Rug Mount Taxidermy

The classic rug mount taxidermy of a lion or leopard usually comes with a fully taxidermied head and a flat back end. Almost all furry trophy skins or part of the skin, can be tanned and made into a rug.

  • Most tanned trophy skins, either whole or back skins, make great rugs of various sizes.
  • With antelope or zebra skins decide whether you want the head/face retained as part of the rug. If so, the ears are usually stitched down flat and the eye holes closed. Also decide how much leg length you want to have on the rug and whether you want a felt backing.
zebra rug mount
Zebra Rug Mount

  • If skins with a hollow hair structure like gemsbok and other oryx, klipspringer and waterbuck are used as floor rugs they should be placed in a low traffic area. This is because the hair is very fragile and will fall out quickly if walked on too much.

Rug Mounts

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Leopard Rug Mount

Lion Rug Mount

Leopard Rug Mount - Close Up

Taxidermy photos courtesy of Life-Form Taxidermy

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