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Kevin Thomas Books

Kevin Thomas (b.1950) was born in Rhodesia and aged 17 he joined the Rhodesian Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management. After 6 years service he left and became an operational combat officer and later, a counterinsurgency instructor in the Selous Scouts. He became a full time professional hunting and safari guide, operating 'Kevin Thomas Safaris' across most of southern Africa, until retiring and relocating to the UK in 2013.

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Shadows In An African Twilight

Shadows In An African Twilight by Kevin Thomas (2009) is a collection of fascinating stories about a life of adventure spread across nearly four decades in Africa and culminating in Iraq. Many of the stories tell of the aberrant behaviour of man-eating lions and killer crocodiles, courageous Rhodesian game rangers who while fighting to preserve the wildlife of a beautiful country were also fighting against terrorist forces. The author also relates in depth some of his experiences as a pseudo counter-insurgency operator while serving in the elite Selous Scouts during the Rhodesian Bush War.

Tracking The Memory: Tales Of Hunting

Tracking the Memory: Tales Of Hunting by Kevin Thomas (2011) A personal account of early life on a Rhodesian farm near Chipinga, later experiences as game ranger and living along the Sabi River, and recent adventures as a wildlife guide and hunter.

The Hunting Game

The Hunting Game by Kevin Thomas (2015) is a collection of hunting stories from over the four decades the author has spent as a professional hunter in southern Africa. Many of the stories are about specific hunting safaris the author has guided, there are also chapters covering rifle calibres and bullet performance. There are also chapters on the hunting of crop raiding elephants in Mozambique, the author's experiences in dealing with tribal African superstitions when he was still a young game ranger with the Rhodesian Department of National Parks & Wildlife Management. Another chapter is a humorous look at the often contentious gratuity issue in the safari hunting industry. This book will be of interest not only to sport hunters but to anyone with an interest in the sustainable consumptive yield of Southern Africa's wildlife resources.

There's Something About Buffalo

There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas (2018) is retired professional hunter Kevin Thomas's fourth book about hunting and wildlife in southern Africa. This time around he has invited friends and colleagues to contribute stories about their thrilling and memorable experiences of hunting African buffalo. Much in the same vein as his previous books, this anthology is an informative collection about what it's like to be an ethical hunter in this day and age but with the focus on one species.

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