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Stanley Hoffman Books

Stanley Wally Hoffman (1932 - 2023) was a Canadian missionary and big game hunter who spent 15 years at Kaiti, near Lake Manyara, Tanganyika (now Tanzania), between 1959 and 1974.

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In the Tanganyika Bush

In the Tanganyika Bush by Stanley Hoffman (1991) is an account of the author's life in Tanganyika with much big game hunting involving lions, elephants, buffalo and leopard. He also had to deal with a spitting cobra, black mamba and puff adder.

To A Land He Showed Us

To A Land He Showed Us by Stanley W Hoffman (1992) is the story of the author's call to missionary work in Tanzania and his experiences and adventures there. In 1959 he left Canada with his wife and twelve-month old daughter and set out with "no plans, no salary, only faith".

A Passion For Africa

A Passion For Africa by Stanley W Hoffman (2005) is the missionary's memoir of his final travels into the interior of Zambia, as well as visits to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Angola. (Out of print)

Tracks In The Dust

Tracks In The Dust by Stanley W Hoffman (1996). This book is very scarce.

Amid Perils Often

Amid Perils Often by Stanley W Hoffman (1989) is an account of the author's missionary life in Uganda.

Long Shadows

Long Shadows by Stanley W Hoffman (2002) is memoir of a missionary in Africa who spent much time combating witchcraft.

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