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African Hunting DVDs

This collection of African hunting DVDs can provide excellent information on hunting the individual Big Five animals, mixed dangerous game hunting or getting the flavour of hunting in a specific African country.

In addition there are great DVDs on African game shot placement, rifles in Africa, the Selous Reserve, Jack O'Conner and much more.

These Informative & Entertaining DVDs Which Cover The Very Best Hunting Safari Action Across Africa Are A Must For Any African Hunting Enthusiast

Please note, this page contains affiliate links, which means Shakari Connection receives a commission if you make a purchase using these links.

African Hunting DVDs - Elephant

Sunset On Botswana

Sunset On Botswana: The Last Days In The Land Of The Giants . Ivan Carter chronicles the closing of nearly all the hunting concessions in Botswana and now hunting will only continue on game ranches. This DVD is about elephant hunting and has lots of close-up action footage with an interview with Johann Calitz about the closing of Botswana and how it will affect the future of wildlife. This film features hunts for seven trophy bulls with each individual elephant hunt evolving naturally and completely from start to conclusion. The movie closes with a hunt that uses Ernest Hemmingway's .577 Westley Richards by its owner Bill Jones.

Preview 'Sunset On Botswana' with Ivan Carter

Hunting The African Elephant: The Complete Guide

Hunting The African Elephant: The Complete Guide Produced by Charlton McCallum Safaris

The Essence Of Elephant Hunting

The Essence Of Elephant Hunting Produced by Charlton McCallum Safaris. Covers Zimbabwean elephant hunting only. It clearly shows the difference between elephant hunting in northwestern Zimbabwe versus the Zambezi Valley area near Lake Kariba. The difference in terrain, trophies to be expected, tracking, vegetation and difficulty of the hunting are clearly laid out. If you intend to hunt elephants in Zimbabwe you would do yourself a great favour by watching this DVD.

Big Botswana Tuskers

Big Botswana Tuskers takes you on 15 hunts in the best elephant hunting areas in Africa for some of the world's biggest elephants. Lots of close-up action, many turn downs and elephant charges. Hosted by professional hunter Johan Calitz.

Capstick: Hunting The African Elephant

Capstick: Hunting The African Elephant Peter Capstick reviews facts about elephant populations, conservation efforts, culture of the African tribes that live in the area, how to track elephant, scoring the trophy and much more information. This DVD only has 3 elephant kills but the information is superb.

Boddington On Elephant

Boddington On Elephant 2 DVD set. One of the best elephant DVDs ever produced. Features Craig Boddington and professional hunter Ivan Carter. A comprehensive study on elephant hunting with outstanding hunting footage with numerous charges. Looking for a Craig Boddington's hunting book?

Preview 'Boddington On Elephant'

African Hunting DVDs - Lion

Capstick: Hunting The African Lion

Capstick: Hunting The African Lion Peter Capstick describes the dangers, explains what can happen when things go wrong, and then, along with Cundill and Wilson, shows you the strategy and excitement of hunting the African lion.

Boddington On Lion

Boddington On Lion This DVD takes the form of chapters, each focusing on specific areas of interest to the lion hunter. Included are the good old days, why hunt lion, lion country today, the trophy lion, natural history, hunting methods, guns and loads, shot placement, trophy care and taxidermy. Top African outfitters and professional hunters contribute their expertise as they lead us to numerous trophy lions, all captured on film in this exciting, action packed DVD.

African Hunting DVDs - Cape Buffalo

Buffalo Fully Loaded

Buffalo Fully Loaded features some of the most respected Professional hunters sharing their knowledge, insight and advice to the hunter wanting to experience fair chase hunting for buffalo. As the film follows these professionals and their clients across the finest buffalo hunting fields found in Africa, you will enjoy over 25 thrilling hunts for Cape buffalo.

Preview Buffalo Fully Loaded
Boddington On Buffalo

Boddington On Buffalo The most comprehensive study on the art of hunting Africa's Cape buffalo by Craig Boddington.

Boddington On Buffalo 2

Boddington On Buffalo 2: The Future Is Now In addition to over 24 action-packed hunting segments within the film, including two spectacular charges from wounded buffalo, Boddington On Buffalo 2 takes an in depth look at the future of buffalo hunting across Africa with panel discussions including legendary professional hunters such as Harry Selby and Barrie Duckworth.

Preview 'Boddington On Buffalo 2'

Capstick: Hunting The Cape Buffalo

Capstick: Hunting The Cape Buffalo Peter Capstick hunts the Cape buffalo in the Chobe region of northern Botswana.

