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Attilio Gatti Books

Attilio Gatti (b.1896) was an Italian explorer, author and film-maker who travelled extensively through Africa in the first half of the 20th century. Commander Gatti led ten expeditions to Africa, covering a period of twenty-three years, of which fourteen years were spent on African soil. He finally captured alive the first okapi and the first Congo bongo.

The Attilio Gatti and his wife, Ellen travelled around Africa in a state-of-the art motor home, in fact, a deluxe 5 room mobile apartment. Not one, but two 'jungle yachts' housing custom-built living areas comprising two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Next to the Commander's desk, the 'observation-living room' held such essentials as a library and a bar. Next to the Commander's desk, the 'observation-living room' held such essentials as a library and a bar. Livingstone and Stanley would have been turning in their graves! Read more

Attilio Gatti
Attilio & Ellen Gatti's Two 'Jungle Yachts'

Attilio Gatti
Attilio & Ellen Gatti

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South Of The Sahara

South Of The Sahara: Perilous Encounters With Big Game And Strange Peoples In The African Wilds by Attilio Gatti (1945) includes details of members of many native tribes and some of the strangest, rarest and least-known creatures that inhabit the hinterlands of Africa. Among them are the elusive okapi of the sunless Ituri forest, the lyre-horned Congo bongo, the pygmy elephant, chimpanzees, a mammoth python and the treacherous mamba.

Killers All!

Killers All! by Attilio Gatti (1943) are the adventures of explorer Commander Gatti and his hairbreadth escapes from giant gorillas,crocodiles and witch doctors intermingled with vivid pictures of wildlife in the Sahara, Congo and Rhodesia.

The New Africa

The New Africa by Attilio & Ellen Gatti (1960) is the story of Africa's awakening, of new nations and federations formed almost overnight. The events discussed in this volume would become the basis for changes that would take place withing the decade and still reverberate in Africa today.

Here Is Africa

Here Is Africa by Attilio & Ellen Gatti (1943) is a thrilling conducted tour by the Gattis from French Morocco, across the Sahara and through the equatorial jungles to the Cape of Good Hope.

Saranga: The Pygmy

Saranga: The Pygmy by Attilio Gatti (1939) is a departure from his factual writing but is informed by his knowledge of the pygmies and their environment.

Africa Is Adventure

Africa Is Adventure by Attilio Gatti (1960). In 39 years of African travel, Commander Gatti has come to know the Continent as few men can. On his latest expedition to Kenya, Tanganyika and Zululand, he faced the most unusual challenges of his entire career.

Kamanda: An African Boy

Kamanda: An African Boy by Attilio Gatti (1941) is a boy's tale of growing up in the Congo and dreaming to drive one of the vehicles belonging to the 10th Gatti expedition to the Congo.

Great Mother Forest

Great Mother Forest by Attilio Gatti (1936) is about his adventures and the inhabitants of the Belgian Congo.

Mediterranean Spotlights

Mediterranean Spotlights by Attilio Gatti (1944) is an evocative piece of war time travel across the Mediterranean Sea illustrated with numerous photograhs.

Here Is The Veld

Here Is The Veld by Attilio Gatti (1948) is a pictorial history of Rodesia and South Africa Territory.

Tom-Toms In The Night

Tom-Toms In The Night by Attilio Gatti (1932). Part 1 of this book was published separately under title 'The King Of The Gorillas'.


Sangoma by Attilio Gatti (1962) recounts his search in the Congo for the 'Mulahu', the 'Abominable Jungleman', a giant ape. Also includes accounts of the Sangoma, the witch doctor of snakes, in Zululand.

The Wrath Of Moto

The Wrath Of Moto by Attilio Gatti (1941)

Black Mist

Black Mist by Attilio Gatti (1933)

The King Of The Gorillas

The King Of The Gorillas by Attilio Gatti (1932) are accounts of hunting gorillas and elephants.


Bapuka by Attilio Gatti (1963)

Adventure In Black And White

Adventure In Black And White by Attilio Gatti (1943) is set in the African jungle and the adventurers are Bob, an American boy and his African friend and companion Loko-Moto.

Jungle Killers

Jungle Killers by Attilio Gatti (1958)

Hidden Africa by Attilio Gatti (1933)are accounts of the eighth Gatti African expedition to South Africa, Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo. It includes very little hunting as his expedition was for scientific research of the gorilla.

Ellen Gatti

Exploring We Would Go

Exploring We Would Go by Ellen Gatti (1950) is an account of her travels with her husband in the Belgian Congo in search of the rare okapi.

Elephant Hunt! by Commander Attilio Gatti

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