting in south eastern Angola near the Luiana and Cuando rivers. Wienholt describes the lion hunting methods of the Maquengo bushmen. He shot lions, leopard, eland, sable and wildebeest.

The Story Of A Lion Hunt

The Story Of A Lion Hunt: With Some Of The Hunter's Military Adventures During The War by Arnold Wienholt (1922). Lion hunting and fighting rebels and Germans in British East Africa and southern Africa during the First World War. The author served throughout the campaign in the Intelligence Corps, winning the DSO and MC with bar and the respect of the enemy, Major-General von Lettow in particular. Free eBook

The Work Of A Scout by Arnold Wienholt (1923) was written to show the how scouting was valuable for survival and victory in a military conflict. He includes his own scouting stories as well as those of other wellknown soldiers and explorers in Africa, such as Selous.

The African's Last Stronghold: In Naboth's Vineyards

The African's Last Stronghold: In Naboth's Vineyards by Captain Arnold Wienholt (1938)is an eyewitness and unvarnished account of the Ethiopian army in their 14 day retreat from the Italians. The author had served in four campaigns in Africa and was one of the only two white men who took part in the retreat from the Northern Front into Addis.

Books About Arnold Wienholt:

Cyril G Grabs

Australian And A Hero

Australian And A Hero: The Story Of An Extraordinary Adventurer, Arnold Wienholt by Cyril G Grabs (1987) is the biography of Queensland pioneer Arnold Wienholt, who served in the Boer War and First World War, was a big game hunter and served in the defence of Khartoum in 1936 where he perished.

Rosamond Siemon

The Eccentric Mr Wienholt

The Eccentric Mr Wienholt by Rosamond Siemon (2005) is the story of Arnold Wienholt, MP, lion hunter, intelligence agent, Queensland pastoralist and eccentric.

Also, read more about the extraordinary life of Arnold Wienholt in an article 'THE MAN WHOM THE LION BIT: Arnold Wienholt, Hunter, Soldier, Scout and Politician' by Clem Lack, 1969.

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