Jack Brittingham's Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts

Jack Brittingham's Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts This collection of Cape buffalo hunts includes a bow hunt encounter.

Buffalo Hunters: The Mountain Challenge

Buffalo Hunters: The Mountain Challenge This is a very well-produced, completely fair-chase hunt with lots of hard work before the hunter gets a buffalo. Hunters climb up Mount Loosimingor and everything must be taken in a backpack. The buffalo in these mountains are very challenging to hunt and professional hunter Josch, only wants to shoot solitary bulls or very old herd bulls.

Preview 'Buffalo Hunters: The Mountain Challenge'

Hunting The African Cape Buffalo

Hunting The African Cape Buffalo Ed Weatherby and Craig Boddington venture into Botswana to hunt the Cape buffalo.

African Hunting DVDs - Leopard

Patience And Pressure DVD

Patience And Pressure. This DVD contains a total of sixteen leopard hunts, all of them good big cats, some of them huge and quite a few cats are dismissed as too small. It includes footage of two leopard hunts guided by PH Ian Gibson before he was so tragically killed by an elephant.

Boddington On Leopard

Boddington On Leopard This DVD covers all you need to know about hunting leopard.

Preview 'Boddington On Leopard'

Peter Capstick's Last Safari: The Leopard

Peter Capstick's Last Safari: The Leopard Capstick hunts leopard plus bushbuck, kudu, hartebeest, waterbuck, blesbok, giraffe and warthog.

Swagga Swagga Leopard Safari

Swagga Swagga Leopard Safari Hunting the 'Swagga Swagga' concession on the Masai Steppes of Tanzania, Arthur Schmidt (with PH Alistair James) and Ryan Wilson (with PH Pepo Arribas) take two male leopards out of the same tree from the same blind. Designated bait procurer, Ken Wilson, adds hunts for East African greater kudu, Coke's hartebeest, klipspringer and olive baboon.

African Hunting DVDs - Rhino

Capstick: Hunting The White Rhino

Capstick: Hunting The White Rhino In the course of a week, 9 rhinos are stalked before the hunters decide on which one to try for. A warthog and southern impala are also taken on this hunt.

African Hunting DVDs - Dangerous Game

Where Tracks Lead

Where Tracks Lead is about hunting the Big Four (no rhino) in Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. A total of fourteen hunts are depicted. Some are with double rifles, most with bolt actions. Some are father-and-son hunts and some are single individuals.

The Big Four

The Big Four The outfitter is Luke Samaras who has been operating in Tanzania for over three decades and the game sought is leopard, lion, buffalo and elephant. It follows the three hunters as they hunt with PHs Nigel Archer, Luke Samaras and Jasper Samaras (Luke's son). The hunting takes place in the Kilombero (from a canoe) and in Masailand. Includes fair-chase hunting for buffalo, puku, croc, lion, leopard and tusker.

Zambezi Extreme

Zambezi Extreme This DVD is in three parts. The first part deals with hunting 6 monster crocs and hippo in Lake Cabora Bassa in Mozambique. The second part deals with 6 Problem Animal Control elephant hunts. The third and last part covers 'extreme' hunting - an elephant and leopard taken with a bow, footage of brain shots on elephants with handguns and muzzleloaders at under 20 yards, with 3 elephant charges.

Hunting Cats & Elephants In The Selous

Hunting Cats & Elephants In The Selous Dave Harshbarger and Ken Wilson hunt the Selous of Tanzania with outfitter/PH Luke Samaras. Both shoot good elephants with frontal brain shots. Harshbarger shoots a leopard that requires follow-up tracking and shooting. Wilson completes the safari by shooting a lion. This DVD is a combination of several earlier films that combine hunts for the Big Five.

Beasts Of Legend - Hunting Africa's Dangerous Game With Ivan Carter

Beasts Of Legend Hunting Africa's Dangerous Game With Ivan Carter. This new DVD covers all seven big-game animals. The hunting takes place in Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe for lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant, croc and hippo.

Preview 'Beasts Of Legend' with Ivan Carter
The Mopani Collection: First Season

The Mopani Collection: First Season Filmed during the 2008 season in Zimbabwe. Features 30 big game hunts including 13 elephant hunts, 7 buffalo hunts and 6 hippo hunts. Footage includes a wounded elephant and leopard charge.

