Insect Repellent Socks For Africa

Page Updated: May 2021

Do you really need insect repellent socks for hunting in Africa?

Insect repellent socks are made with material impregnated with an insect repellent such as permethrin.

Insect Repellent Socks Are Useful...

  • Ankles and feet are especially popular targets for mosquitoes which use scent to locate good biting areas. According some entomologists, there is a specific bacteria that grows on sweaty human feet that lures mosquitoes, even after washing your feet.
  • So wearing insect repellent socks in the evenings when most malaria-carrying and non-malarial mosquitoes bite is a good idea, along with using insect repellent scented soap. Most hunters shower before dinner and many prefer to keep their feet bare in soft shoes or sandals. Also having washed all the day's grime away, many hunters are loath to put on more insect repellent just at the time they need it most. This is a big will not be only you enjoying your meal - under the table in the dark, mosquitoes will be dining out too on your feet and ankles.
  • Wearing insect repellent socks while out hunting will also deter ticks which usually start their upward journey on your body from your feet or ankles.
  • If you are hunting in a malarial area of Africa, wearing insect repellent socks is a good extra precaution.
  • Certainly, if you are hunting in swamp areas, rainforests or thick damp vegetation near water, where swarms of mosquitoes can make your life a misery, permethrin-impregnated socks and industrial quantites of deet smeared on exposed skin may help.

Recommended Insect Repellent Socks For Men & Women

These socks are all impregnated with insect repellent while still being constructed with the cushioning and foot support required for comfort while hunting.

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ExOfficio Men's BugsAway adventure crew socks repels insects and lasts through 70 washes for full-season protection. A wicking wool blend and arch support make this an ideal sock for hiking. Buy Now

These Farm To Feet women's socks have full-density padding along the instep and up the shaft making them comfortable to wear with lace-up hiking boots. 100% American-grown Merino wool provides excellent thermal regulation and natural resistance to bacteria and odour build-up. Reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement reduce wear and tear, increasing the life of the sock. The fabric is treated with insect repellent that affects the insect's nervous system causing "hot foot", making it fly away before it may bite. Buy Now

These Farm To Feet men's socks are treated with insect repellent that affects the insect's nervous system causing "hot foot", making it fly away before it may bite. They are made with merino wool which is soft, itch-free and odour and bacteria resistant. Full-density cushioning provides better insulation, wicking, impact protection and faster moisture absorption to keep you Dry and reduce friction. Buy Now

These ExOfficio BugsAway Sol Cool Crew socks have built-in arch support and ventilated toe panels. The insect repellency lasts through 70 washes for full-season protection. Buy Now

These crew boot socks are lightweight with permethrin to protect feet and legs from insects while also reducing odours and moisture. There is a half cushion foot for added comfort and impact protection, with stay-up leg and rib top to keep from bunching in boots. Buy Now

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