Hunting Trophies DVD

A Complete Guide To Field Preparation, Skinning & Preservation

The Hunting Trophies DVD by Kruger Human is an absolute must for all hunters, trophy hunters, professional hunters, safari outfitters, game ranchers, landowners, taxidermists and skinners.

This complete guide to skinning, caping, salting and preservation of African trophies will equip the viewer with knowledge and skill to ensure an animal will become a fine, long-lasting trophy mount.

Hunting Trophies is a double disc DVD with a 90 minute running time.

Hunting Trophies DVD
Hunting Trophies DVD (Front Cover)

Topics In Hunting Trophies DVD

  • Care of the trophy animal immediately after the kill
  • Trophy photography
  • Taxidermy reference photography
  • Handling of the animal
  • Loading and transportation
  • Field Measurements before skinning
  • Documentation and tagging
  • Skinning instructions
  • Tools for skinning
  • Skinning and caping methods
  • Full mount skinning
  • Flatskin skinning
  • Skinning the head, mouth, lips, nose and ears
  • Skinning thick-skinned animals such as elephant
  • Challenging species for skinning - warthog, bushpigs, porcupines, cats, jackals, mongoose
  • Fat removal techniques
  • Skinning under difficult conditions - bongo in Cameroon

Hunting Trophies DVD
Hunting Trophies DVD (Reverse Cover)

  • About skin structure and it's application to skinning
  • Causes of decayed, spoiled skins and hair slip
  • Salting
  • Freezing
  • Chemicals required
  • Drying skins
  • Folding and storing skins
  • Quarantine regulations
  • Dipping skins
  • Boiling and bleaching skulls
  • Wrapping and packing trophies
  • Crating trophies for export
  • Export documentation and administration
  • Transportation and trophy export services
  • USA Ports of Entry
  • Contact details for all wildlife departments, hunting associations, customs clearance brokers
including Post & Packaging

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