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African Bowhunting Books

"What is written on the scroll of Fate is not visible; but with a sturdy bow, a true shaft, and a stout heart, we journey forth in search of adventure". Saxton Pope

Whether you are a first-time or a veteran African bowhunter, you are sure to find a great African bowhunting book to enjoy here...

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African Hunter Magazine

Hunter's Guide to Bow Hunting the African Way

Hunter's Guide to Bow Hunting the African Way by African Hunter Magazine (2014) is compiled from more than 20 years of published material from the African Hunter Magazine, giving the reader or would-be bowhunter an in depth appreciation of bowhunting in Africa. Augmented with personal hunt reports, technical overviews and 20 anatomical shot placement diagrams, this work work is a must for those first time African bowhunters and those for whom Africa is already home. Kindle Version

James A Brush

The Silent Hunter: A Bow Hunting Legend

The Silent Hunter: A Bow Hunting Legend by James A Brush (2001). The author recounts hunting experiences for big game trophy animals in America and Africa. Many of these animals became part of the Brush Trophy Room Museum located in Galesville, Wisconsin.

Jay Campbell

Longbow: A Hunting Life

Longbow: A Hunting Life by Jay Campbell (2012) tells the wild adventures of Jay and Karen Campbell, who chase big game with the longbow in Australia, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Jay Campbell weaves their complicated life and deadly encounters with big rivers and big animals through these stories, while still showing us the joy is in the journey.

Adrian De Villiers

Bowhunting In Southern Africa

Bowhunting In Southern Africa by Adrian De Villiers (2003). Considering that the author was the first South African to successfully bowhunt the Big Six (elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and hippo) on foot, this book promises to be one spine-chilling adventure...from Africa's Bowhunter Magazine.

Howard Hill

Wild Adventure

Wild Adventure by Howard Hill (1954). An true-life adventure chronicle spanning three continents by the man widely recognized as 'The World's Greatest Archer' with a foreword by Erroll Flynn. His hunting was done with a long bow, the camera and the lasso. Many of his adventures have been with the most dangerous animals in the world and have necessitated perfect execution and well-planned escape. He has roped black bears, captured cougars and jaguars alive, shot sword-fish and played them with rod and reel to which the arrow was attached and wearing a diving apparatus of his own design, has shot a man-eating shark under water.

Howard Hill's Crocodile Bowhunt
Hunting The Hard Way

Hunting The Hard Way by Howard Hill (1953). Big game hunting adventures of Howard Hill, the formidable archer, in the wilds of America, and deep sea fishing for marlin. Chapters on making and shooting the bow and arrow, hunting big and small game in North America, including buffalo, deer, sheep, boar, mountain lion, bobcat, deer, jaguar and other game. Appendixes on Hill's method of shooting, history of archery, etc.

Jack F Horn


Bofari: The Adventures Of Two Milwaukee Archers While Hunting Elephants In The Belgian Congo With Bow And Arrow by Jack F Horn (1971). An archer's quest for the big five in the foothills of the Ruwenzori Mountains of the Belgian Congo.

Brad Isham


The Sound Of The String: An African Bush Country Novel by Brad Isham (2012). Set in the African bush, the hero, Gordon Bradford's journey takes him to the emotional and spiritual reckonings of both people and animals. With a handmade longbow and a duffle bag Gordon discovers Africa...and more.

Mike Lamade

Breathtaking Bowhunts: A Collection Of Bowhunting Adventures

Breathtaking Bowhunts: A Collection Of Bowhunting Adventures by Mike Lamade (2006) is a collection of bowhunting adventures experienced by the author over a period of almost four decades. He stalks a huge bull moose in the Yukon and fights through a blizzard for a record book mule deer on the Colorado plains. Whitetails in Kansas, Illinois and Wyoming and kudu, gemsbok and wildebeest in South Africa. In his 40 years of pursuing big game with his bow, the author has hunted most of the United States and Canada and traveled to Africa eight times. Most of the stories in this collection have appeared in 'Bowhunter' magazine.