Pure Africa

Pure Africa follows PH Doug Scandrol and hunter H David Drettman on a 21 day safari through Masailand, Tanzania. They take lesser kudu, gazelle, gerenuk, zebra, oryx, bushbuck, wildebeest and many more. Also they collect a potential top 10 SCI Cape buffalo.

Delta Royale: Botswana's Perfectly Shot Dangerous Game

Delta Royale 'Botswana's Perfectly Shot Dangerous Game' - 'The grande finale in Bwana Moja's pursuit of the big five'.

Bolted To Death

Bolted To Death Features a collection of custom-built bolt action rifles, 12 buffalo hunts and 10 plains game hunts for sable, kudu and more.

Preview 'Bolted To Death'

Shadows End: Trophy Seekers

Shadows End: Trophy Seekers Hunts for rhino, lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and plains game.

Split Second: Trophy Seekers

Split Second: Trophy Seekers From the producers of the Fair Game hunting videos. 17 hunts in Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Namibia for elephant, buffalo, hippo, leopard and others.

Hostile Ground: Trophy Seekers

Hostile Ground 16 dangerous game hunts for elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, hippo, plains game and a leopard in full charge.


Dis-Charged includes 15 hunts for African dangerous game.

Death By Double Rifle

Death By Double Rifle More close encounters with "Africa's deadliest game".

The Dangerous Game: Big 5 Hunting

The Dangerous Game: Big 5 Hunting An African hunting DVD that 'will keep you on the edge of your seat'.

Botswana Hunting DVDs

Capstick: Botswana Safari

Capstick: Botswana Safari Capstick in the Chobe, Botswana hunting kudu, sable, tsessebe, wildebeest, lechwe and zebra.

Cameroon Hunting DVDs

Hunting Adventure In The Cameroon Rain Forest

Hunting Adventure In The Cameroon Rain Forest Features hunter Andy Samuels in the rain forest of Cameroon. Accompanied by the forest Pygmies, he hunts elephant, western sitatunga and bongo. He tracks the elusive bongo with native dogs.

Hunting The Phantom Of The Cameroon Savanna

Hunting The Phantom Of The Cameroon Savanna Hunter Andy Samuels hunts for the elusive Lord Derby Eland. Also he takes buffalo, red-flanked duiker, western hartebeest, Nigerian bohor reedbuck and more. Good DVD for the hunter contemplating a trip to Western Africa.

Cameroon: Death In The Savannah

Cameroon: Death In The Savannah Three Lord Derby eland, four savannah buffalo and lots of plains game hunted.

Safari In Cameroon: Forest Elephant & Bongo

Safari In Cameroon: Forest Elephant & Bongo

Ethiopia Hunting DVDs

Ethiopia: Death In The Rift Valley

Ethiopia: Death In The Rift Valley Mark Buchanan on two separate safaris to Ethiopia in search of some of Africa's toughest game trophies. To the Bale Mountains in pursuit of the mountain nyala, then on to the Omo River Valley.

Preview 'Ethiopia: Death In The Rift Valley'

Mozambique Hunting DVDs

Hunting The Zambezi Delta

Hunting The Zambezi Delta Features 20 hunts for "Africa's most dangerous animals".

Hunting The Zambezi Delta 2
Hunting The Zambezi Delta 2 17 hunts for elephant, buffalo, leopard, hippo, sable and more.

Namibia Hunting DVDs

Namibian Plains Game Adventure

Namibian Plains Game Adventure Hunters Jerry Gillman and Kris Johnson hunt plains game. Ten action-packed hunts will help you learn what you need to know before you book your safari. Filled with valuable tips and information for those that wish to hunt trophy free range African plains game.

South Africa Hunting DVDs

Hunting In South Africa

Hunting In South Africa Join Sandra and Anders on their hunting adventure to South Africa. In 10 days they travelled around the Eastern Cape province in search of exotic species. Among the animals they shot is kudu, impala, warthog, springbok, white and common blesbok, bontebok and jackal. In addition to all the exciting hunting scenes, you get to learn about the diverse nature of the Eastern Cape province. DVD in English or Norwegian.

Tanzania Hunting DVDs

Big Game In Tanzania 2

Big Game In Tanzania 2 This film is entirely shot in the Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania. PH Paddy Curtis and a colleague guide two hunters for a classic tent safari. Game bagged includes hippo, croc, as well as a leopard, which has to be followed after being wounded and is finished off by the two PHs with shotguns. The end of the movie is an elephant hunt that leads to a good size tusker after a long stalk.

