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Professional Hunter Biographies

Professional Hunter biographies feature books written about specific legendary old-time professional hunters.

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Ulf Aschan

The Man Whom Women Loved: The Life Of Bror Blixen

The Man Whom Women Loved: The Life Of Bror Blixen by Ulf Aschan (1987) is the biography of Bror Blixen, husband to Isak Dinesen, archetypal hero for Ernest Hemingway and a romantic figure of mythic passions for women and adventure. Bror Blixen led a life that exceeded his legend. The author is Blixen's godson.

Elizabeth Balneaves

Elephant Valley

Elephant Valley: The Adventures Of J McGregor Brooks, Game And Tsetse Officer, Kariba by Elizabeth Balneaves (1962) is the unusual story of a Rhodesian Game and Tseste Supervisor, Joe McGregor Brooks, originally from Scotland, who spent his spare time running a private animal rescue service in a home-made raft, and of the Tonga people, flooded out of their old villages by the Kariba Dam. These people were the responsibility of Joe McGregor Brooks and after he made the acquaintance of the author, she told both his story, the story of the Tonga and the story of the many animals who affected them both.

Monty Brown

RJ: Richard John Cuninghame 1871 - 1925: Naturalist, Hunter, Gentleman

RJ: Richard John Cuninghame 1871 - 1925: Naturalist, Hunter, Gentleman by Monty Brown (2004) is the incredible biography of one of the pioneer African hunters, who planned and accompanied such men like Theodore Roosevelt, Stewart Edward White, Carl Akeley, Prince William of Sweden, Guy Babault, R L Scott and a host of others. Richard Cuninghame hunted throughout Africa. His various expeditions took him from the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo. He was not only a first class professional hunter and guide but also an accomplished zoologist and artist and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Where Giants Trod: The Saga Of Kenya's Desert Lake

Where Giants Trod: The Saga Of Kenya's Desert Lake by Monty Brown (1989) is a beautifully produced and extremely well-researched account of early expeditions to Lake Rudolf and the nomadic tribes of the area.

Hunter Away: The Life And Times Of Arthur Henry Neumann 1850 - 1907

Hunter Away: The Life And Times Of Arthur Henry Neumann 1850 - 1907 by Monty Brown (1993). Arthur Neumann will always be remembered as one of the greatest elephant hunters in sporting history. This definitive biography is a delightful study of Neumann and the other intrepid characters who broke trails in East Africa in bygone days.

Anthony Cullen

Sydney Paul Downey (1905 - 1983) was born in Argentina of British parents and arrived in Kenya in 1925. As one of the greatest East African professional hunters, with partner Donald Ker, he founded Ker & Downey Safaris in 1946.

Downey's Africa

Downey's Africa by Anthony Cullen (1959) is the biography of Syd Downey, a partner in the Ker and Downey's safari business in Nairobi, a noted naturalist and reputed to be one of the greatest white hunters.

Saving The Game by Anthony Cullen & Syd Downey (1960). The conservation and preservation of wildlife in Kenya and Tanganyika and the problems of poaching in those countries. Downey, of Ker and Downey Safaris, is a former hunter and poacher turned game-keeper.

Window OnTo Wilderness

Window OnTo Wilderness by Anthony Cullen (1969). The author, previously a game warden in Kenya, has compiled and interpreted over 600 incidents of previously unrecorded or unexplained animal behaviour in East Africa.

Hamisi's Holiday Safari by Anthony Cullen (1972)

Hamisi's Hardest Safari by Anthony Cullen (1967)

Hamisi's Second Safari by Anthony Cullen (1966)

Lawrence Earl

Lawrence Earl met South African Bryan Dempster (b.1926) and heard his true story about hunting crocodiles for a living in the hope of starting a crocodile farm in Nyasaland.

Crocodile Fever

Crocodile Fever by Lawrence Earl (1954) is Bryan Dempster's 'true' life story as a hunter of crocodiles and other big game.

