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Mungo Park Books

Mungo Park (1771 - 1806) was a Scottish surgeon and explorer of the African continent. He was credited as being the first European to encounter the Niger River. The African Association of London's previous four expeditions to explore the Niger river had failed by the time they gave Park the commission to explore the Gambia, Senegal and Niger rivers in 1795. He covered well over 100 miles before he fell ill in 1797 and returned back to England. He returned to Africa in 1805 to search for the source of the Niger in a canoe and met great hardships both on the river and with the natives that eventually cost him his own life and the lives of his men.

Mungo Park
Mungo Park

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Travels In The Interior Of Africa

Travels In The Interior Of Africa by Mungo Park (1816). His unaffected style and natural sense of storytelling in this publication of his adventures makes this one of the most popular accounts of African exploration. Vol I Free eBook Vol II Free eBook

Life And Travels Of Mungo Park In Central Africa by Mungo Park (1842)

The Journal Of A Mission To The Interior Of Africa, In The Year 1805 by Mungo Park (1815) is the journal of Park's second African expedition begun in 1805 to explore by canoe and find the source of the Niger, where he subsequently died. It is proceeded with a detailed memoir of his life, and Isaaco's journal and Amadi Fatouma's journal at the end of the book. Free eBook

Books About Mungo Park:

Mark Diffill

Mungo Park: West African Explorer

Mungo Park: West African Explorer by Mark Diffill (1999) is an account of Mungo Park's expeditions during which he survived fever, robbery and capture.

Peter Hudson

Two Rivers: Travels In West Africa On The Trail Of Mungo Park

Two Rivers: Travels In West Africa On The Trail Of Mungo Park by Peter Hudson (1991) is the account of the author's journey, on a moped, to follow the trail of one of expeditions made by Mungo Park (1771 - 1806). The Scottish explorer travelled on horseback to the upper Niger river and in his book, he theorised the Niger and Congo merged to become the same river, which were subsequently found to be two separate rivers.

Kenneth Lupton

Mungo Park: The African Traveler

Mungo Park: The African Traveler by Kenneth Lupton (1979) is the story of the first British explorer to journey deep into west Africa.

T Banks Maclachlan

Mungo Park by T Banks Maclachlan (1898) is a biography of the adventurer who was a contemporary of Sir Walter Scott. Free eBook

Kira Salak

The Cruelest Journey: 600 Miles To Timbuktu

The Cruelest Journey: 600 Miles To Timbuktu by Kira Salak (2004) re-creates the expedition made more than two centuries ago by Mungo Park, who perished in his attempt to run west Africa's remote and torturous Niger River. Salak prevails in the face of every earthly and social challenge, including that of writing a literate adventure tale.

Joseph Thomson

Mungo Park And The Niger

Mungo Park And The Niger by Joseph Thomson (1890) is a volume in the series 'The World's Great Explorers and Explorations' about Mungo Park and his West African travels.

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