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Civet Hunting

Civets and genets are often termed as 'cats' and look like cats with elongated snouts. However, they are not cats but are members of the Viverridae family. Ratels are popularly known as honey badgers.

Civet/Genet/Ratel Huntable Species

  • African Civet - Civettictis civetta
  • Common Genet (Small-spotted) - Genetta genetta
  • Cape Genet (large-spotted) - Genetta tigrina
  • Rusty-spotted Genet - Genetta maculata
  • Ratel/Honey Badger - Mellivora capensis

Civet/Genet/Ratel Facts

Habitat and Requirements

  • Civets live in savannahs and forests.
  • Ratels can tolerate both very wet and very dry habitats. They can be found in moist savannas, semi-deserts and montane forests.
  • Genets can be found in mosts habitats and are mostly nocturnal and arboreal.

Social Structure

  • The civet is solitary except during the mating season.
  • Ratels are generally solitary but sometimes go about in pairs,
  • Genets are solitary except during periods of courtship or when a female is accompanied by her young.

Gestation Period

  • After a gestation period of 2 - 3 months, these species produce between 1 - 4 offspring.

Civet/Genet/Ratel Gender Identification

  • Ratel - There is a considerable difference between the sizes of the male and female, with males sometimes weighing up to twice as much as females
  • There is not a discernable difference between the genders of civet or genet.

Civet/Genet/Ratel Hunting Methods

  • Spotting, walking and stalking the likely habitats. These species are really hunted as animals of opportunity.

A Good Civet/Genet/Ratel Trophy

  • A mature male preferably.

Civet/Genet/Ratel Hunting Shot Placement

  • Aim for the chest with a solid round.

Civet Trophies

Since 2004 there has been an embargo in place on importing raw civet trophies which includes the African civet. See www.cdc.gov

  • Contact: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Mailstop A-46, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30333 Tel: 404-718-2077 Fax: 404-718-2093 E-mail: importpermit@cdc.gov
  • Fully-treated, taxidermied mounts of civets may be imported into the US.

Civet/Genet/Ratel Pictures

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