Wild Tanzania's Legacy Safari

Wild Tanzania's Legacy Safari Jack Brittingham returns to Africa to walk in the footsteps of his father where he will pass on the safari legacy of this magical place to his children. Includes hippo hunting.

Jack Brittingham's Tanzania Adventures: Friends, Family And Dangerous Game

Jack Brittingham's Tanzania Adventures 'Friends, Family And Dangerous Game'. Jack Brittingham and friends as they hunt for lion, leopard, hippo, Cape buffalo, crocodile and a variety of plains game during their Tanzanian adventure .

Jack Brittingham's Quest For Tanzanian Big Game

Jack Brittingham's Quest For Tanzanian Big Game "Dare to test your nerve on the Dark Continent as we face Africa's notorious man-eaters in this thrilling quest for Tanzanian Big Game."

Death In Masailand

Death In Masailand The hunts take place in Western Tanzania and Masailand. "80 minutes of non-stop action with over 20 kills of both dangerous and plains game including the rare gerenuk which is rarely ever seen taken on camera".

Masailand's Glamour Game

Masailand's Glamour Game Hunts for gerenuk, lesser kudu, fringe-eared oryx, Grant's gazelle, Thomson's gazelle, white-bearded wildebeest, East African impala, Kirk's dik-dik and Chanler's mountain reedbuck

Sharing the Legacy

Sharing the Legacy Classic African Hunting Safaris in Tanzania and Zambia. Two generations of the Jennings family and professional hunters Cliff Walker and Doug Scandrol go on a traditional safari in Tanzania and Zambia. With 27 hunts conducted in Tanzania's Ugunda and Longido concessions, then Zambia's Mumbwa West concession, the tradition of hunting comes to life with hunts for trophy leopard, sable, roan, kudu and other plains game.

Dangerous Game Of Tanzania

Dangerous Game Of Tanzania Produced by Rungwa Game Safaris - hunting the Big Four.

Uganda Hunting DVDs

Safari To Uganda

Safari To Uganda PH Keith Charters and client Ken Wilson successfully hunt Uganda for Nile buffalo, Uganda kob, sitatunga, Nile busbuck and East African bush duiker. Sightseeing footage includes a hike to see mountain gorillas and Murchison Falls.

Zambia Hunting DVDs

Zambia Safari: The Bangweulu Swamps

Zambia Safari: The Bangweulu Swamps Hunting for oribi, tsessebe, sitatunga and black lechwe.

Danger And Triumph Under The Zambian Sun

Danger And Triumph Under The Zambian Sun John Jennings and professional hunter Cliff Walker on an unforgettable journey through the wilds of Zambia. With a total of 20 hunts conducted in Zambia's most famed concessions including Mumbwa West, Kafue Flats and the swamps of Bangweulu. See hunts for trophy leopard and lion, along with buffalo, hippo, croc, lechwe and the challenging sitatunga.

Death In The Mumbwa

Death In The Mumbwa Mark Buchanan and his friends take 3 leopard, 2 lion and several buffalo on film. This DVD also contains footage from the Kafue Flats and Bangweulu Swamps where Buchanan takes the Kafue and black lechwe, tsessebe and sitatunga.

Preview 'Death In The Mumbwa'

Zambia Safari: Buffalo & Roan

Zambia Safari: Buffalo & Roan 4 Cape buffalo and 2 roan are hunted here.

Zimbabwe Hunting DVDs

30 Days In Zimbabwe

30 Days In Zimbabwe This 2 disc DVD covers of two safaris, in different areas of Zimbabwe, undertaken by Peter Hunt. Part 1 takes place in the Bubye Valley Conservancy. Leopard is the main quarry and it also features hunts for eland, bushbuck, impala, waterbuck, wildebeest, klipspringer, and a giraffe bull. Part 2 covers a hunt in Matetsi Unit 3. The buffalo hunt provides excitement as the 40 inch bull is wounded late in the afternoon and the hunt only ends after a close-quarters confrontation the next morning. The elephant hunt was filmed close up, and the 40lb bull required multiple shots from both Peter and the PH. Peter also hunts a kudu bull and sable.

Jack Brittingham's Quest For Zimbabwean Big Game Vol. 1

Quest for Zimbabwean Big Game Vol 1 "Travel with Jack Brittingham and his family on this safari to Zimbabwe where you'll discover an ancient land steeped in mystery and intrigue".

