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Frederick George Aflalo Books

Frederick George Aflalo (1870 - 1918) was a British sportsman, angler, prolific author and editor.

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A Book Of The Wilderness And Jungle With Big Game Hunting Anecdotes

A Book Of The Wilderness And Jungle With Big Game Hunting Anecdotes by F G Aflalo (c.1912) is a book of big game hunting and natural history anecdotes contributed by numerous well-known sportsmen of that era. Includes contributions from Edwin Arnold, H A Bryden, Stevenson Hamilton, Henry Seton-Karr and more. Free eBook

The Encyclopaedia Of Sport

The Encyclopaedia Of Sport edited by F G Aflalo and Hedley Peek, Earl of Suffolk And Berkshire (1897). 4 Volumes. The scope is very wide including not only every sport, even some obsolete ones, but such corollaries of sport as taxidermy, first aid and veterinary work as they pertain to sport. Natural history also has its place, though made subservient to sport throughout. Free eBook

The Sportsman's Book For India

The Sportsman's Book For India edited by Frederick George Aflalo (1904). Contributions by Lt General Sir Montagu Gilbert Gerard, General A A A Kinloch, Lt Col P R Bairnsfather, Major C H Clay, Major Neville Taylor, Capt A G Arbuthnot, W Burke (Editor of the Indian Field), F O Gadsden and Harry Stokes. The fishing section includes 'Fly Fishing For Large Mahseer Near Meerut' by Capt Rivett Carnac and 'Where To Go For Fishing In India' by Lt Col P R Bairnsfather. The sea angling section is by F O Gadsden with a contribution on sea and estuary fishing in South Madras by Capt Gibson. The rest of the book concerns hunting tiger, panther, bear, Indian rhinoceros, bison or gaur and deer. There are sections on pig-sticking, polo, hunting, steeple-chasing and paper-chasing with tennis, football, cricket etc. Free eBook

The Sports Of The World

The Sports Of The World by F G Aflalo (1903) is a 2 volume fully illustrated survey of mainstream and obscure sports of the day including chapters on football, rugby, golf, cricket, Maori sports and military sports in India, tiger hunting and much more.

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