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Robert Anderson Books

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Great Rams And Ram Hunters

Great Rams And Ram Hunters by Robert Anderson (1994). North American sheep hunters relate their stories for Dall, Stone, Bighorn and Desert Sheep. The history and heritage of sheep hunting from the early 1900s to contemporary times. The author has acquired a large volume of people's stories, presented through interviews, letters, and photographs. He also documents the development of scoring and record systems.

John Lomonaco: A Hunting Lifetime

John Lomonaco: A Hunting Lifetime by Robert Anderson (2007). Lomonaco hunted all over the world and shot a lot but in the book he only describes what he really cared for the most - waterfowl, sheep, wild goats, bear, deer and elk during his 40-year hunting career.

Great Rams And Ram Hunters II

Great Rams And Great Ram Hunters II by Robert M Anderson (2008) is an excellent mix of previously untouched historical topics and contemporary sheep subjects sure to be of interest to sheep enthusiasts everywhere. Then there is the author's real forte, 293 photographs, many never before seen, with the detailed and elaborate captions sheep hunters have come to expect from Anderson.

Wind Dust And Snow: Great Rams Of Asia

Wind Dust And Snow: Great Rams Of Asia by Robert Anderson (1998) The author says "As much as I am fascinated with the world of Asian sheet hunting, I confess that I continue to be equally fascinated with the personalities, spirit, and drive of the great hunters who go after these wonderful rams. In this book, I have tried, hopefully with warmth, a little humor, and good taste, to give the reader a look into what makes the Asian sheep hunter tick."

Jack O'Connor: The Legendary Life Of America's Greatest Gunwriter

Jack O'Connor: The Legendary Life Of America's Greatest Gunwriter by Robert M Anderson (2004) is a biography about Jack O'Connor. Robert Anderson's masterfully written work is a blockbuster filled with fascinating facts and stories about this controversial character. Anderson spent three years interviewing O'Connor's family and friends as well as delving into JOC's papers, photos, and letters, including the extensive correspondence between O'Connor and Bob Householder. As the only authorised biography of Jack O'Connor, this book covers his early years, his rise to the top of his profession, his hunts for tiger in India, sheep in North America and Asia, buffalo in Tanganyika, his absent-mindedness and his glory years.

Wind, Dust And Snow II

Wind, Dust And Snow II by Robert M Anderson (2015) includes great modern and historical stories about unbelievable hunts. There are two detailed chapters on Marco Polo sheep hunting. Several individuals managed to penetrate the Pamirs immediately after World War II in search of fabled Marco Polo sheep even though most hunting for them happened decades later. Anderson takes a long look at some of the mysteries surrounding Elgin Gates shikars to Asia and includes a chapter on Art Dubs mountain career hunting in Asia, as well as a chapter on Al Mears and his exploits.

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