Pedestal Mount Taxidermy

Pedestal mount taxidermy is an excellent solution is you have more floor than wall space. The popular pedestal mount design is really only limited by your and the taxidermist's imagination. No longer just a lone zebra or sable on a plinth, you can build elaborate multiple tiers of animals on a pedestal base.

  • These mounts are generally shoulder or cape mounts cut with more skin retained on the back which is used to cover the rear of the mount.
  • The rear of the mount is usually designed with an elegant curve rather than a flat surface like a shoulder mount.
  • The bases can usually be designed with various heights and decor such as inlaid with skin panels, plain wood or with natural-looking 'vegetation' on the top.
  • Pedestals make the ideal mount for a sable with horns that reach a long way back over the body.
  • A low pedestal is also ideal for displaying a giraffe shoulder/neck mount.

Pedestal Mount Taxidermy

Sable Pedestal Mount
Sable Pedestal Mount - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Springbuck Pedestal Mount
Springbuck Pedestal Mount - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Roan Mixed Pedestal Mount
Multi-Animal Pedestal Mount - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

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Page Updated: April 2024

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