Dennis Holman

Inside Safari Hunting With Eric Rundgren

Inside Safari Hunting With Eric Rundgren by Dennis Holman (1969) is the biography of Eric Rundgren, a booming, boisterous, quick-tempered second-generation white hunter of Swedish extraction who reached the height of his volcanic career in 1958. A man of undisputed hunting prowess, he first worked for the Kenya Game Department, for whom he shot buffalo, elephant and lion, and later for Ker & Downey Safaris, eventually relocating his operations to Botswana.

Elephants At Sundown: The Story of Bill Woodley

Elephants At Sundown: The Story of Bill Woodley by Dennis Holman (1978) is the story of a remarkable man, Bill Woodley - Kenya's legendary Game Warden who knew virtually every professional hunter and poacher and revolutionized Kenya's National Parks. A story of excitement, action, high adventure and humour.

The Elephant People

The Elephant People by Dennis Holman (1967) is an incredible account of elephant hunters/poachers in Kenya and the role played by the legendary Game Warden, Bill Woodley, to supress the poaching. The author was able to penetrate inside the poaching syndicate with the help of Bill Woodley's intelligence team and collect important details of their activities.

Massacre Of The Elephants

Massacre Of The Elephants by Dennis Holman (1967) is the true story of Frank Woodley's fight against the poachers and the coastal ivory ring, whose members - crooked dealers, ivory craftsman, middlemen, and agents - made a rich living off the corpses of thousands of elephants.

Bwana Drum

Bwana Drum: The Story Of A Pseudo-Terrorist by Dennis Holman (1964). David Drummond, 'Bwana Drum' as he was known, was twenty when he was transferred to the Kenya Police Special Branch. Within a few months he was leading an intelligence network in an area where ninety-five per cent of the Kikuyu in revolt were fanatical Mau Mau supporters. Drummond's first major opponent was the notorious General Harun Njeroge, who launched a personal vendetta and sent Bwana Drum grim warnings in a series of horrible letters. In order to outwit the terrorist general, Drummond formed a gang from the Mau Mau he captured and converted; they became one of the famous pseudo-terorist bands which finally broke the Mau Mau hard core and ended the Emergency.

Noone Of The Ulu

Noone Of The Ulu by Dennis Holman (1958). In the 1930's a young English anthropologist did valuable pioneer work among the Temiar, an aborigine tribe in the deep jungle(ulu) of northern Malaya, and explored and mapped large areas of their territory.

Vivian James

Louis Woodruff was an ex-railway guard who became a professional hunter with Safariland Ltd after World War II. Bryan Coleman was apprenticed to Woodruff and remembers he "...was tough but taught me a lot. He loved a South African brandy called Mellow Wood. It sure mellowed him all right!" Read 'White Hunters' by Brian Herne

Two Buffaloes: The Life And Times Of A Professional Hunter

Two Buffaloes: The Life And Times Of A Professional Hunter by Vivian James (2013), Louis Worth Woodruff was a professional hunter on the plains and in the forests of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika during the first half of the last century.

Trouble By The Ton by Dr Charles B Stacy is a Hunter's Journal article which features Louis Woodruff who guided his elephant hunt in Kenya.

G F V Kleen

Bror Blixen: The Africa Letters

Bror Blixen: The Africa Letters edited by G F V Kleen(1987) is an account of Bror Blixen's experiences as big-game hunter and safari leader in East Africa during the 1920s and '30s. Blixen was a larger-than-life settler and safari leader who many believe was Ernest Hemingway's model for the masculine heroes in his books. In letters to friends, Blixen gives us his perceptions of the breathtaking beauty of Africa at that time.

Margaret Lane

Margaret Lane, Dowager Countess of Huntingdon (1907 - 1994) was a British author and journalist whose works included books about Beatrix Potter and the naturalist, hunter and herpetologist, C J P Ionides.

