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Prentiss N Gray Books

Prentiss N Gray (1884 - 1935) was a bank president with time to take a long African hunting safari in 1928. Having hunted much in North America, he was really keen to hunt a giant sable in Angola. However these animals were protected from sport-hunting and could only be hunted as museum specimens, so 'Gray's African Expedition' departed for Africa to collect specimens for the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.

W W Bowen, an ornithologist who accompanied the expedition, named the kingfisher, Halycon albiventris prentissgrayi, after Gray.

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African Game-Lands

African Game-Lands: A Graphic Itinerary In Kenya And Along The Livingstone Trail In Tanganyika, Belgian Congo And Angola by Prentiss N Gray (1930) contains Gray's four original journals and 120 photographs. He was guided by Philip Percival across the Serengeti and in Kenya.

Records of North American Big Game

Records of North American Big Game edited by Prentiss N Gray (1932). A scarce original edition is a book of the Boone and Crockett Club published by Derrydale Press.

From The Peace To The Fraser

From The Peace To The Fraser: Newly Discovered North American Hunting & Exploration Journals, 1900 to 1930 by Prentiss N Gray (1994) and Susan Reneau & Theodore Holsten. Contains 10 original journals and photographs by Prentiss N Gray taken on his explorations throughout North America during his short life. Gray died in a freak boating accident in 1935 as he began writing the second edition of the Boone and Crockett Club's record book. This book includes hunting adventures and travels throughout Alaska, the western states and many of the Canadian Provinces.

Hunting Trails On Three Continents

Hunting Trails On Three Continents (1933) with contributions from Prentiss N Gray, Kermit Roosevelt, Henry Shoemaker, George Grinnell, Charles P Curtis and more, on a wide variety of game in Europe, America and Africa.

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