Shield Mount Taxidermy

Shield mount taxidermy or skull mounts are also known as 'European mounts'. They are the simplest and least expensive taxidermy option for your African trophies.

  • This mount can be a stunning way to exhibit a horned trophy.
  • Make sure you specify how you want the skull cut. There are various styles which include retaining the long nasal bones, cutting them off square at the bottom or cutting away most of the skull and just retaining the base where the horns start.
  • The skull is cleaned, bleached and either left plain or mounted on a polished wooden shield. Some shields maybe designed using different materials such as leather..
  • Some taxidermists offer alternative looks for skull display such mosaics designs, carving or painting the bone and also mounting the skull on a block or other stand for all-round viewing.
  • A wooden shield is an ideal way of displaying warthog or hippo tusks.
  • Make sure you tell your taxidermist your preference regarding having the horns blackened, polished or left looking natural.

Shield Or Skull Mounts

Warthog Skull
Plain Warthog Skull - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Kudu Shield Mount
Kudu Shield Mount - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Hartebeest Skull Block
Hartebeest Skull On Wooden Block - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Hartebeest Skull Mosaic
Hartebeest Skull Mosaic - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Gemsbok Painted Skull
Gemsbok Painted Skull - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Cape Buffalo Carved Skull
Cape Buffalo Carved Skull - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

Hippo Tusks Shield
Hippo Tusks Shield - photo Lifeform Taxidermy

More Taxidermy Mounts

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Page Updated: April 2024

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