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Sheep Hunting DVDs

Here is a great selection of sheep hunting DVDs including hunting big horn, argalis, Dall sheep and Marco Polo sheep, from Alaska to the Pamir mountains of central Asia.

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

The Hunt For Marco Polo Sheep

The Hunt For Marco Polo Sheep 6 Marco Polo sheep hunts in the Pamirs featuring Bob Kern, Harold Meyers, Kermit Roosevelt, Prince Abdorreza Pahlavi, Elgin Gates and Bert Klineburger.

Shikar To Iran

Shikar To Iran includes hunting red sheep, esfahan mouflon, kerman sheep and wild boar.

Big Horns

Big Horns Features the grandest heads and horns on the North American continent. Gordon Eastman hunts the deserts of Nevada to the high peaks of Alberta, Canada in search of the Rocky Mountain Big Horn and the Desert Big Horn. See the famous "Long Horn Ram" of Nevada filmed in his rugged domain, with his 42" curl.

The Phantom Ram

The Phantom Ram This DVD is a must for every sportsman who dreams of that once in a lifetime hunt. Gordon Eastman follows the phantom big horn ram for two and a half years in his life span. All the other species of wildlife that share this ram's environment are also filmed.

Sheep: High Altitude Adventures

Sheep: High Altitude Adventures Rick Young brings you into the world of sheep hunting with travels to Tajikistan, China, Mongolia, USA, Canada and Mexico. Join hunts for Marco Polo sheep, Altai argali, China blue sheep, Dall sheep, Stone sheep, Fannin sheep, Rocky Mountain bighorn, California bighorn, desert bighorn, aoudad, mouflon, Iranian red sheep and a bonus ibex hunt.

Rams In The Mist

Rams In The Mist Troy Sessions hunts the Artic wilderness after the elusive Dall Sheep. He passes up numerous full curl rams while holding out for the huge mountian monarches in the 40" category.

Sheep Hunting The Alaska Range

Sheep Hunting The Alaska Range Dall Sheep hunting in the rugged beauty of Alaska is one of the greatest adventures available in North America today. The Booher brothers hunt for Dall Sheep in the Western Alaska Range. This sheep hunting DVD shows 3 hunts over a four year period to collect 4 full curl Dall rams.


Rampage Alaska Dall Sheep hunting-tips and tactics of a professional guide. Rampage is Dall sheep hunting to the extreme! Nine hunts in all, showing every facet of sheep hunting - tips and tactics are given, as well as personal gear choices make this DVD a must have for the novice sheep hunter.

Black Shale, White Sheep

Black Shale, White Sheep Dall sheep hunting in Alaska - from Super Cub glacier landings, rafting seventy miles, hunting from horseback to utilizing the more traditional 'walk-in' style of hunting. This sheep hunting DVD was filmed throughout Alaska, from the northern artic of the Brooks Range to the southern coastal Chugach Range.

Death At Stone Mountain

Death At Stone Mountain Mark Buchanan and friends on two separate hunts in Northern British Columbia. Hunting for Stone sheep, mountain goat, mountain caribou, Canadian moose, Rocky Mountain elk, grizzly bear, black bear and wolf.

Mountain Sheep & Goats

Mountain Sheep & Goats Craig Boddington and Scott Rupp climb their way into thin air in their pursuit of Desert Big Horn, Alaskan Dall Sheep and Carpathian Chamois. With expert tips on the correct rifle, ammo and optic selections for these most demanding of hunts.

The Guide's Eye: Nahanni Twisters

The Guide's Eye: Nahanni Twisters The Nahanni River drainage of the Northwest Territories, Canada is home to one of the largest populations of Dall Sheep in the world. The hunters stalk and harvest over 12 rams on film, with bow and rifle.

Quest For Mongolian Argalis

Quest For Mongolian Argalis Excellent footage of 1967 hunts to Mongolia's Mid-Altai by sheep-hunting brothers Bob and Jack Brittingham. These hunts produced four rams in the 50" to 55" range. Includes footage of the 1977 expedition in the early years of High-Altai hunting on which Bob Brittingham collected a 60" Argali.

Deep In Sheep - A Cameraman's Alaska Dall Sheep Adventure

Deep In Sheep - A Cameraman's Alaska Dall Sheep Adventure Outdoor videographer Spencer McCuin takes you deep in Dall sheep country in the rugged mountains of the Alaska Range. The film is an intense journey into the entire adventure of Dall sheep hunting and follows the experiences of three sheep hunters.

Slam This: With Rick Young

Slam This: With Rick Young Includes 11 hunts for Stone Sheep, Dall Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Desert Sheep and California Bighorn. If that's not enough, Kyrgyzstan for Marco Polo, the holy grail of sheep.

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