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Carl Akeley Books

Carl Akeley (1864 - 1926) was a taxidermist, sculptor, biologist, conservationist, inventor and nature photographer, noted for his contributions to American museums. He is considered the father of modern taxidermy.

In 1909 Akeley accompanied Theodore Roosevelt on an expedition to Africa and began working at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where his efforts can still be seen in the Akeley African Hall.

Carl Akeley
Carl Akeley

In Brightest Africa by Carl Akeley (1923). Adventures in the African big game country gathering material for the Roosevelt Hall at the American Museum of Natural History. A pioneering taxidermist and sculptor, Akeley did much big game hunting of lion, buffalo, elephant and others, and was in Africa at the time of Theodore Roosevelt's famed safari. This is the book in which he describes how he killed a wounded leopard with his bare hands. Free eBook

Lion Spearing

Lion Spearing by Carl Akeley (1926) is the story of African Nandi warriors who hunted lions with spears. The plates depict the life-size bronze sculptures by Akeley, of such a lion hunt, now on display in the Chicago and New York Natural History Museums. Free eBook

Adventures In The African Jungle

Adventures In The African Jungle by Carl Akeley & Mary Jobe Akeley (1930)

Lions, Gorillas And Their Neighbors by Carl Akeley (1932) is the tale of his last adventure in the wilds of Africa alongside his wife and co-author includes his securing of the first ever motion pictures of gorillas, his experience of killing a leopard with his bare hands and the spectacle of lion-spearing.

Taxidermy And Sculpture: The Work Of Carl E Akeley In Field Museum Of Natural History by Carl Akeley (1927)

The Mentor Magazine January 1926 Issue. An article on Big Game Hunting and Collecting by Carl Akeley.

Hunting The African Buffalo by Carl Akeley (1915) from The American Museum Journal Volume XV Number 4 April, 1915. Free eBook

Books About Carl Akeley

Felix Sutton

Big Game Hunter: Carl Akeley by Felix Sutton (1960)

Penelope Bodry-Sanders

Carl Akeley: Africa's Collector, Africa's Savior by Penelope Bodry-Sanders (1991) is the life story of the scientist, explorer, hunter and taxidermy artist, who became one of the foremost collectors of African wildlife and a dedicated conservationist.

African Obsession: The Life & Legacy of Carl Akeley by Penelope Bodry-Sanders (1998)

John T McCutcheon

In Africa: Hunting Adventures In The Big Game Country by John T McCutcheon (1910) is an account of his African safari with Carl Akeley.

Related Carl Akeley Books

Douglas J Preston

Dinosaurs In The Attic

Dinosaurs In The Attic: An Excursion Into The American Museum Of Natural History by Douglas J Preston (1993) is a chronicle of the expeditions, discoveries and scientists behind the greatest natural history collection ever assembled - the collection of The American Museum of Natural History.

Elephant! by Carl E Akeley in 'Boy's Life' May 1924

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