Crystal Glass Paperweights

Page Updated: Aug 2020

These unique crystal glass paperweights custom engraved with a portrait of your favourite person, animal or memory make a very special memento or gift.

  • If it is a portrait of an actual person or animal that you want, just email a really good quality photograph.
  • If you want a specific wild animal on your paperweight, just let us know what you have in mind. Take a look round some more pages here to see just how perfectly David Whyman captures a wild animal's likeness and character.
  • If you like any of the paperweight designs below, they can also be made for you.
  • The paperweights are all free-hand engraved, signed and dated.
  • Please order early for Christmas. To be sure of delivery before Christmas, please order by October.
  • If your order is a gift required by a specific date, please let us know so we can confirm the item can be shipped in time.

If you would like a beautiful custom engraved paperweight please contact us.

Please note Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using this website.

Examples of Crystal Glass Paperweights

(Please click on the images to enlarge)

Crystal Glass Paperweight with Dragonfly
Crystal Glass Paperweight | Dragonfly

Crystal Glass Paperweight with Spider
Crystal Glass Paperweight | Spider

Crystal Glass Paperweight with Celtic Running Dog Design
Crystal Glass Paperweight | Celtic Running Dog Design

Contact us to order a crystal glass paperweight

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