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Alastair Scobie Books

Alastair Scobie (b.1918) was an author, big game hunter and movie cameraman.

Alastair Scobie
Alastair Scobie

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Animal Heaven

Animal Heaven by Alastair Scobie (1953). Scobie hunts big game with a camera. There are some chapters on white hunters, like Peter Young. The story in words and photos of the author's 1950s safari in the Kruger National Park.

Adventurer's Paradise

Adventurer's Paradise by Alastair Scobie (1955) is his account of his wanderings with a film camera and a gun over the long plains and steep passes of Northern Kenya. Ankle deep in volcanic dust, through gorilla and rhino tunnels and bamboo forests of the 'Mountains of the Moon' on the edge of the Congo. Wherever he goes Scobie seeks sensation for the entertainment of the millions who take their thrills vicariously through cinema or television. Free eBook

Murder For Magic: Witchcraft In Africa

Murder For Magic: Witchcraft In Africa by Alastair Scobie (1965) is a blend of popular anthropology and lively story-telling about ritual murder and witchcraft in Africa.

Women Of Africa

Women Of Africa by Alastair Scobie (1960) is a scarce work which focuses on the lives, marriage customs and social status of women primarily in southern Africa and Nigeria.

Men Against The Sun

Men Against The Sun by Alastair Scobie (1959) is an account of a long journey from the Cape to Uganda, then over to Mauritius, with time spent investigating the townships of Johannesburg, touring Rhodesia, investigating big game rackets, diamond smuggling, opium and booze running.

Kangaroo Shoots Man

Kangaroo Shoots Man by Alastair Scobie (1949) is a detective novel about a cartoon director in Hollywood.

So She Sent Flowers

So She Sent Flowers by Alastair Scobie (1946) is Scobie's first crime fiction, set in London's underworld with 'Potato Face Madigan' as the central nasty.

The Cape Town Affair

The Cape Town Affair by Alastair Scobie (1952) is a novel.

Murder A La Mozambique by Alastair Scobie (1950) is a novel.

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