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A H Fox Firearms Books

Ansley H Fox was an inventor, a professional live-pigeon shooter, entrepreneur, real-estate developer and manufacturer of everything from automobiles to machine guns and munitions. He is best remembered as a gunmaker who created a classic gun and named it "The Finest Gun in the World." A H Fox shotguns were originally manufactured in Philadelphia from 1905 until the early 1930s and in Utica, NY from 1930 until c.1946.

Prior to his departure to Africa, the A H Fox Gun Company presented Theodore Roosevelt with an FE grade, 12 gauge double barrel shotgun.

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R W Lightner

A H Fox Guns Chronology: Serial Number Assignments for A H Fox Guns by R W Lightner (1976)

Michael McIntosh

A. H. Fox: The Finest Gun In The World

A H Fox: The Finest Gun In The World by Michael McIntosh (1992) covers the history of the man, the company and the shotguns.

R A Moulton

A H Fox Guns: The Supreme Achievement In Shotgun Building by R A Moulton is a fine, facsimile catalogue reprint.

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