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Frank C Hibben Books

In addition to being an archaeologist, Frank Cumming Hibben (1910 - 2002) was a big-game hunter, being awarded the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award in 1964.

Frank C Hibben
Frank C Hibben

Hunting In Africa

Hunting In Africa by Frank C Hibben (1964) writes of his safaris through jungles, deserts, plains and mountains, hunting the most dangerous animals in the world.

Under The African Sun: Forty-eight Years of Hunting the African Continent

Under The African Sun by Frank C Hibben (1999). The author was a 'legend' in the hunting field. He went on a grand total of 36 safaris in Africa.

Hunting American Lions

Hunting American Lions by Frank C Hibben (1948) in which the author hunts mountain lion, bobcat and jaguar. Kindle Version

Hunting American Bears

Hunting American Bears by Frank C Hibben (1950) is an account of his experiences hunting grizzlies, black bears and Alaskan brown bears from Alaska to Mexico.

A Jaguar's Last Stand by Frank C Hibben (1965) is a Wide World Magazine article.

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