Crystal Glass Bowls

Page Updated: Aug 2020

You can choose whatever custom design you would like engraved on one of these handsome crystal bowls and plates. Just browse round these pages to see more examples of David Whyman's fine engravings.

  • You can choose a bowl with a design you see here which will be reproduced especially for you.
  • You also can choose whether you would like a 3D design where the subject is set among scenery and which gives a different perspective depending on your angle of view. Alternatively you can opt for an animal designed on just one side of the bowl.
  • If you would like a custom engraving, such as a portrait or particular scene, send us a good quality photograph.
  • All the crystal bowls are free-hand engraved, signed and dated.
  • Please order early for Christmas. To be sure of delivery before Christmas, please order by October.
  • If your order is a gift required by a specific date, please let us know so we can confirm the item can be shipped in time.

Please note Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using this website.

African Crystal Glass Bowls

This 8" crystal glass bowl features some of Africa's most iconic antelope - sable, waterbuck, kudu and eland.

If you would like this bowl or a similar crystal bowl depicting different African animals, please contact us.

(Please click on the images to enlarge)

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Kudu View

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Waterbuck View

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Eland View

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Sable View

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Sable | Close-Up

African Shallow Crystal Bowl

This is a 10" decorative shallow crystal bowl is engraved with the Big Five.

Shallow Crystal Dish
Shallow Crystal Bowl | Big Five

African Crystal Plates

Crystal Plates
Crystal Plate | Lioness & Impala

Crystal Plate
Crystal Plate | Waterbuck & Impala

Other Crystal Bowls

This crystal bowl engraved with portraits on each side of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria was specially commissioned as a gift for the Queen to celebrate her 90th birthday in 2016.

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | 90th Birthday Of Queen Elizabeth

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Queen Elizabeth | Close-Up

Here is an example of a commemorative crystal bowl to celebrate the first flight of the Spitfire with a portrait of R J Mitchell, the designer.

Crystal Bowl
Crystal Bowl | Spitfire

Contact us to order a crystal glass bowl or plate

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