Jack Brittingham's Quest For Zimbabwean Big Game Vol. 2

Quest For Zimbabwean Big Game Vol. 2

Return To Chewore

Return To Chewore The Zambezi Valley provides an abundance and diversity of trophy animals. Big 5 Safaris and PH Ian Gibson host hunter Jim Bandy on his second Chowere Safari as he enhances his trophy collection.

Zimbabwe Elephant Safari, The Thrill of the Hunt: Big Game

Zimbabwe Elephant Safari, The Thrill of the Hunt: Big Game Hunting for elephants with Buck McNeely with footage of Buck teaching his two sons to hunt, as well as footage of Buck hunting in several different locations around the globe.

Vintage African Hunting DVDs

Robert C Ruark's  Africa Adventure

Robert C Ruark's Africa Adventure Filmed in 1954. Narrated by and featured Robert Ruark. Harry Selby and Andrew Holberg guide Ruark to a 110 pound elephant. Black rhino, leopard and a huge 49" buffalo are taken as well as other species. This film was shot in black and white and the quality is not up to modern day standard. Still it is a rare chance to see what a safari in British East Africa was like during this era.

Classic Safari Films

Classic Safari Films Africa through the lens of the first safaris ever to be captured on film. Experience lost cultures and classic adventures with footage shot on-location by expert safari filmmakers.

Miscellaneous African Hunting DVDs

Historic Rifles: The Long Journey

Historic Rifles: The Long Journey is dedicated to the partnership between iconic safari figures and their firearms. Safari veteran Bill Jones heads back to Africa with rifles previously owned by Ernest Hemmingway, Frederick Courtney Selous, Fletcher Jamieson and Elmer Keith. These and other famous rifles are again ready for the land and task for which they were created...dangerous game in Africa.

Preview 'Historic Rifles: The Long Journey'

The Perfect Shot With Kevin

The Perfect Shot With Kevin "Doctari" Robertson This is the DVD version of Kevin Robertson's book 'The Perfect Shot'

Preview 'The Perfect Shot' with Kevin 'Doctari' Robertson

Global Safari

Global Safari The staff of Petersen's HUNTING hunt many of the world's top game species. Craig Boddington hunts Cape buffalo in Zimbabwe and Mozambique and then Mexico for big Coues deer bucks. Wayne Van Zwoll tackles Spanish Ibex in the Beceite Mountains of Catalon before taking off for New Zealand for red stag. Lee Hoots samples the wingshooting in Sonora, Mexico for doves, ducks and quail. Along the way, you'll learn about proper rifle, cartridge and optics selection, successful hunting techniques and how to choose the right gear for your hunt and much more.

Boddington On African Rifles

Boddington On African Rifles Covers both the history and modern applications of African rifles and cartridges. Includes suitable firearm choices for the various classes of African game, with recommendations for safari batteries for your hunting. This DVD features many classic big bore rifles including the .700 nitro express and historic rifles such as John "Pondoro" Taylor's .450 double and Fletcher Jamieson's .500 Jeffrey.

Hornady's Africa With Craig Boddington

Hornady's Africa With Craig Boddington Craig Boddington takes you through an in depth study of the primary game animls of Africa. For each species covered Craig goes into guns and loads, shot placement and much more as well as a hunt for each animal. Species covered include lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, sable, gemsbok, kudu and more.

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa With Craig Boddington - Season 1

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa Season 1 27 hunts in all with Craig Boddington, for some exotic species such as gerenuk but with plenty of dangerous game action.

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa With Craig Boddington - Season 2

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa Season 2 This is the best hunts from Season 2 of Craig Boddington's TV show 'Tracks Across Africa'. 33 action-packed hunts for dangerous and plains game.

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa With Craig Boddington - Season 3

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa Season 3 The best hunts from Season 3 of Craig Boddington's TV show 'Tracks Across Africa'. 38 action-packed hunts for dangerous and plains game including all of the big five.

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa With Ivan Carter

The Best Of Tracks Across Africa With Ivan Carter Professional Hunter Ivan Carter shares his passion and insight into the adventure that is hunting Africa's dangerous game. There are 21 action packed hunts for elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, hippo and crocodile.

African Experience With Craig Boddington

African Experience With Craig Boddington If you are planning an African safari this DVD is a must. Covers all topics of interest to the hunter going to Africa - countries, game animals, guns and loads, field care, taxidermy, everything you need to know is here. This DVD could save you a lot of money, time or disappointment.

