Measles In Africa

Measles in Africa is a common disease and still causes a significant number of deaths.

Measles Facts

  • Measles is an acute, highly communicable rash illness due to a virus transmitted by direct contact with infectious droplets or, less commonly, by airborne spread.
  • Measles outbreaks in Africa can occur causing the deaths of up to 40% of infected children in unvaccinated populations.

Measles Symptoms

  • Fever and cough
  • Measles rash, known as Koplik's Spots, appear in the mouth, forehead, neck and trunk. Spots are bright red with bluish/white centre.

Summary For African Travellers and Hunters

  • It is recommended that all travellers and hunters should be immune to measles on departing their home country.
  • The vaccination is usually in a combination formulation with mumps and rubella.

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Page Updated: Mar 2024

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