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African Hunting Books by Author


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Wallace Taber Carroll Glenn Tamplin H Lincoln Tangye Douglas Tate John 'Pondoro' Taylor John Taylor (Not Pondoro) Leslie B Taylor Mary Linley Taylor Major Neville Taylor Stephen Taylor Henry Tegner Derek Temple E A Temple-Perkins Sir James Emerson Tennent Harry Tennison E Donnall Thomas H B Thomas and Robert Scott Kerry Thomas Kevin Thomas Lowell Thomas George Thompson Grace Thompson-Seton James Baird Thomson Joseph Thomson Ron Thomson T R Thormanby Hubert Thummler Judith Thurman Harold William Tilman Marion Tinling Anthony C Tirri Richard Tjader William Hogarth Todd Israel Torres Dale Toweill Derek Townsend C Court Treatt Stella Court Treatt Nick Tredger Gilles Tre-Hardy A J N Tremearne Charles Chenevix Trench Sir Frederick Treves Colonel G H Trevor Todd Triplett John Rose Troup S R Truesdell Bruce Truter Errol Trzebinski G Tsukamoto James K Tuckey Maurice Tulloch Peter Turnbull-Kemp Kay Turner Myles Turner Tom Turpin
Lt Col Richard Tyacke Mrs Richard Tyacke Josiah Tyler



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