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Chauncey Hugh Stigand Books

Chauncey Hugh Stigand (1877 - 1919) first served with the Queen's Own West Kent Regiment in Aden and Burma before undertaking an expedition to Somaliland with Colonel Eric Swayne. He then joined the King's African Rifles in 1902, serving in East Africa and Uganda. He followed this with an expedition from East Africa, via Lake Rudolph and the Omo River to Abyssinia. In 1910 he joined the Eygptian Army tasked with taking over the Lado Enclave from the Belgians. In 1916 Stigand was appointed Governor of the Upper Nile Province in Sudan.

Stigand was a keen big-game hunter and naturalist - equally interested in the habits and habitat of his quarry. Stigand took greater risks in life than most hunters of the time and was very often close to being fatally injured. He was gored in the chest by a rhino, mauled by a wounded lion that he was following up in the dark, tusked through the leg by an elephant that he was trying to drive out of a garden without a rifle. He followed another wounded lion into a cave and luckily for him, it had expired by the time he reached it. His bravery or contempt for risks possibly led to his death when he and his men were ambushed by Dinkas in Sudan. Walking ahead of his men, Stigand managed to kill 6 enemies before he fell.

C H Stigand usually used a .256 Mannlicher for elephants. He also had a .318 and .450 cordite rifle which he did not like, preferring the smaller bores.

Chauncey Hugh Stigand
Chauncey Hugh Stigand

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Administration In Tropical Africa

Administration In Tropical Africa by C H Stigand (1914) is written from the 'junior official's point of view' and instructs and informs him how to govern in Africa. Free eBook

To Abyssinia Through An Unknown Land

To Abyssinia Through An Unknown Land by C H Stigand (1910) is an account of a journey through unexplored regions of British East Africa by Lake Rudolf to the Kingdom of Menelek. Stigand travelled through the unknown regions of Rendile country near Lake Stefanie. He passed through Samburu country, then on to the Barta Steppe where he bagged topi, lion and buffalo. Not only does he describe the hunting but also the terrain and native peoples encountered.Free eBook

Equatoria: The Lado Enclave

Equatoria: The Lado Enclave by C H Stigand (1923) is a memoir, published posthumously, of the life of Chauncey Hugh Stigand who was killed in action fighting the Dinka in December 1919 and a list of events in the region from 1815-1914. The book gives a detailed account of this contested area on the west bank of the Upper Nile. When the region was ceded to Britain by the Belgians, Stigand became its first administrator. Francis Reginald Wingate, former sirdar of the Egyptian Army, and governor-general of the Sudan contributes a lengthy biographical introduction.

Land Of Zinj: Being An Account Of British East Africa

Land Of Zinj: Being An Account Of British East Africa by C H Stigand (1913) is a detailed description of the country, its history and the natives (their language and customs) in part of British East Africa which geographically, covers the Lamu Archipelago, the coastal belt, Uganda's railway, Masailand and the Masai people, Kikuyu-land, Mount Kenya and the Upper Tana and Lake Tana. 'Zinj', or alternatively, 'Zanj' was the name used by medieval Muslim geographers to refer to both the Swahili Coast and to its Bantu inhabitants. Free eBook

Central African Game And Its Spoor

Central African Game And Its Spoor by C H Stigand & Denis D Lyell (1909) is a key book for both the novice and experienced hunter. It combines the knowledge of two very experienced hunters on where game can be found, habitat, vital shots, etc. There is also a chapter on rifles and the spoor illustrated are life-size - even that of the hippo and elephant with large fold-out plates of the fore foot. Free eBook

The Game Of British East Africa

The Game Of British East Africa by C H Stigand (1909) includes the game of Uganda and the eastern Congo as well as the game of East Africa. Free eBook

Hunting The Elephant In Africa

Hunting The Elephant In Africa by C H Stigand (1913) is the definitive work on elephant hunting by one of the greatest hunters of all time. Stigand mostly shot elephant in the Congo and Lado Enclave, once getting 8 in a day. He also hunted in Nyasaland and North-Eastern Rhodesia. Free eBook

Scouting And Reconnaissance In Savage Countries

Scouting And Reconnaissance In Savage Countries by C H Stigand (1907) is a waxed linen folding pocket book , with press studs and snap fasteners and two printed rulers, cloth pencil holder inside upper cover. There are 3 folding linen-backed charts - chart of the equatorial stars in the front cover pocket, charts of the northern equatorial constellations and the southern equatorial constellations, in the rear cover pocket. This item was designed as a portable manual to Stigand's specifications had significant practical use providing instruction on strategy and tactics involved in tracking, stalking and marking down both animals and humans.

Black Tales For White Children: Being A Collection Of Swahili Stories

Black Tales For White Children: Being A Collection Of Swahili Stories by C H Stigand (1914) are illustrated Swahili stories or folktales which Stigand collected, translated and wrote with the help of his mother, Mrs C H Stigand, who is credited with arranging rhymes in the stories. Free eBook

Observations On Northern Section Of The Tanganyika-Nile Rift Valley by C H Stigand (1916) is a Royal Geographical Society pamphlet.

Cooking For Settler And Trekker

Cooking For Settler And Trekker by C H Stigand & Nancy Yulee Neff Stigand (1915) is a very rare cook book written by Mr & Mrs C H Stigand.

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