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John G Millais Books

John Guille Millais (1865 - 1931), known as Johnny Millais, was an English travel writer, gardener, artist and naturalist who specialised in ornithology and bird portraiture. He travelled extensively around the world in the late Victorian period detailing wildlife often for the first time. He hunted as a client of William Judd.

John G Millais
John G Millais

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A Breath From The Veldt

A Breath From The Veldt by John G Millais (1895) is one of the most beautifully illustrated African wildlife books and full of knowledgeable content. Free eBook

Wanderings And Memories

Wanderings And Memories by John G Millais (1919). Topics covered in this autobiography include shooting, big-game hunting, salmon and trout fishing, deer-stalking, natural history and travel to Iceland, Africa, Norway and the Lofoten Islands. Free eBook

A Sportsman's Wanderings

A Sportsman's Wanderings by John G Millais (1920) describes the incidents of his life and of others the author had known. Travels in search of big game and natural history; letters of strange interest by all kinds of men living in many lands; sidelights on the great war, in fact a conglomeration of anything in life that might prove of interest to men and women who move about and do things a little out of the ordinary. This is the renamed American edition of 'Wanderings And Memories'. Free eBook

Far Away Up The Nile

Far Away Up The Nile by John G Millais (1924) is an interesting account of an expedition on the Nile including much on hunting and the Nuer and Dinka peoples.

The Gun At Home And Abroad

The Gun At Home And Abroad by John G Millais et al (1913) is a 4 volume set which includes a volume on 'British Game Birds And Wildfowl', 'British Deer And Ground Game', 'The Big Game Of Africa And Europe', 'The Big Game Of North America and Asia'. It is lavishly produced and richly informative work documenting the sporting life of a bygone era. Contributors include John G Millais who wrote sections in the 'Europe & Africa' and 'British Deer And Ground Game' volumes along with Abel Chapman, F C Selous, W N McMillan, H A Bryden, Douglas Carruthers, Major R L Kennion, Harold Wallace and more.

Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous D S O

Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous DSO: Captain 25th Royal Fusiliers by John G Millais (1919) is the biography of one of the greatest hunters of all time, by a man who was himself a noted hunter/author/artist. Millais wrote this book as a tribute to his friend, Selous, who was killed in action against German forces in East Africa during the Great War. Millais includes numerous Contains much information not found in Selous' own books. There contributions from Selous' other friends, including Sir Alfred Pease and Theodore Roosevelt. Free eBook

Other Books by John G Millais

Book About John G Millais:

J N P Watson

Millais: Three Generations In Nature, Art And Sport

Millais: Three Generations In Nature, Art And Sport by J N P Watson (1989) is a detailed look at the lives and careers of Sir John Everett Millais, his son John Guille Millais and grandson Raoul Millias. Raoul Millais provides much first-hand information about is own life and that of his father. It might be that the life of John Guille Millais will be of more interest to hunters with his books about hunting and his close frienships with Selous, Neumann and other well-known hunters of the era.

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