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Bruce Kinloch Books

Bruce Kinloch (1919 - 2011) was born in India and educated in England and was an avowed 'elephant man'. His grandfather was Brigadier General Alexander Angus Airlie Kinloch who was a renowned big game hunter in India. Bruce Kinloch has been Chief Game Warden of three different African countries - Uganda for 10 years, Tanzania for 4 years and Malawi. During his unique career, which included his creation of the College of African Wildlife Management on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, his advice was sought and valued as the innovative authority on wildlife. Read about his incredible WW2 military achievements his obituary in the Daily Telegaph.

Bruce Kinloch
Bruce Kinloch

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The Shamba Raiders: Memories Of A Game Warden

The Shamba Raiders: Memories Of A Game Warden by Bruce Kinloch (1972) is the remarkable story of a former Game Warden and big game hunter. He tells a fascinating story of the constant struggle to preserve Africa's wildlife, especially its dwindling herds of elephants. Ivory poachers, devious middlemen, uncaring and bigoted officials all add to a game warden's worries, apart from the need to safeguard the crops and livelihood of the indigenous population. The author's encounters with rogue elephants, buffalo and poachers make thrilling reading and highlight the unsung work of the game wardens and their assistants who daily put their lives at risk. However, it was not all work as Bruce Kinloch describes fishing for the giant Nile perch below the Murchison Falls.

Sauce For The Mongoose

Sauce For The Mongoose by Bruce Kinloch (1964). During his years in the Game Department the author and his wife reared all kinds of wild animals, but in a long succession of sick and orphaned refugees none had as disruptive an influence on their lives as the subject of this book, Pipa the mongoose.

Game Wardens In Africa

Game Wardens In Africa by Bruce Kinloch (1981) is a children's book that introduces young readers to game wardens of Africa. Currently unavailable and scarce.

Tales From A Crowded Life

Tales From A Crowded Life by Bruce Kinloch (2008) is an interesting account of the author's life, from his childhood in India and at school in Britain to his wartime career as an officer in the 3rd Gurkha Rifles where he served on the North West Frontier and subsequently through the Burma campaign. The last part of the book concerns his time in Africa, some fishing, game preservation and his work establishing the College of African Wildlife Management beneath Mount Kilimanjaro. A fascinating account of both war in the Far East and the period of transition of British East Africa to independence.

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