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F W Champion Books

Frederick Walter Champion (1893 - 1970) was an English forestry officer, who worked in British India and East Africa. He was a pioneering wildlife photographer and conservationist, campaigning hard for the protection of tigers and their forest habitats. His commitment to conservation inspired his friend Jim Corbett, among other hunters-turned-conservationists. Together with Corbett, he was a founding member of India's first national park established in 1935, which was renamed to Corbett National Park in 1957.

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With A Camera In Tiger-Land

With A Camera In Tiger-Land by F W Champion (1928) An account of hunting, animal collecting and photographing at the base of the Himalayan range. Covers a wide variety of large and small animals, with notes on the tiger, monkey, leopards and smaller cats, hyaenas, rodents, elephants, deer and antelopes. Fascinating accounts of hunts. Free eBook

The Jungle In Sunlight And Shadow

The Jungle In Sunlight And Shadow by F W Champion (1934) is an attempt to give a genuine picture of life in the jungle as it really is - eager, happy, contented, throbbing life, with but occasional moments of passing fear and unhappiness. Offers fascinating insights into British sporting life. Free eBook

Tripwire For A Tiger

Tripwire For A Tiger by F W Champion (2012) is a compilation of F W Champion's jungle stories edited by his grand daughter, Esmiralda Pittala. Champion was the pioneer of tripwire photography and took the first photograph of a tiger in it's natural habitat. This method is still used today to count tigers and monitor their movements.

The Tiger's Champion

The Tiger's Champion by F W Champion (2023) is another compilation of Champion's jungle tales and photographs.

Frederick Walter Champion on elephant-back tiger hunt

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Page Updated: May 2024

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