William Negley

Archer In Africa

Archer In Africa by William Negley (1989). Negley was one of the great international bow and arrow big game hunters. Great reading for both archers and/or rifle hunters.

William Negley's Elephant Bowhunt led by Eric Rundgren

Saxton Pope

Saxton Temple Pope (1875 - 1926) was an American doctor, teacher, author and outdoorsman. He is most famous as the father of modern bow hunting. With Art Young, he accompanied the writer and archer Stewart Edward White to Africa in search of the African lion. During the five month long safari, their trophies included Thompson gazelle, reedbuck, waterbuck, wildebeest, kongoni, eland, jackals, hyenas and assorted small game. The high point of the safari was the killing of several African lions with their bows and arrows.

Saxton Pope
Saxton Pope with Art Young
The Adventurous Bowmen: Field Notes On African Archery

The Adventurous Bowmen: Field Notes On African Archery by Saxton Pope (1926)

Hunting With The Bow And Arrow

Hunting With The Bow And Arrow by Saxton Pope (1925). An archery classic, with chapters on making the bow, arrows and other equipment, hunting deer, moose, bear, mountain lion, grizzly, sheep, wolf and other game. With chapters on Ishi, the last of the Yana Indians. Free eBook

Rick Sapp

Trophy Bowhunting

Trophy Bowhunting: Plan The Hunt Of A Lifetime Then Bag One For The Record Books by Rick Sapp (2006) teaches how to plan the trip of your dreams and bag the trophy of a lifetime. Well-known bowhunters share adventure stories and advice. Jack Brittingham stalks giant coastal grizzlies in Alaska; turkey hunting with Danny Faulkner, Africa's Big Six - lion, leopard, elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus in northwest Namibia with Wendell Reich. Modern bowhunting gear is adequate to take the most exotic and dangerous quarries, but you need to be sufficiently prepared for the challenge.

The Complete Bowhunting Journal

The Complete Bowhunting Journal by Rick Sapp (2013). Using the tales of six different bowhunters, the author explores the different skills each man exhibits, displays why they are effective and explains how to emulate them. He also uses their stories to show the wide range of technology now available to bowhunters, something that continues to expand, and how various technologies help different aspects of bowhunting.

The African Diary Of Bob Eastman

The African Diary Of Bob Eastman by Rick Sapp (2012). Bob Eastman is a long-bow hunter who started hunting in Africa in 1967. He has hunted in just about all of the places that were open to hunting in the last 40-plus years - Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Kenya and many more. If you like African adventure without the he-man, macho bit, you will enjoy this book. One of his fellow hunters is nearly trampled by an angry elephant in Mozambique, but Bob hardly mentions his own close calls. Eventually Bob Eastman shoots an elephant in Angola measuring an astonishing 137x133 pounds - world record for a bow.

Mark Siedschlag

Searching For The Wild

Searching For The Wild: A Bowhunter In Africa by Mark Siedschlag (2003). The author describes hunting expeditions to Zimbabwe in 1999, 2001 and 2003 - hunting kudu, impala, bushpig, wildebeest and zebra, all the while avoiding elephants.

William Hovey Smith

Crossbow Hunting

Crossbow Hunting by William Hovey Smith (2006) Includes evaluations of different crossbows on the market and how to select the right arrow, points and sights. Shooting and hunting techniques for deer, bear, hogs and elk. Classic crossbow hunts for big game in Africa, musk ox in the Canadian arctic, and water buffalo in Australia. A complete guide to hunting with one of the most ingenious tools, this book will help the hunter select the right crossbow, takes him on the hunt and shows how to prepare and cook the game.