The African Lion

The African Lion 8 disc set. Eight documentaries beautiful present these fascinating creatures in more than six hours of film and feature high-definition footage that can sometimes be dangerous to capture.

Quest For African Big Game Volume 1

Quest For African Big Game Volume 1 In South Africa with bow and arrow. Plains game species taken include nyala, wildebeest, kudu, impala, eland, gemsbuck, zebra and ostrich over the course of four different trips.

Quest For African Big Game Volume 2

Quest For African Big Game Volume 2 Hunts in the Okavango Delta Region of Botswana for elephant. They cover 88 miles on foot in eight days searching for a bull with tusks larger than seventy pounds and finally accomplish the goal.

Quest For African Big Game Volume 3

Quest For African Big Game Volume 3 Our next hunts are in Cameroon, Ethiopia and Central African Republic, where my friends and I hunt bongo, duiker, red buffalo, red riverine hog, Menelik's bushbuck, mountain nyala and the Lord Derby eland.

Jack O'Connor: An Outdoor Legend

Jack O'Connor: An Outdoor Legend Equally at home with an Indian guide on a sheep hunt in the Canadian Rockies as he was on a tiger beat in the company of maharajahs, O'Connor's passion for the hunt took him to the four corners of the globe in search of adventure to fuel his writing. O'Connor brilliantly chronicled his hunts and travels in his many books and countless magazine features, but he also preserved important moments in time with his 16mm camera that travelled with him wherever adventure called. Now, for the first time, this never-before-seen footage reveals another view into the life and times of one of America's true outdoor icons. See all Jack O'Connor's books.

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania A non-hunting look at the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. It is a reserve of the superlative and as well as being both the oldest and largest game reserve in Africa, it is a world of natural beauty and exotic wildlife. Much of Selous is crossed by the Rufuji River and its tributaries and although the region has a relatively small amount of rainfall each year the Rufuji contains more water than most other rivers in East Africa.

Jim Shockey's Heart Stopping Hunts

Jim Shockey's Heart Stopping Hunts Whether the animal is an elephant, cape buffalo, rhino, hippo or a lion or leopard, a hunter after any of these species does so at his own peril. Jim Shockey and his team of professionals have faced close calls and catastrophies worldwide.

Jim Shockey's Most Dangerous Hunts

Jim Shockey's Most Dangerous Hunts More Jim Shockey African hunts.

Jim Shockey's African Adventures

Jim Shockey's African Adventures In thid African hunting DVD a world record Grant's gazelle is taken with a muzzleloader. Witness the hunt for the world record muzzleloading white-bearded wildebeest as well as hunts for oryx, springbok, warthog and impala.

Jim Shockey's Ultimate Africa

Jim Shockey's Ultimate Africa Muzzleloading hunter, Jim Shockey hunts Masailand for Cape buffalo, lion, leopard and hippo. Shockey and his father hunt in Namibia for plains game and then to Cameroon.

African Bolt Action 1

African Bolt Action 1 Volume 1 of the African Bolt Action series. Lots of dangerous game including elephant, buffalo, lion and crocodile as well as eland and sable.

African Bolt Action 2

African Bolt Action 2 Volume 2 of the African Bolt Action series. Hunting in Zimbabwe for lion, croc, sable and buffalo. Elephant hunting in the Hwange National Park. Hunting in Tanzania for leopard, croc, sable, roan, hippo and more. Elephant hunting in the Zambezi Valley.

African Bolt Action 3

African Bolt Action 3 Volume 3 of the African Bolt Action series - dangerous and plains game hunting.

African Bolt Action 4: Pulsating Safari Excitement

African Bolt Action 4: Pulsating Safari Excitement.....Relived In Your Trophy Room. Includes 12 different species taken on one safari including three of the Big Five.

African Bolt Action 5

African Bolt Action 5 Volume 5 of the African Bolt Action series. Lots of dangerous game including buffalo, leopard and crocodile plus plains game.

African Plains Game

African Plains Game Produced by Petersen's hunting staff. Craig Boddington and Tom Fruechtel on a classic East African safari for Tanzania's top antelope species. Kevin Steel and Rick Stoekel hunt the Kalahari in South Africa for kudu and gemsbok. Travel to Namibia with Tom Gresham and Dwight van Brunt on a hunt for eland, gemsbok, hartebeest and more. During these hunts, you'll learn exactly what's needed in rifle, cartridge and ammo selection to take down the fastest and biggest game on the African Plains.

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