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Lewis Cotlow Books

Lewis Cotlow (1898 - 1987) was an American explorer, author, filmmaker, insurance broker and amateur ethnographer who made photographic expeditions to Africa, South America, New Guinea and the Arctic from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Lewis Cotlow
Lewis Cotlow

Zanzabuku: Dangerous Safari

Zanzabuku: Dangerous Safari by Lewis Cotlow (1956) is the adventurous account of three dangerous safaris to Africa, filming wild animals and primitive tribes. Free eBook

In Search Of The Primitive

In Search Of The Primitive by Lewis Cotlow (1966) is an account of an independent explorer`s life with the last of the exotic peoples of Africa, the Arctic, New Guinea and the Upper Amazon. He visits headhunters and cannibals, 7 foot tall tribesmen and pygmies, was chased by a rhino and had many other adventures.

Amazon Head-Hunters

Amazon Head-Hunters by Lewis Cotlow (1953) is about the author's quite perilous expeditions in the wilds of South America to find the head-hunters.

The Twilight Of The Primitive

The Twilight Of The Primitive by Lewis Cotlow (1971) is about civilization's impact on the primitive way of life and the resulting extinction of the tribal societies.

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