Life With Ionides

Life With Ionides by Margaret Lane (1963) is a biography of the reclusive hunter, game warden, naturalist, author and herpetologist, C J P Ionides. The author stayed with him in his remote jungle hut filled with deadly mambas and puff adders in Tanganyka.

The Snake Man: Life Of C J P Ionides

The Snake Man: Life Of C J P Ionides by Margaret Lane (1988)

A Calabash Of Diamonds: An African Treasure Hunt

A Calabash Of Diamonds: An African Treasure Hunt by Margaret Lane (1961) is the true story of a secret treasure hunt in the Portuguese African territory of Mozambique. In 1959, armed with an old map, the author and her husband embarked on a gruelling expedition in search of a cache of uncut diamonds buried in the grave of an African chief.

Horace S Mazet

Wild Ivory

Wild Ivory by Horace S Mazet (1971). The true story of Fernie - the last of the old elephant hunters - a man forced to turn outlaw and fight to survive in a savage land. Horace Mazet F.R.G.S. undertook several safaris in East Africa and befriended a white hunter named Fernie whose parents were pioneer settlers in Kenya. Fernie became a white hunter, specializing in elephant hunting but he loses his professional hunter's status due to a bureaucratic frame-up and is forced to become an ivory poacher in order to earn enough money to clear his name. This is Fernie's story of survival in the African bush, pitting his wits against men and wild animals.

John Pollard

African Zoo Man: The Life-Story Of Raymond Hook

African Zoo Man: The Life-Story of Raymond Hook by John Pollard (1963) is the biography of hunter Raymond Hook of Nanyuki who was an eccentric and fascinating character. He has taken cheetahs to England to breed and race, he's searched for the legendary spotted lion, he bred zebra with horses to create the zebroid. For all his eccentricity he is intelligent, a scholar and of course an expert in bushlore.

Africa For Adventure by John Pollard (1961) is a scarce title with much on big-game hunting and Raymond Hook.

Adventure Begins In Kenya by John Pollard (1957) is about the quest for the golden peregrine on Mount Kenya with episodes of hunting, finding flora and fauna, much on Raymond Hook (to whom the book is dedicated), being charged by rhino and similar Kenya adventures.

The Long Safari

The Long Safari by John Pollard (1967) is an account of a 2000 mile safari from Kenya to the Red Sea.

Maximilian Von Rogister

Momella: An African Game Paradise

Momella: An African Game Paradise by Maximilian Von Rogister (1955) is the story of Margarete Trappe (1884 - 1957), the original owner of Momella and the first woman to become a professional hunter in East Africa. Momella was an unusual farm set high up on the eastern slopes of Mount Meru in Tanzania in an area that teemed with game of all kinds.

Oliver Walker

The Hippo Poacher

The Hippo Poacher by Oliver Walker (1967) is the biography of Tom Dunn, 'the most notorious hippo poacher in Zululand', son of John Dunn, King Cetewayo's white Prime Minister and a Zulu princess. Tom's colourful adventures take place during a vanished era, before the white man's sugar-cane and timber came to dominate the free-hanging bush. Oliver Walker's sympathetic narrative recreates the green Zululand of footpath and kraal and of the abundant big game that enabled Tom Dunn, a true nomad, to wander at will. The story was narrated to the author by Domenic Dunn, Tom's brother.

Alan Wykes

Snake Man: Story of C J P Ionides

Snake Man: Story of C J P Ionides by Alan Wykes (1960) is a biography of Ionides, the Tanganyika Game Warden, one-time poacher, big game hunter and a world renowned herpetologist who spent a lifetime in the remote Tanganyikan bush. His collection of record trophy animals are still displayed at the Nairobi Museum.
Read Ionides' autobiography 'A Hunter's Story'

Nimrod Smith: A Profile Of T Murray Smith

Nimrod Smith: A Profile Of T Murray Smithby Alan Wykes (1961) is a biography of Tom Murray Smith who was one of the most sought after professional hunters of his time in East Africa.
Read Tom Murray Smith's autobiography 'The Nature Of The Beast'