Peter O Stecher

Legends In Archery: Adventurers With Bow And Arrow

Legends In Archery: Adventurers With Bow And Arrow by Peter O Stecher (2010). This book presents the techniques, equipment and philosophies of significant archers from the late 19th century to today. Filled with stories, observations and lessons from the characters that defined the sport. This book covers big game bow hunts in Africa, bow fishing in South America and other adventures in archery.

Bob Swinehart

Bob Swinehart (1928 - 19820) became a bow-hunting legend when he took Africa's Big Five with his longbow. The quest took him on eight safaris, including travels in Kenya, Angola, South Africa and Mozambique. While holding a healthy respect for the Cape buffalo, he considered the elephant as being the most dangerous of his quarry because of its strength and speed.

Bob Swinehart
Bob Swinehart

Sagittarius by Bob Swinehart (1970). Bow-hunting for big-game in Africa and North America, by a protege of Howard Hill. Chapters include; Part 1, North America: - about the author, by Howard Hill; the scrapbook; lost in a Canadian wilderness; why hunt; living with a legend - Howard Hill; Newfoundland's beautious bogs, barrens and brush; the Eastern whitetail; great western mountain cat; mad bear; my archery equipment and methods; moving around; Part 2, Africa: - safari life; Angola; beligerent buffalo; Mozambique; exotic and odd game; most dangerous animal - elephant; rhino; the Big Five; Nyasaland; Kenya and beyond.

In Africa With Bob Swinehart

In Africa With Bob Swinehart by Bob Swinehart (1967) The author was one of the first archers to kill Africa's Big 5 with a bow, and the cape buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino are all pictured in this book. This title includes a rather historic photo of Swinehart and Howard Hill, another world famous bow hunter. The author was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame posthumously several years ago.

E Donnall Thomas

The Double Helix: Bowhunting African Plains Game

The Double Helix: Bowhunting African Plains Game by E Donnall Thomas (1999) is the record of the author's first five trips to Africa. It contains equal measures of adventure narrative and insightful observations about the one of the most fascinating places on earth.

Have Bow Will Travel: Around The World Adventure With Longbow And Recurve

Have Bow Will Travel: Around The World Adventure With Longbow And Recurve by E Donnall Thomas (2010). The latest collection from a highly regarded outdoors writer which takes readers bowhunting around the United States and the world. The rich prose brings alive not just the adventure of the hunts, but also the people, places and natural history he encounters in his travels.

Longbows In The Far North: An Archer's Adventures In Alaska And Siberia

Longbows In The Far North: An Archer's Adventures In Alaska And Siberia by E Donnall Thomas (2007). Armed with a longbow, E Donnall Thomas meets black bears, wolves, caribou, moose and other denizens of the far north. This is a marvellous collection of true hunting stories, providing a fascinating account of hunting the old fashioned way, in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

W Todd Tribell

Tausadi: My Adventures In The Kalahari

Tausadi: My Adventures In The Kalahari by W Todd Tribell (2008) is a short book about the author's bow hunt of a lioness hunt in the Kalahari. Kindle version only.

Doug Walker

Let's Go Bowhunting

Let's Go Bowhunting by Doug Walker (1989). All about hunting mule deer, blacktail deer, whitetail deer, varmint calling, hunting with Fred Bear and Howard Hill, Catalina and Santa Cruz Island, bowhunting in Africa and much more.

Stewart White

Lions In The Path: A Book Of Adventure On The High Veldt

Lions In The Path: A Book Of Adventure On The High Veldt by Stewart White (1926) is about Stewart White and Leslie Stimson hunting big game in East Africa with longbows. They bagged numerous lions, leopard, wildebeest and more. This book is the counterpart to 'Adventurous Bowmen' by Saxton Pope who was on the same safari.
More Stewart White African hunting books

Eyad H Yehyawi

Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey

Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey by Eyad H Yehyawi (2017) spans three decades of Eyad Yehyawi's bowhunting adventures, from his earliest years in Iowa, to challenging backcountry hunts in Alaska and Canada to an African safari.

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