Crystal Highball Glasses

Page Updated: Aug 2020

These stylish crystal highball glasses are engraved freehand with a variety of African game animals and can be easily be matched with a beautiful set of wine or spirit glasses or a crystal decanter.

  • These highball glasses can be supplied individually or in a sets of any number you like, engraved with any animal, bird or portrait design of your choice.
  • All these highball glasses are free-hand engraved, signed and dated.
  • Please order early for Christmas. To be sure of delivery before Christmas, please order by October.
  • If your order is a gift required by a specific date, please let us know so we can confirm the item can be shipped in time.

If you would like to purchase any of these engraved crystal glasses, please contact us.

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What Is A Highball Glass?

A highball glass, sometimes spelt 'hi ball', is essentially a straight-sided glass tumbler used to serve highball cocktails and other mixed drinks which need a lot of ice. It usually has a volume of 8 to 12 fluid ounces (240 to 350 ml).

It is sometimes confused with a Collins glass which is slightly taller and more narrow.

However, it is the drinks themselves, that are served in this shaped glass, which are known as 'highballs' and are composed of an alcoholic base spirit and a larger proportion of a non-alcoholic mixer. Popular highball drinks include gin and tonic, cuba libre, bloody mary, whisky highball with ginger ale and campari and soda.

So what's the difference between a highball and lowball glass? The lowball glass, also known as an 'Old Fashioned' glass or rocks glass is a short tumbler used for spirits, such as whisky, either straight or with ice - 'on the rocks'.

African Crystal Highball Glasses

This set of 6 crystal highball glasses are engraved with the iconic African Big 5 animals, plus one other animal which is the cheetah, in this case.

(Please click on the images to enlarge)

African Highball Glasses Set
Set Of 6 Highball Glasses

Highball Glass with Elephant
Highball Glass | Elephant

Highball Glass with Lion
Highball Glass | Lion

Highball Glass with Buffalo
Highball Glass | Cape Buffalo

Highball Glass with Leopard
Highball Glass | Leopard

Highball Glass with Rhino
Highball Glass | Rhino

Highball Glass with Cheetah
Highball Glass | Cheetah

Highball Glass with Leopard
Highball Glass | Leopard (2)

Other Highball Glass Designs

(Please click on the images to enlarge)

Highball Glass with Deer
Highball Glass | Deer

Highball Glasses with Deer & Boar
Highball Glass | Deer & Wildboar

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