Taxidermy Accessory Items

Taxidermy accessory items may include furnishings like lampstands and book-ends to decorative items like elephant hair bracelets, zebra skin hat bands and leopard lucky bone jewellery.

So after successfully hunting your elephant or Cape buffalo, have you thought about what you can with the skin and parts other than the tusks or skull and horns?

  • Most good taxidermists can make some great furnishing items to compliment your wall-mounted or full-mounted trophies.
  • Bracelets made from your own elephant tail hairs are popular keepsakes. Usually the camp skinner is a dab hand at knotting these bracelets. If not, ask for the hairs to be saved and your taxidermist can deal with it.
  • Also if you have some of your skins leather-tanned (you can choose the colour) they can be sent to be made into many custom leather items like rifle slips, handbags, purses, wallets, boots etc.
  • The left elephant ear is shaped like the continent of Africa and can be made into a decorative painted wall-hanging. Have your taxidermist tan the elephant ear, retaining the natural colour and shape - don't have it trimmed to have look more like Africa.
  • Just remember to keep the trophy parts you need in order to make items like these....

Taxidermy Accessory Items

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Elephant Hair Bracelet
Triple Elephant Hair Bracelet | Photo by Steve Robinson

Buffalo Hoof Ashtray Zebra Hoof Bookends Buffalo Hoof Bowl
Elephant Feet Stools
Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

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